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Afternoon All! It's past noon and I'm feeling pretty human. My mornings are not great these days. Don't have my plumbing right yet and my stomach wasn't thrilled with what little I ate Christmas Eve and Day. But I made the most of having the kids here (kids meaning big kid Wendy and her son Domonick). They had to leave this morning. I'm so grateful they make the five hour drive up and back every Christmas. Miss that Dominick didn't stay thru NY's but his Mom planned a Disney trip that she needs more than he does lol. They have a lot of fun together like I did when my kids were young.

Have to tell you I'm like a kid with my new toy. I'm plugged in to my new ipod shuffle as I type. Actually am typing to Blondie's Heart of Glass. Love it! Stan was bummed because I didn't give him anything to get me for Christmas. I told him not to worry--his present is the music I download. Got 11 tunes so far and am happy as a clam.

On the darker side, please say a prayer or send healthy energy or whatever your particular helping mode is for my sister Dottie. She's having a little something biopsied on Wednesday. If it turns out to be anything, they will remove her lobe. Can you believe it! I am very hopeful. They've been watching this little bugger for several years so if it does turn out to be the dread "C" word, it can't be more than a Stage 1 or 2. Still. I told her this was not one boat I wanted her to be in with me. I remember when we were pregnant with our firsts together. I was the youngest but delivered first. Will remember joyful times.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in kw

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Where has the day gone - I have been watching the snow all morning and be this evening we may get 6 more inches - I am not looking forward to the work week!

Judy - of course I will send up my prayers for your sister. At least they have been aware of it for several years - and early diagnosis is the best way to beat it if it is the beast.

Quiet morning hear - watching dvd's curled up with the winter wonderland outside the window.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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For Dottie - all good wishes for a little nothing.

Friday party food was so abundant that we won't be cooking for awhile. Just too bad we don't have a bigger freezer 'cause we might have been able to freeze some of the great potato casserole and the cheesy broccoli casserole. Turkey's in fridge and freezer. Salads - well, we could only keep enough that we might eat in a day or two - I think we will have more to dispose of. That's a generous caterer/restaurant. We could have done just fine with half as much.

We need to return their platters and stuff - so we are meeting family for brunch there this afternoon! Like we need more food?

Socked in sky, not currently raining. Cool breeze blowing. Low 40's out there.

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Good afternoon all. Well I have a resounding headache, after trying to figure out who to get the tons of pictures off my iPhone and onto my lap top. My brother told me to download a picture program called Picasa from Google. It's free. And I like the program.

However after goofing with it for two hours, I can't figure out if I'm moving my pictures to Picasa or to my old Program of Windows Pictures. And my head hurts from it all, so I'm just going to let it go for now. Oy!

Think I'll take a nap. Sounds like a winner to me. LOL

Judy, definitely prayers for your sister. My goodness I hate this disease. Pray it's all ado about nothing!

The weather is so unusual. Sunshine, no snow again. Supposed to get up to 50 by New Year day. How strange for us. While I have friends in S. Carolina that posted pictures of snow on Facebook today. How weird. No complaints, for it's sure to change soon.

Going to stay in tonight. Hubby caught a bunch of fresh water perch today and we're going to cook them up along with a bunch left over sides. Can't wait to get back to "normal" eating.

And I'm beginning an experiment with the meds for my seizures. Taking 10 pills a day and one is making me sleepy. Med #1 didn't get rid of the spasms, and Med #2 Dilantin did. But they told me to stay on Med #1 too. But it makes me sleepy. So I'm going to cut the afternoon dose from 2 pills to 1 for a week. If the spasms don't happen, I'm going to cut out the afternoon dose completely and see what happens. I'd like to totally get off Med #1 in time, and will take it a little bit at a time and see how it goes.

Well, it's time for that nap. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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Good Evening everyone,

Wow, had a great Christmas but am grateful it is over. I am still stuffed to the gills from all the food we ate. Judy in KW I am sorry to here about your sister Dottie. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully all the watching is going to bring good news or at least something like remove and gone....

Sorry to here you tummy is not feeling so well. My daughter as we speak is not feeling well also, but for normal 15 year old reasons...Well you have fun with that Ipod Shuffle, should keep you busy for a while.

Judy in MI I love your new avatar....We also have relatives in North Carolina and they said it was like a blizzard at 5 pm last night. What crazy weather. New technology is always enough to give everyone a headache. I am still fiddling around with downloading pictures from my new camera so they save in the correct folders using the correct program. Uggh I gave up for today.

Annette you are getting a lot of snow. Are you out there with that shovel yet? lol...Don't worry it will be my turn next again.

Have a good evening.


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Snow Shovel - what is that? I'm thinking that would be like exercise and I let Bud do that for me. So shoveling, yep my neighbor just dropped by to pick up the cookies we gave him for shoveling us out. The only thing is - I have a heavy duty work week so I know I will have to travel in to work tomorrow. And if the courts are open Tuesday - well I will have to accompany my mom and the nephew for his first court appearance. Heavy sigh.

Just looking at him I can see a change in his demeanor - I just hope he is truly trying.

I hope that it doesn't snow too much more now that it is dark - it should be slick fun city in the morning. One week left of this year - where has it gone - good and bad days for all of us I think. Some days the news on here was so happy I cried - - - some days the news was so sad I cried - - - as I'm sure all of us did. When I first started reading the posts on this site I rarely answered. Now I look forward to the conversation with everyone. I hope we can keep the "air" as lively as it has been lately - with all our quirky sayings. I guess I'll go piddle around with the playstation for a bit . . .


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