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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Been onsite for almost an hour. Had to report some sales pitches and fix a weird post of mine with smiley faces all over it. Then I posted here and LOST IT!

I can really say it's freezing this morning in FL. 29 degrees when I got up and reportedly had been below freezing for a number of hours. Not get this--chill factor 19. Now picture me not wanting to walk out the door lol.

Got a strange call from my onc's Phyicians Assistant last evening. She asked if I have been having diarrhea and intestinal problems lately. I said yes, I figured it was the Tarceva. She said I have a lot going on down there and the onc wanted me to take two antibiotics. She mentioned inflammation and possibly diverticulitus and maybe she said colitis or irritable bowel too. Can't remember. All I remember saying was, well at least you don't treat cancer with antibiotics. She said the thing in the abdomen they've been watching is actually better but she hadn't seen the lung part of the report yet. Dr Tseng wasn't in today but she doesn't let anyone else report on scans. I'm sure she just passed on to Leslie the info necessary to get me started on the meds. You know I'll still worry about the chest part now until tomorrow even tho it's been clear since Feb.

Bud, watch those temps. We don't want you getting frostbite biking to work so you can make that goal. Annette, hope your drive to work is uneventful this morning. Ann, I'm up here in Narcoossee freezing with you. Let's hope Judy in MI is tucked in for a long night's sleep after that trip yesterday.

Will hang around the coach and do some ofice work til it's time to go to David's for dinner and an early Christmas at 4. The doctor's appmt tomorrow then home on Thur. Can't wait!

Judy in KW

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No real issues coming to work this morning - except for the cold cold cold. I've decided I'm much of a winter person and want summer back, now would be good.

Judy, wow, I almost think that diverticulitus or irritable bowel would be great news. I was a bad girl and lived with a horrible stomach ache for a year after my second surgery. Finally told the oncologist that my stomach hurt and she sent me to a gastro doc. We did an upper GI and some kind of radiation stomach processing test....(thank goodness no lower GI). He said he thought it might be irritable bowel and gave me a prescription for Dicyclomine. I really didn't believe it would work but over the last 2 or 3 months my stomach has been much much better. And I remember one of my first CT scans said there was evidence of Diverticuli or something in the bowel. So now I have figured out that I can take that and stay pretty painfree. Except the last couple of days so I'm thinking stress adds to it - and Judy - even though I'm doing your worrying for you I'd bet you are feeling stress and that if this is the problem - things will be much better soon.

Yep - probably too much information.

Bud hasn't checked into the Air today - maybe he drove to work and he doesn't want to disappoint those of us who count on him to exercise for us. I really wanted a Root Beer Float tonight but if he drove his truck to work I may have to rethink the calories.

Stay bundled up -


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 37 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Our south wind came back and started warming things up sooner than they predicted. Forecast high is now 68 for this afternoon and 78 for tomorrow afternoon.

Annette, I usually check in at this same time, 9:00 am Central Time. That's my morning work break time.

Rose had to do antibiotics for a stomach infection just last month. It wasn't much fun, but we tend to view anything that's not cancer as good news......LOL. Funny how it changes our perspectives.

Not much going on around here, just another day slaving at work, and looking forward to a 25 mph wind to ride against this afternoon. Have a great day, all!

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Bud....you're having a heat wave!!! I always love to read your weather posts because I know that's a sure sign of what's headed in our direction as it pushes off the coast. I had to laugh when the weatherman said it's supposed to be 78 here over the weekend. I laughed because I was wearing my warm jammies and fuzzy socks while watching the weather forecast. When I got home last night, my lawn looked like Motel 6. Every unused sheet and bed cover was covering a plant or a palm tree. I store all of my old bedding in the attic so I can cover my plants when cold temps come through. It sounds like a lot of Florida's crops took a heavy hit last night. Looks like the orange crops fared OK but green beans and tomatoes took a real beating. If we have to have this cold weather, I only hope we get some of it on Christmas Day. Since I have lived in Florida, it seems that Christmas is usually warm and sunny and I want cold and cloudy.

I'm trying to keep really busy today so that my mind doesn't have time to wander back to 8 years ago today. You all know where I'm going with this, so please send good thoughts.

Judy..take care of that tummy. Like Annette said, keep the stress down and remember that she and I are both worrying for you so that you don't have to. Glad to hear Annette got to work safely! Judy....enjoy your Christmas party tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!


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Good morning everybody. 21 degrees when I was driving to work today. I don't mind the cold when it is either not windy or daylight. It is always colder in the dark.

Judy kw, will join the stress brigade so you don't have to worry about your results.

Judy mi, I know of what you talk, I always look forward to travel and then I am ecstatic to get home.

Here's my 'mad at my doc' story. Had a ct of my left femur. Don't know if I told you but 2 years ago I had a spontaneous fracture of my right femur (could be from being on Fosamax for over 8 years), So when my left femur started to hurt I went hypocondriacal. Ok, femur is fine. Drs. office called to let me know on Friday. I am at a party on Sat. and my dr. is at the same party. He hands me an envelop with my results and only sees, 'Here, read the report'.

