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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! We're all still bundled up here in the Keys. Heard something about it not getting out of the 50s today. Probably won't go anywhere. What else is new lol.

I've been thinking alot lately about what we do for each other here on this site. I recall when I was counseling remarking how sad it was that most people paid me for what they should have in their own life--to be heard, understood and validated. Hopefully most of us have some measure of that in our normal lives but if it's ever lacking, we know for sure we can come here and get it.

Have a great day everyone. I'm still avoiding the office but can't keep doing that for too long.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 43 degrees with heavy clouds as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 48. There's supposed to be rain later today. I'm hoping it holds off until I get home, but it's drizzling now, so that may be wishful thinking.

This morning was my 171st ride to work this year. On the ride home yesterday, I reached my 2010 riding mileage goal, 7,500 miles. 4,768 of those miles were from commuting to work. This has become the first year of my adult life that I rode more miles on bicycles than I drove in motor vehicles.

MI Judy, I would have never thought of blaming the dog when my reading glasses come up missing (is that like blaming the dog when someone passes gas?). I need to remember that next time my glasses disappear.

KW Judy, I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly appreciate those who take time to share here. I'm usually just on my break and reading quickly, but it's a part of my day I always enjoy.

Have a great day, all!

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Another chilly morning - about 29 as I drove my mom and nephew to court this morning. The judge very quickly appointed an attorney and set a court date. We spoke briefly to the court appointed attorney who seems very nice - and understands that we are hoping this will be a "good" turning point for a child that lost his mother to drugs when he was only 6. We go back to court in January for a "driving with no license ticket" and then this mess really starts if the labs are back February 14th on the drug and stealing my moms car charges. Fun city. I will say he got about 8 inches of his hair cut off and cleaned up very nicely for court today.

Now I must hit the working trail - I have more to do this week than hours but I have to check on everyone here.

I saw that Bud had driven more miles on the bike that car this year - wow what an accomplishment. Those of us that exercise vicariously through him should be feeling pretty darn good. I believe I'll raise a toast to him - congratulations.

Judy in KW - I believe that today the dog ate the office. He is finished with the glasses - I see no reason why you can't borrow him to help you be a tiny bit lazy! I am going to be lazy since we are closing the office on Friday - just hoping I can get my work done early Thursday. Oh wait - maybe I should be working on it to do that. (Fun spoiling work.....someone needs to relax for me and I appoint ... Judy).


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K, this is the beast that has now twice stolen my glasses! He's six years old, and I had proof the last time as I found them in the dog run. This time, I'm afraid they are out in a snow bank somewhere. LOL!

It's gloomy and cold here, not too bad, but still. I have today "off" and am planning on reading books, and wearing PJ's all day. Ah! Never get to do that so I'm going to enjoy that!

Annette, I've decided I need to get on the "Exercise vicariously through Bud Team". We can call it EVTBT Team! And every time he posts once again of his wonderful, impressive miles, we can all sit back and smile knowing how much good we did for ourselves, living through him. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Bud you know we are so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments.

KW Judy, I believe this dog could eat your office. He's lean and tough and has eaten many a thing that should not have been eaten! And we have NO, ZERO squirrels in our yard. And not because we don't have lots of trees and food for them. He's a hunting machine.

I'm with you on the counseling thing too Judy. Glad I found this place and you friends, it's a fun thing to do daily is reconnect with all of us from all over the world.

