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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Good grief,I am starting the morning air,at nearly six pm?Well its probably a good sign,since you are all out doing your late Christmas Prezzie shopping,(mind I am a 16 inch neck,and 42 chest).Sorry about being a bit absent of late,yeah me to,so many things to tie up at work and home before Christmas hols start.

Weather here bitterly cold,bit of snow fell this morning,but it didnt come to much,seems if this weather keeps up until the end of the month, it will be the UKs coldest December since records began in 1910.

Judy can I say straight off,I am really sorry to hear of your nausea problem,oh I so hate that feeling,I think its worse than toothache,it can really get you down,hopefully this feeling will pass soon.

Set off for work Friday morning,it was the Staff Dance Night,I only paid half heed to it,and never got round to buying a ticket.However I got to thinking-why miss out on a bit of fun Eric,OK your are the wrong side of sixty now,but there's still an eighteen year old inside you just waiting to re-appear.So after work ,took Jennifer home,shared dinner then taxi back to Anniesland.Got my wee "Kerry-Oot",then into the bright lights,oh its no disco,oh no we are much too posh for that kind of a thing,live band,and they were great,they just seemed to know what music I love to dance to,all the greats of the sixities up to to-day.Last Song traditionally at a "DO" in Scotland is linking your hands to sing Auld Lang Syne,however now preceeded by a souped up,brash and noisey "Bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond,we hold hands in a great big circle and charge into the people at the opposite side of the circle during the courus,its great fun.Well spirits were still high in our table and someone ventured,(me)"right whose house for the party"no problems with volunteers to it was taxies to the new venue,what a night,I danced my wee legs into stumps,I am sure I had expended enough energy,to match one of Buds cycle days.Finally fell asleep in a chair after 6am.Up at 9am for taxi back to Jennifers,to pick up my car and drive home,its all right,I have always had a sixth sense on when to stop drinking, earlier in the evening,so as not to risk failing a breath test.Here,is it OK to share a wee anecdote with on this very subject,have you got the time?-now this is absolutely true.Some years ago,when my daughter was about 10 years old,my neighbour Jim,who is a Police sargent,had an open day at his Police Station in Bellshill on Saturday,on Friday night I was out at a party until 4am in the morning,home by taxi and to bed.8.45am,door bell rings,on opening, bleary eyed Eric,faces Jim,right Eric says Jim,are you ready?we will have to take you car,mines is still in having a service.I feel fine by the time we set off.We had a good time,Jim with his kids and me with Jennifer,we end up in the basement to see the holding cells,then Jim introduces me to his police buddies,one of whom is demonstating an electronic breath testing machine,holds this breathing tube thingy out to me,and laughingly says right Eric lets get your breath tested,Eric smiles(Oh my God,I am inwardly thinking,what if I am found to be over the limit,and not only driven over with Jim,but also the kids?)Can you imagine the relief I felt,when the Bobby says,absolutely clear reading.Phew!

Saturday,spent some time doing a bit of last minute shopping,oh what a little fibber,my real last minute shop is up to approx 6pm on Christmas Eve.Went into Costco's looking for something Jennifer said she would love,a wall frame thingy that holds, multiple sizes of photos within one frame, seen a beauty there about 4 weeks ago,it wasnt regular in shape but all over the place,just what I think she would like,but they had sold out,oh no,why did I not but it at the time?,oh well back to late shopping isnt it?.

Hope you all found the prezzies you,were looking for and the reciprocants are suitable impressed with your choice?(dont trust to chance hang on to your receits)Good night every one.Tatty bye.

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Well Eric, I think no one is here because the internet is bogged down with billions of people buying prezzies (as you say it) on line. I made the mistake of going into the City today to get a couple of things, and oh my! The roads were completely clogged with shoppers and it was a very slow go! Got home and what I needed, is not what I got, so hubby went out to get the right thing!

I don't know if I mentioned that my dog took my glasses outside, and I can't find them. So I don't see far well, and I don't see near well, and it's very frustrating. I picked up the wrong item because I couldn't read the package well! Erg.

My family comes tomorrow. I'm all set for them. I need to wrap presents tonight, and we should be ready for them!

I still have 3 gifts to get for our "other" family. But no big deal, it's for 3 young adults who are very happy with gift cards. Nice!

I loved your story about the breath test! I'll bet you were sweating bullets! And the story of the party was great! Isn't it awesome that we can still get out and party with the best of them. I agree with you, there is an active 18 year old inside of me, it's just the the 56 year old sometimes has to suffer for that!

Judy in MI

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Well guys, I am 66 not 56 and was happy to dance as much as I did at Stan's reunion in October. Doesn't sound like I could hold a candle to you at your party Eric. But then again, don't think I had quite as much "cheer" to fuel me lol.

Judy, glad you're ready for your family. But your glasses, are they just lost or buried under snow? Hope you find them soon.

So glad there weren't too many posts to respond to tonight. I'm really tired but don't like staying away like I've been. Two more days on the antibiotics. Thanks for the empathy Eric. I likewise think naseau is the worse. I take pain much better.

Another lesson to be learned since my dx--If need be, I can put some kind of Christmas together (with Stan's help) in a week's time. Who would have thunk it. One tip from a friend, put less ornaments on the tree. Oh but then, the decisions!

Judy in KW

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