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I have just been dx with Stage III NSCLC and I am petrified for lack of a better term. Next month will be my three year anniversary of surviving breast cancer; and I have been feeling wonderful; and then I had an accident at the gym and injured a rib. Didn't do much as they don't do anything anymore for injured ribs. But after 3 weeks or so my breathing became labored so my primary sent me for a chest xray to see if perhaps I had punctured my lung; found something suspicious and headed for PET scan to see what was up; I lit up like a Christmas Tree; so did a bronco-scope and was dx with andrenocarcinoma Stage 3. I can't sleep, I can't think straight .. how did this happen ...???

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Hi there,

I want to introduce myself and let you know that we here are no strangers to the feelings you are having right now. I was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was a two year survivor of breast cancer.

It was my annual visit to my breast surgeon that caused my diagnosis. He wanted me to get a chest xray just because I was a smoker and it had been two years since my pre-breast surgery chest xray. That led to a ct scan and then on to the lung surgeon.

This is a good place to come for support and hope. It was the only hope I could find at the time of my diagnosis and to know people survived this gave me what I needed to go through with the surgery and chemo that followed.

I still get afraid, but I guess that's just part of it now. Please let us know how you are doing, and you need to know that we all understand about the petrified part.

Good luck to you,


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Hi Barbara,

I am so sorry to hear about you new diagnosis. I wil keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Being petrified and unable to think straight is normal. I was stage 3A and now 3 1/2 years in remission and I am still petrified. You will find much support on this web site and make many friends. The people here truly understand how you are feeling for we have all gone through it and still live it. Best wishes to you. Keep us posted.


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Thank you Libby for the words of encouragement. I will try to pull myself together . Being a breast cancer survivor, I know how important these support groups are ... As soon as I digest all of the new information, I will be participating here on a more regular basis. Is there a "chat" room here; or just this posting area??

Hope to become friends and maybe someday you can tell me how you did it.

Thanks again, Barbara

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Hi, Barbara. There used to be a chat room here, but it might have disappeared after the last software modification. But you can use the forums almost like chat (look at the bottom of your screen to see who else is currently on a particular forum).

I was diagnosed IIIB almost 4-1/2 years ago, and still doing okay. Click on the link in my signature area for more than you ever wanted to know. Aloha,


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Hello Yia,

I know how you feel. I pray that you fight this cancer as well as you fought the breast cancer. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma five years ago. I had 6 weeks of daily radiation and weekly chemo (carboplatinum/taxol). I then had an upper right lobectomy later followed by two sessions of adjuvant chemo. My scans have been clean since 2005 and I pray they stay that way. I hope this information is helpful.


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Hi Yia,

Welcome to the place no body wants to be at, but is glad it's here! As you can tell, we all understand all of the feelings you are going through right now. Keep us posted as to proposed treatments/surgeries. If the offer chemo, let us know the chemical cocktail they devise for you as we can offer helpful advice on avoiding the side effects.

My Mom had breast cancer, and was diagnosed 4 years later with lung cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 2B NSCLC adenocarcinoma, too, and had my lobe removed, and subsequent chemo, and I'm now at 3 1/2 years out of treatment. There's lots of hope to be offered to you here, and we're glad you found us!

Judy in MI

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Hi and welcome. My cancer was unexpectedly found when I got pneumonia, 3B adenocarcinoma. I'm past the 3-yr mark. I'm not cancer free and am still doing treatment but am living life reasonably normally. Hang in there. You will eventually find what we call your "new normal." Keep us posted.

Judy in KW

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