Didn't read it until Sunday a.m. Oops, mentions something about protruding uterus probably due to fibroids, duh. Ok, now I am paniced, which I can do easily. He never said anything, like give me a call to discuss, or there really is nothing to worry about or get your affairs in order.

Coincidentally I had an appointment with my gyn on Monday. Showed her the report. After the exam she said, really doesn't seem to be a problem. Get an ultrasound just for your peace of mind.

I have found this drs. beside manner somewhat lacking before. I call him the 'never kill you, never cure you, doc.

That's my rant for today.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Its just gone 7.00pm,lovely clear day today,but stayed below freezing,thank goodness I spent the whole day at home,oh any excuse for a day off work,I hear you say,do you know that thats the seventh day I have had off work,in the last three weeks?

OK so whats the excuse for todays absence,oh I just want to say (modestly) A STAR WAS BEING BORN.I have just been seeing the cameraman and my interviewer off.They arrived at 12 noon,there were only the two of them,not the half dozen Jennifer suggested,thank goodness.Before the interview started the cameraman wanted to film me relaxing,so he took some film of me playing my accoustic guitar,the film is not about statistics, he said he wants to show a whole rounded person,not a lung cancer survivor.The filming of the interview then proceeded for the next four hours,I knew the questions beforehand,so I had a fair head start in forming a suitable response,occassionally I would lose the thread a bit,no problem we just do a retake,the other bit will hit the cutting room floor,so the longer it ran to more relaxed and comfortable I became,unfortunately that only happened in the last minute of filming.No, I really throughly enjoyed the entire experience,the company was great.The cameraman asked if I had any old photographs that would show Eric the person as a younger man,wish he had given me advanced warning,it was into the garage searching through loads of plastic boxes until I hit paydirt,Had some fun looking at old photographs,gosh the memories of good times past,unfortunately not a lot of myself as I was always on the other side of the camera,but I found enough of myself,Sally and Jennifer even Sam my Cocker Spanial.He also wanted to have some contemporary pics of myself,I only have digital pics,so he suggested spending some time in selecting a few and e-mailing them on to him.

So mission accomplished,now for the editing before going into various websites.I will keep you posted on the whens and wheres as soon as I find out.

Right, off to get something for my dinner all this movie star work has made me hungry.bye for now.

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Bud hasn't checked into the Air today - maybe he drove to work and he doesn't want to disappoint those of us who count on him to exercise for us. I really wanted a Root Beer Float tonight but if he drove his truck to work I may have to rethink the calories.
LOL Annette.

Thanks for all the concern folks. I really don't feel stressed mentally or emotionally. Frankly, I think this all started when I was on Alimta. I struggled for months to find the right balance between diarrhea from laxatives and constipation from the chemo. When the abdominal thing show up, I suggested to Wendy that my system had to be all messed up. Only just found a balance the last couple of months on it. Then was on antibiotics just before starting Tarceva, both for awhile. I'm reluctant to take Imodium because when I did one time, I was constipated. Oh well, it is too much information. I'll just wait and see what the onc says tomorrow.

Ginny, rant away. Not very professional of that guy to hand you an envelope at a party! Ann, I saw a yard like you described yours in my son's neighborhood tonight. Better safe than sorry. Bud, my son was just on antibiotics for diverticulitus--think we're all messing up our systems with all the good holiday food? And Eric, oh my goodness, should we be asking for your autograph. Glad you had fun with it and we'll all look forward to the finished product.

Have a good evening, what's left of it folks.

Judy in KW

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Hi all,

I seem to be coming in at the tail end of each day. So busy preparing for the holiday with my family, and unpackin and laundry, and all of that.

Hubs goes to bed early so this is the time I can come in. I'm very sleepy but not ready for bed, so here I am.

Had a rough day today. The trip to San Fran was challenging, and the "normal" people wanted to walk for hours. As you know, I can't do that. But i tried to keep up and now am suffering great rib pain as a result of hours of walking. I have a heating pad on it now and hoping the pain subsides. sigh.

I HATE telling people that I can't keep up. Part of the stigma. Part of the shame. I want to do what everyone can do. But I can not. I need to accept that and be at peace with that, and tell people when I've had enough and can't go any futher.

Tough thing for me to do. Really tough.

I need to get over this.

Judy in MI

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Good night all,

Here I am just like Judy in MI, finally have a chance to read the board even though it is late. What a crazy two days for me. Judy in KW I am glad to here that is all they have found so far. I will still keep my fingers crossed until you get the lung results, but I am feeling real positive that you are fine. I am so sorry it is so cold in Florida. My Aunt lives in Venice, FL and she called today to say it was going to hit 29 degrees. OMG. I cant believe it. Bud your temps there sound nice. Eric you made it big, you are a movie star now. lol. I could just picture you picking through boxes looking for good pictures. I bet you had a great time and did wonderful. Look forward to seeing it.

Judy in MI there is nothing wrong with saying you had enough. You need to listen to your body not your mind. LOL. Hard thing to do I know I am the same way..

Well off to bed for me I am beat!!


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