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Update on my son and a question

Guest Codybug10

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Guest Codybug10

On Dec 16,2003 David weighed 212 pounds. He has been in the hospital since that date but for 4 days. He was readmitted for dehydration for the 4th time on Monday of this week. He weighed 175. A loss of 37 pounds

David had his 1st and second Chemo treatment yesterday while in the hospital. He is on a 3 week program, where he gets a treatment on the 1st day and the 8th day. He then will be off for 2 weeks.

Ct Scans showed liver almost copmpletely covered, but not the primary tumor. A lung scan showed a nodule about 3/4 inch that they are sure is the primary tumor.

On Monday when we took him back to the Er, a blood test showed inflamation to the pancrease. Oncologist doesn't think it is cancer. ???? Shouldn't they do a scan to be sure?

The Onc told us he would loose all his hair, so we bought him a Do_Rag. He rides a Harley. This was the 1st smile we have seen since the ER Dr came into his curtained area and blurted "I have bad news. You have Cancer ind it's not the primary" and left him there alone.

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I am not sure. Did they do a PET scan,MRI or CT scan. From a PET they should be able to tell if there is cancer in the pancreas. I really can't answer your question. My suggestion would be to request a PET scan. It scans your entire body and will light up if there is cancer or even inflammation. Prayers for you and your son...

God Bless


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I am so glad you got him to smile. Maybe now he will be able to relax and give this cancer a good fight. When one feels lousy they don't feel like smiling.

As for scans and treatments, you go with the way your heart tells you. You can always ask why not? YOu sure are a loving mom and caregiver to your son for i know it must be extremely hard.

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