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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 26 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 53.

After going fishing Thursday, I spent the rest of the weekend visiting and eating, and not a lot else. It's definitely time to get back to riding and eating better.

Annette, and everyone else in snow covered places, I hope the roads weren't too bad for you today. MI Judy, I like the new avatar.

Best wishes for your sister, KW Judy. I hope it's nothing. Have a great day, all!

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Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....It's 29 degrees here on Florida's Space Coast this morning. In addition to that temperature, we also have high winds that are making it feel like the upper teens to low 20's. I should have asked Santa to bring me gloves and earmuffs...lol!!!

Here's hoping that everyone is keeping warm today.

I'm sending warm thoughts to all my snow bound friends!!!


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Little chilly on the farm this morning, -20C/-4F but the windchill is -30C/-22F. Maybe I should have built my house closer to the tree line. Snowed all day yesterday. Had to start up the tractor and clear the drive but it is just as bad again this morning.

Been a busy few days with my kids visiting. Son had to leave Christmas morning but my daughter is here until the 29th. Whenever I miss her gone I just need to look at to the barn, she is out playing with the Llama's.

Few friends dropped by last night. We had drinks, played pool, and I have a headache this morning. Think it was something I ate. LOL Take care everyone.

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Good morning all! Thanks Bud about the Avatar. Thought it was time to update it. When I lost my hair due to chemo, I had this lame idea that long and blondy, red was a new look. Not! This year I went back to short and my original brunette, and feel much more like me now! LOL

Woke up to 5 degrees. It's 15 now that the sun is shining, but no snow. Still supposed to get to 50 by New Years, so looking forward to that!

Don't know if I told you all about my missing glasses? I've searched high and low and they are not to be found. I do believe my dog Gibson absconded with them, and took them outside. They are sure to be found this Spring when the snow is gone. So I've gone through the holidays with everything far away being blurry, and everything really close up blurry. Had nothing to do with alcohol. LOL

Speaking of that....Bruce, I'm sure it was the food that gave you a headache. Glad you had a nice time with the kiddo's, and love to think of your daughter out playing with the Llamas! We had a neighbor that built this grand Llama farm, and I loved to go and watch them. He had the animals for two years, and now they are gone. I've always wondered what happened. I hope it was not a health issue, and I miss seeing them out and about.

Ann, that is really cold for your neck of the woods! Hope you have some winter gear to help you out now!

Well, I am trying to work on pictures, not with much success. It's difficult when I can't see much up close. Think I'll put that project off until the new glasses come in. Supposed to be in by 1/1/11, so hoping that is true!

Have a great rest of the day!

MI Judy

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Morning All! Morning Bud. I know what you mean about getting back to normal eating and exercise. I didn't even eat all that much bad stuff but my stomach is very touchy right now. That ride to work sounds chilly, especially if you are experiencing our winds.

Good to see you Ann. Yes, we are cold in FL--you more so than me but....Hope you have off work all week. Libby, I was picturing you snowed under but sounds like WI missed this snow storm. Lucky you for now anyway. Annette, keep giving that guy cookies. If you run out, bake a cake lol. Stephanie, I'm glad I wasn't around all that food with the stomach I have right now. As for the missing turkey mystery, I'll go for the kitchen staff having taken it.

Betty David Eyes--that's what's in my ears right now lol. Love it!

Judy in MI, I was going to ask how your headache is. You might want to stay away from those pictures til you replace your glasses. Bruce, in my original post (which I lost because you and Judy were posting the same time lol) I was asking you and Eric to shake off the Christmas cheer and come and say hello. I was right, wasn't I lol. Hey what's with the llama? Thought you sent the poor thing to Siberia becauise it didn't like the cow. Eric, Hello!!!!!!

Aren't we a lovely bunch. Thanks for the good wishes for my sister. Happy holidays guys, New Year's isn't here yet. Still time to party before it's really back to the grind.

Judy in KW

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Oh, mystery solved! We can blame the kitchen staff - but they didn't take the pan of turkey. They did manage to put the back seats of the car down, from inside the trunk. The back seats are pretty deep, so the seat laid flat over the pan and we never suspected there was anything wedged there until unloading and restoring the car to normal conditions. Oops. The meat wasn't missed - way too much food.

Went to brunch yesterday - and again, too much food. Came home and napped and read for hours, then watched an odd film on demand. Today? Another gathering with more food!

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Another cold day here - just going to get a bit above freezing. But the main roads are pretty clear so it wasn't bad driving this morning. I have a huge project that has to be done by Thursday - as you can tell I have other priorities - I must check on everyone here first! I want to leave a little early Thursday so I won't be goofing off that much.

