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8 Years Ago Today.....


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8 years ago today, I lost the love of my life to lung cancer. Dennis Keith King was born on June 10, 1952. God took away his pain on December 15th, 2002. Dennis was only 50 years old and was so full of life. I miss him every day of my life and know that we will be reunited some day.

Today, the pain is as real as it was 8 years ago.

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I feel your pain Ann. As you know I just passed my eight year mark 2 weeks ago. It doesn't get any easier does it? Sad thing to make it even worse for me was that my friend Vicke buried her husband on the aniversary of my Johnny's death. He died of LC too.

Anyway I just want you to know that I am thinking about you today. Love you girl!!

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Hi Ann,

It is a wonderful tribute to your husband that the love you shared,is as strong today as eight years ago,kept alive by your memory.Thanks for illustating so well the emotion of true love.

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Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts. Somehow, knowing I can always share my innermost thoughts with you makes it easier. Many of you were with me when I lost Dennis and you are my family!!! We have all walked together through some of the darkest days of our lives and I know we will always be friends. Although lung cancer is a monster that we all hate, we have all been brought together with the monster as a common bond. Together, we will continue to be strong!!! Sticking together and comforting each other will always limit the power of this beast!!!

December 15th has passed and today is again my first day of healing.....all over again!!!

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