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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Was up at 5:30 this morning--YUK. It's still chilly but expected to start warming up today. Haven't looked at weather too far into the week. I want to think it will stay warm.

The side-effects of the antibiotics are knocking me for a loop. I'm lying down in the coach so I have that to be thankful for. I wish I'd thought about buying Imodium before we put the car back on the trailer. No convenient place to stop and buy it and I have some at home. Will take it right away! I'm tackling the bad taste with mints and water and naseau with Zofran. Guess that's all I can do.

No more whining. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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It just started snowing here - it was 23 when I came to work this morning. We are supposed to get about 2 inches up to a possible 5 depending on when / how it moves. Since it has been so cold it is sticking already and you can no longer see the parking lot. I would much prefer to be at home right now - I think that we will close early so we can beat the traffic. They were smart enough to close most of the schools around here last night. Seems to me if the schools close I shouldn't be on the street.

Judy - so sorry you are "under the weather" - I actually carry a small pill bottle in my purse with stopping and starting pills in there. Never fails you go too far the other way...I hope you can rest comfortably and get everything under control.

I am going to get busy scanning documents today - very boring and a job that I put off til the end of the year every year - I have 3 five foot piles of documents I need to scan and file. I'd much rather tend my farm, cafe, mafia, etc. Procrastination - getting back at me now I guess.

Stay warm everyone - One more day til the best day of the week (Friday) - except for the doctor's appointment in the morning of course.


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Good morning everyone. It dropped down to 32 here last night but the sun was warming things up nicely by the time I left for work. Today, my yard will return to normal when all the blankets and covers come off the plants.

Judy...so sorry you're not feeling well this morning. Hope you feel better as the day goes on. Annette...I think scanning docs into the computer is one of the most boring things I do. I hate it, so I try to do it a little at a time and avoid a large stack. Just hang in there and hum some Christmas tunes as you go along.

I managed to make it through yesterday, which is my most difficult day of the year. It's still amazing how a date on the calendar can stir so many raw emotions and make 8 years ago feel like yesterday. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts from everyone.

Let's all remember our dear friend Donny and sing a Beatles song in his memory today!!! RIP Dahnee

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Good morning, everyone!

I'm being reminded that the wind around here can be brutal this time of year. I rode home against a 30 mph south wind yesterday afternoon and rode to work against a 25 mph north wind this morning. My legs are starting to feel suspiciously like mush.

It was 80 degrees when I rode home yesterday. At 1:00 am this morning, it was still 63 degrees, but the front blew in and by 2:00 am it had fallen to 48 degrees, 15 degrees in an hour. It was 41 degrees when I rode to work, and 39 degrees now. They're forecasting a high of 57, but I'm thinking it better get started warming up soon if it's going to reach that.

Sorry you're feeling poorly, KW Judy. It sounds like that antibiotic is having the same effect on you that it did Rose. Bundle up and stay warm, Annette! I hope they let you off early.

Have a great day, all!


All my troubles seemed so far away,

Now it looks as though they're here to stay,

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

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Hi All!

Judy, I'm hoping you get to feeling better SOON!

Well, I tacked cleaning my office yesterday. What I didn't realize, until I dove into the piles of papers, is that the last time I did this was before I got lung cancer!!!!! Unreal. It took me 3 hours to shred documents dating back to 2007 when I was diagnosed. It was bizarre to realize it had been that long. I was so sick from chemo, and then foot surgeries, to the spasms, that I basically abandoned my office.

So I killed myself yesterday to get most of it done. Today I finished off the last of the piles to be filed, and wiped everything down, and unbelievably I have an office back! Strange how you don't even realize what you missed. I basically moved my "office' to the kitchen table as the office got filled up with more and more stuff.

What an accomplishment for me! And a true testament to how much better I'm feeling that I even wanted to tackle it. When company comes over, I used to just lock that door so no one would peek in.

It kind of makes me ashamed that it got that bad, but not, because I just couldn't handle it. Now I can. I'm so pleased to be sitting back at my desk!!!!!

Bud, those are crazy high and low temps for you. And the wind! It amazes me that you ride in that. Good for you!

It's about 26 here, quite balmy for this time of year. As we head into January, that is when it gets bitter cold here. It wavers between negative temps to 25 degrees. When it gets warm (25) we get hammered with snow. When it's bitter cold we don't get so much.

Well, off to Gilda's. Have a good rest of the day!

MI Judy

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry Ive missed the air for a couple of days.Weather mild at the start of the week,is now beginning to get a bit Artic again,snow forecast for to-morrow and the weekend.Last day of classes to-morrow until January 6th.

Gosh its amazing how things happen,to change your mood,I was feeling pretty pleased with the world following my filming session,then I caught Katie's post about Donnie ,what a turnaround.Ann I agree with you,Ive got the guitar,what about "In my Life?".

Hi Judy,just getting up to speed,sorry to hear about you not feeling at your best,also the "vague" scan report,dosnt sound worth losing sleep over,I think its OK.I think I am looking forward to your Carribean cruise as much as you are, in Febrary,hope you are taking a laptop with you and giving us a daily progress report?.Its the most miserable cold month of the year in Scotland,and I would just love getting warmed up by your Carribean Sun stories.

Not much else to share guys,things gone pretty quiet in my world today.Going to do another post now to a fellow Brit,Hulya,catch you later.

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