I sure am glad Bud rode to work today - I am much in need of the exercise. I was pretty sure I didn't take that turkey - so I'm glad that mystery was solved. I am looking forward to Judy (both) feeling better stomachwise and headache wise. (I'm hoping that new glasses will help with the headache issue).

I hope everyone is staying warm during these storms. I know I went to the grocery store Thursday evening and didn't leave the house until this morning. I think I shall repeat that routine this weekend too - how many people will be eating (at least a taste) black eyed peas on new years day? My significant other will probably insist on cooking the real things - I think it makes things too salty - but he thinks they are yummy. I cooked a most delicious roast for Christmas dinner. In fact I think I will see if it still tastes good as a left over this evening.

Where has Eric been of late?


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I was pretty sure I didn't take that turkey - so I'm glad that mystery was solved.
Annette you are too funny. And Stephanie, thanks for solving this for us. I'd hate to think that kitchen staff ate your turkey.

Rember Paul Simon and Chevy Chase in "You can call me Al," in my ear as I type lol. Will I drive you all crazy with this new toy?

Judy in KW

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Nope KW Judy. I like hearing what you are hearing only hearing it in my head! LOL!

Stephanie, that is soooooo funny about the turkey. Whew!

Annette, I love your sense of humor!

As for Eric, I think he mentioned in the last AIR that he wrote in that he'd be away for a few days. Can't remember where, but did note that he said he'd be scarce around here!

MI Judy

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just in,7.40pm,Phew what busy times I am having,weather gone all mild the snow is melting big time,so the roads and pavements(sidewalks?) are all slippery and slushy underfoot.

Just spent the day at Cumbernauld,with Irene and Pat,(scrounged dinner also).The repairman never got back to me with the spare parts for my broken down washing machine,so Irene offered to do all our washing to-day.Enough is enough I thought,so took Pat with me to pick up his car he left at Susans house for the party night,and he came with me to Comet,then Curry's to choose a new machine,got one but wont be installed until 10th January as they didnt have any left in stock.Phillips Whirlpool Sixth Sense its called apparently,its much smarter than any human operator,so all you do is load in your wash,and it "senses"the most appropriate programme for that load,it even tells you how much conditioner to put in and powder.Just the thing for me when Sally's not around.

Well,my Christmas social whirlpool really started with me at ABC watchnight service,up front singing Silent Night to the congregation,think I did really well,hopefully they will offer me another Gig next year,if God spares me.Home after midnight,relaxed for an hour at the Telly,nursing a wee Whyte and Mackays(or two)then bed.

Christmas Day,set off for Cumbernauld,Castlecary restaurant,for 1.00pm,met with all the extended family,the place was just lovely with a great happy atmosphere,food delicious,I started with a turkey and duck tuirine,main course,sirloin steak etc,and Chrissy pud and brandy sauce.

Retired to Susans house for lots of Christmas fun and frolics.Eric in singing mode,following one or two amber nectars,Pats mother was there (shes 85 years young)she is my number one fan,woe betide any one who wasnt giving Eric the best of order mid song.Home after midnight,accommpanied by Jennifer and Chris,stayed up the wee small hours just blethering,have to say a thoroughly enjoyable 24hours,Boxing Day,shared with Jennifer and Chris until noon,I drove them home.Pm,chill out,Chris gave me a spare DVD and set it up for me,since my super duper one is still not repaired,well I had recently ordered two new Andre Rieu that I havent watched yet, "Auf Schloss Schonbrunn in Vienna" and "Live in Maastricht 4",so with a glass of Cockburns Special Reserve Port,in one hand and the remote in the other,I was tranferred into heaven for a couple of hours.Now I know there is no-one to touch the Americans in putting on a show,you had your Liberance?but hey,you just have to experience the above to know just what a brilliant showman Andre is with his Johanne Strauss Orchestra,oh the real upper crust classical music buffs frown on him,but I think he is great.Just to finish my viewing pleasure at the other end of the culture scale,Jennifer got me Billy Connellys new DVD recorded in London,I really shouldnt laugh at his course humour,but he is so funny,not his best,but way out when I compare him to others.

Well sorry I didnt even have the curtesy to review the Airs I missed,I will do so to-morrow,Sally's back to work(if she still has a job to go back to-shes missed a couple of days again)Thanks by the way for your supportive comments,regards her little foiables.

Catch up with your Christmas goings ons to-morrow,hope youve all been behaving yourselves,and no ones been arrested,wild parties an'all.

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