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Mom is so angry...after Dad's death


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Hi Friends,

It has been a month and a half since we lost our Dad on November 2. His battle was short- 2 months- but, arduous. Now, we are in full on support mode for one another, but mainly, my Mom. She is just so sad, but is also angry with the doctors, hospital, nurses, the whole thing. I just do not know what to say to her that can provide comfort. I really do not think that there is anything, but, it is so hard to hear her sadness and not be able to help. I am also not in that place with her, so I am not sharing the same emotion. I feel a certain peace and acceptance of my Dad's passing and while I am miss him terribly and get hit by waves sometimes, I also know how much joy and love he brought to all of us. He lived a wonderful life and the way that I can testify to that, is by celebrating and living the best way that I can.

Mom will not be there for a while. It is so painful to watch her sadness and grief. Thanks for listening. Happy Holidays.


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The anger is very normal and the sadness...well...that is undescribable unless you've been thru it.....and there's no time limit on that either. We all grieve in our own ways...what you are doing is the right thing...just be there for her...and listen. Often times that's all they need is someone to listen and spend time with.

I never knew what to say to my mom but just being there helped her out. And listening....I don't think I spoke for an entire year except nodding my head and listening to her and continuosly making sure she engaged in life in one way or another, felt supported and loved....

Actually that's what all of us need really.

((hugs))) I know this is a hard time for you too....you didn't just lose your dad- you lost your "unit", and for now, you've lost your mom too. Hang in there. We are all here for you.

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