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Potential Advocates respond no later than Thurs 12/30


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Below is a copy of the email we received from the National Cancer Institute .

Please message me if you qualify and are interested in the potential to be interviewed and helping the NCI.

It's a very tight deadline since I just was told about this today...so please read below and take note of the BOLD print, see if you can help- and respond by Thursday December 30,2010

Thanks you SO MUCH.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is preparing its annual Bypass Budget (or professional judgment budget) for submission to the President and Congress. As you probably know, this document is a key opportunity to communicate the importance of the cancer research budget to policymakers.

In order to illustrate how cancer research has evolved, we’d like to feature patients and their stories in various parts of the document. I need your assistance in finding patients who:

• Are available to be interviewed in the next two weeks

• Have a positive experience with genetic profiling of their tumor or investigational ALK inhibitors

Also, we are looking for patients who have participated in a clinical trial and have an understanding of different stages of clinical research (Phase I, II, and III trials).

We are contacting a number of organizations and asking them to submit patient names for this purpose.

We will not be able to include everyone.

Individuals who are being considered for inclusion will be contacted in the first week of January.

The information that would be most helpful about each individual is:

• Their name

• Daytime phone number

• Email address

• Diagnosis

• Clinical trial participation (yes/no)

• Personal experience with genetic testing or tumor profiling

• A brief summary (a few sentences is sufficient) of their pertinent cancer treatment experience

Please provide any names by Thursday, December 30, 2010. I’m sorry for the short deadline on this request during the holiday season.

NCI is hoping to release the Bypass Budget document in late January, prior to the President’s budget being released in early February.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

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