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Thoughts and Prayers Please


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The husband of a co-worker of mine was diagnosed with SCLC just a few short months after Gene received his diagnosis. My friend and her husband learned just last week that the chemo was no longer working to control the cancer, there are several new tumors in the abdomen, the lung tumor has grown, and approx 10 brain leisions to contend with. The oncologist has said 2 -4 weeks. They have stopped any curative treatment and he has been referred to Hospice Care. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Everyone's situation is different but we all know that helpless feeling when there is nothing left to try. It is all so fresh for me I can't seem to stop crying, for them and for me.

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Lung cancer has claimed yet another life The man I mentioned in the original post passed away this past weekend at home with his loving wife and daughters. It comes so closely after my losing Gene that I can't seem to keep the tears at bay. When are researchers finally going to pay attention to this particular cancer put a stop it or at least develop better treatment options to prolong quality lives for those with the diagnosis???

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The grief is just so raw that it doesn't take much and something this close certainly causes the emotions to well up. I spent two days in front of the TV crying when Elizabeth Edwards died. Oh and those darn news shows that go over all the public / celebrity deaths during the past year. So I had to count those related to lung cancer, and there were several. I know next year it will be easier, maybe!

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Hi Katy, you have mine for sure.

I lost my husband of 50+years a bit more than 20 months ago, so this was my second holiday season without him. It doesn't make it easier (tears still well up any time anyone mentions him and I still cry myself to sleep many nights) but it does become more bearable in the sense that the immediate tends to take precedence over the past. For example, I found it impossible to shop for people for Christmas last year, as every time I did I would think of the two of us doing it together, mulling over what we thought each person would like, and so on). So last year everyone got gift certificates. This year I was able to shop without him (although all things I bought were filtered through his eyes via my brain). So I send you my heartfelt wishes for a better year in 2011, and to the researchers and doctors working for LC patients, and please know that many of us have been or are going through your experiences, and that the grief is awful but survivable. I know exactly what you mean re those New Years shows they are the ones that I switch off the TV immediately!

((((hugs)))to you and condolences to both you and your friend's family.


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