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Lung cancer really sucks.

Nick C

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Sure enough LC strikes agin.

My cousin's good friend w/ Young children, and disabled husband. They also just adoppted. And she gets LC.

Then, I get a call from a friend who just got married. At the wedding I had a few beverages with the father of the bride. He calls me and tells me his father in law has LC.

My cousin's friend is now in hospice. My friends father in law passed away about a month after diagnosis.

I have these conversations every day with whoever will listen. How important it is to fight this disease. We could do it!!! We could cure it. Fix it. Treat it. It's all a matter of priority and resources...

In the mean time I will continue to hear from my cousin who will cry to me on the phone about how devastated she is. I will continue to talk with my friend who misses his father in law and is trying to be a support to his new bride. I'll continue to pray for all of us here. I'll continue to miss my mom.

It really does suck.

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hey Nick, I just found this, and you are so right! Now that I've come to this site, and learned the statistics, I take EVERY opportunity to educate people about this disease that does not discriminate.

It is still such an under funded research priority, and yet so many are being taken by it. I hate it too, and hope that the work we do here is making a difference in the world out there.

MI Judy

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Lung cancer does indeed suck. It is a horrible disease in that it is kept in the background with the

least amount of push to cure it.

I cannot imagine any other disease being treated or considered in this manner.

That is what makes it all the worse.

Those who are working so hard to bring it the attention it needs are heroes to me.


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I am new and not sure I am where I am supposed to be but I am defianely grieving- how in world do people deal with this - it has been 18 months since diagnosis and he is at 114 pounds, weak, shaky, short of breath and now another round of chemo - fistula in his chest that may kill him first. More pills and drugs than I have ever seen We have been together for 37 years - how do I help him and how do I handle the pain - I cannot stop crying and he is still here..... I hate this disease. I cannot talk to my daughters who are 19 and 23 as my pain is hurting them even more. they do not live at home so I think it is easier to not see what is happening - I cannot talk to my husband, my best friend as he is so scared and trying to deal with what his life has become. They say no cure, just some more time.... I know there is no answer but maybe it helped to write it, I don't know what to do anymore...

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I think a lot of us have grieved while our loved ones are still here. I know I did. Because my mom had changed so much in such a short time. I missed my strong independent spit fire mom.

You've found the right place.

I'm going to copy and post your note in it's own thread here in the grieving formum. I'll title it "A note from Rencor, share your thoughts on this." Others will post to you...you have come to the right place for support.

I am sorry you are going through this.

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