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Morning All! Chilly again. Am not a happy camper concerning the weather. It's barely going to get to the seventies the next week. I swear they said yesterday that we were getting a warming spell and temps would be normal---NOT.

In the interest of being realistic--finish the tree today. Whatever I can get on it will do. Tomorrow much office work awaits me. Wednesday, decorate a shelf or tabletop or two. Thursday, do the dining room table up nice. That takes me to Christmas Eve when Wendy and Dominick arrive. Have to fit in one more thing--presents in gift bags. No wrapping this year. No time. I always like pretty packages under the tree. Oh well.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪....

Judy in KW

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Afternoon All,

Just starting to get dark now,the snow has been falling again to-day,not so heavily though,2 inches so far,hope it stops before it prevents me getting into work to-morrow,(a little white lie to match the snow)Judy I am feeling so vexed for you having to face 70 degrees temps an'all,it must be a real bummer.

No students next week,I am doing a presentation with the dept to-morrow,all about quality issues,gathering teaching and learning evidence, "Listening to Learners"and"Curriculum for Excellence",just the latest jargon,spouting from the font of knowledge from the HMIe,wonder when will they stop,changing things around, that make no progress?.I am determined this time round we are all going to be well prepared for their visit on the week beginning 21st March,no more running around like headless chickens the week prior to their arrival.(Think I said that last time?).

Going to start writing my Christmas Cards now,mainly for the neighbours,and work colleagues,a few for further afield,hope I havent missed the last post again this year,oh why am I so dis-organised,at least Judy,I did get my Chrissy Tree finished last Sunday(only because the film guys were coming.)

Drat the snow has stopped falling,dont tell me I am going to have to go to work after all? Catch you all later.Bye.

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Hi all,

well taking a brief break before the gang comes. Whew! Worked up a sweat cleaning, making the bed, doing dishes, etc. This is a welcome break!

I'm with you Judy in KW. I gave a bunch of my Christmas decorations to my niece last year. It was getting to be so difficult to do "it all". And I finally gave myself permission to not have to do all of that. The house still looks nice, but not like in years past. And I'm okay with that.

We didn't even get the lights hung outside. We usually do that up big, but we just didn't want the hassle this year, and we're okay with that.

And lastly, Eric, we didn't do Christmas cards. This is a biggie for me. I was kind of a fanatic about Christmas cards, sending them to everyone I've known in the last 25 years. It was stupid. So 3 years ago when I got sick, I pared the list down to just family and immediate friends. Last year it was just family. This year I didn't even do a single card. I think I'll send cards out to family in like February when everyone here has the winter blues. I'll find some Spring like sunshine cards and send them out just to be different!

And I love gift bags! They were the best invention in the world!!!!!

Judy in MI

Thankful snow is not falling. I have a brother that lives on Lake Michigan, and usually is white knuckling it on the drive home in big snow storms. No storm here today - which is so nice for him!

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Up early, 39 degrees. Bundled up and went for a massage. Stopped on the way home for a pastry, then home for eggnog latte. We are off to dim sum in a bit. I'll get my calories today!

Incoming cards displayed on mantle. One string on green mini lights strung on the front window. Presents? Cards? Nope.

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OMG Stephanie, eggnog latte. Two of my favorite beverages in one. Where do you live. I miss my massages with Maggie. Hope I can connect with her after Christmas. No time since I came home and didn't want to give her whatever I had/have.

Eric, tell me that you not Sally put up and decorated that tree lol. I am relating to your situation at work. I remember I had a brilliant math teacher who taught for me. He absolutely refused to do the syllabi the college and the accrediation board required, so I did them for him lol. Desparate situations require desparte measures.

Judy, I'm all for the downsizing but I miss the creative exercise Christmas afforded. Of course that was pre my career phase in life. I still have pictures of the coffee cans I turned into snowmen, santas, angels and pointsetta covered sleds for my kids teachers. With the help of a Hallmark pamphlet, I could and did turn packages into works of art. I miss those days.

O.k., I need to enter music in my life again. Am getting an ipod shuttle for Christmas. Now to figure out how to express myself creatively again. I used to do it thru baking. Can't afford the calories anymore. I also used to do it thru gardening which has become difficult for me. So writing or a small porch gardening project?????

Have a great evening everyone. Am feeling a little better. Can you tell lol??????

Judy in KW

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Judy in KW,

I have 7 books on papier mache out from the library. The old collage therapy work in 3-D? Was playing with some ideas, something to do with my hands and keep me off the computer for a bit. I think I will continue trying some things and see if I get into it at all.

I tried doing card making (why, no one sends them anymore) and bead and silk cord jewelry - uh, I don't wear what I already own and I did not find those inspiring.

Doesn't every coffee shop offer eggnog this season? I just dumped my espresso shot into half nog/half milk at home.

I need to plan some fun stuff for the next two weeks...not sure what exactly.

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