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Something interesting in a sympathy card.............


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A friend enclosed this in a sympathy card she sent to me. She said it gave her some comfort when her father died.

[i]In the bottom of an old pond lived

some grubs who could not

understand why none of their group

ever came back after crawling up

the lily stems to the top of the water.

They promised each other that the

next one who was called to make

the upward climb would return and

tell what had happened to him.

Soon one of them felt an urgent

impulse to seek the surface; he

rested himself on top of a lily pad

and went through a glorious

transformation which made him into

a dragonfly with beautiful wings. In

vain he tried to keep his promise.

Flying back and forth over the pond,

he peered down at his friends below.

Then he realized that even if they

could see him, they would not

recognize such a radiantly beautiful

creature as one of them. That we

cannot see our friends or

communicate with them after the

transformation, which we call death,

is no proof that they cease to exist.

You are all in my thoughts.


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