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5 years out


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Seen my oncologist today for ct scan results. He said scans showed no evidence of disease. Still NED. It was 5 years ago I finished my treatment. They never let you off the hook completely tho. He said spot on my pancrease is still there and hasnt changed but he doesnt think its cancer. I dont remember him even mentioning the spot last year. He also said some of my lymph nodes were swollen but that it might be from the bronchitis I had. He didnt seem to concerned about the spot or lymph nodes. Any way it all sounded like good news.

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I'm so happy you finally have something to be happy about! I know only too well what you mean by never being off the hook though. Sometimes I think ~ how terrible to live with this over one's head ALL the time ~ but then I realize I'm here to worry about it, so that is all good. Great to hear from you ~ sorry about all going on in your life that is problematic.


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Hi Mike,

Theres nothing like a good news story to cheer everyone up is there?Pancreas?Lymph Nodes? hey forget it, I am more thinking Turkey or Duck for Christmas,what say you?

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