Judy in MI

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I love the new team idea - how many people would like to join? I think we should elect Bud as the president. The only thing that worries me is if we become a team and Bud (as president) decides to drive the truck to work one day - does that mean that one of us has to ride a bike. Hmm, there may have to be by-laws about counting some days as double just for record keeping purposes. But as a Team we would certainly cheer Bud on as he rode - we better wait to decide on uniforms until we see if Eric wants to join our team .... well he does wear a kilt now and then, wonder how a cheerleading outfit would look. What do you think KW Judy, Eric, Ann, Stephanie, Katie, everyone. And - wait I just remembered isn't there a bus - maybe we could follow Bud in the bus and really cheer him on - that way we can carry whatever necessities we need to celebrate. We need to hurry so we can start this exercise program for a new years resolution -


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Love it! Now, the bus thing has come and gone for a while now. Have not seen Becky (Snowflake) in a while, and she kind of commandeered that! Bud should definitely be president, and we need to have to by-laws in case he decides to drive. I could always lie and say I'm riding for him. LOL!

Can't wait for Eric to join in on this!

Love you guys!

MI Judy

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

Just gone 4pm,dark outside,thaw continues,my front lawn had about six feet of snow on it,mainly from the snows I had been clearing from the path,well some of the grass is beginning to re-appear,and the flower beds,my hydrangias alas have bit the dust,all brown and black,I was hoping they could survive through winter,but it really has been so unusually cold so far.

Drove Sally to work this morning,thought she would just about pass muster,half expected her to be sent home sacked,missed two working day shifts and against company rules didnt phone in sick.Well she did return home about an hour later in taxi,her manager decided since the store was a bit quiet,she could go home,but report back for work to-morrow.Isnt their patience amazing?always so kind and supportive,I really cannot believe it,the Companies name is Asda here,but you know it as Wallmart in the USA.

Well to-day extremely quiet,just waiting for the next social rush on Hogmanay and Ner'Day,Scots have by tradition held these days above Christmas for parties.In my youth we would go "First Footing"that is immeadiately after the Bells rang in the New Year,you took your "Carry Oot" to your friends/neighbours house for a party,a table was set and everyone sat down to a meal,always steak pie,potatoes and "farty"peas,please excuse the colloquialism,its just so apt and in correct context for Scots.Everyone was expected to do their party piece afterwards,kinda like karioke without a karioke machine,the party would last usually until daylight broke on New Years Day.

Lucky me has two choices,my young brother's Stewarts in Anniesland in Glasgow or Irenes in Cumbernauld,wish I could split myself in half and go to both LOL.

Tried to read all the posts I have missed,well seems everyone has not been lacking in the food and drinkies dept,and why not,we are only here once I always say.Wishing you all more fun and frolics on Hogmanay.

JudyKW,caught a wee mention of your sister,please pass on my good wishes,hope everything will turn out ok.Enjoy your iPod,I really am a nenderthal about these new fangled thingies,but I can really understand your love of Blondie,oh boy Debbie Harry always gave me goose bumps,when she appeared on TV.

JudyMI, Wow,I really like your new Avatar,come on,own up,you cannae fool me,this is a pic you had taken when you were in your mid-twenties,and the baby you are holding is all growed up now,am I right?.Your dog is a handful isnt he,recycling furniture before expirey date to borrowing your glasses,maybe needed them to catch up the news in the Dog Times?.Dont hold your breath for finding them when the snow melts,from what you describe as home you have a big outdoors there.

Bud,Sorry to hear about your childhood experiences,thanks for sharing,glad you are enjoying your second one,I dont think I left my first one,which makes playing the clown for Max so easy for me.Congratulations in crossing the 7500miles target,more miles than you had driven your car,just thinking if everyone on the Planet followed your example,we would all be in better shape Planet included.

Stephanie,Loved the Turkey story,imagine if it wasnt so promptly found?methinks you would have had to find an extremely stong car air-refreshener.

Bruce,Really hope you had a brill,Christmas,now about sore heads and eating,up the amber nectars and cut down on the food,seems to work with me,stick to Whyte and Mackays is another free tip,if all else fails I will send you a bottle by return of that great Scottish hangover cure "Barrs Irn Bru".Sorry to hear about your lingering back problems,I used to get back pains although nothing compared to your situation,my snooker buddy Dr Murkerjee,gave me a corset to wear,whenever this occurred,it did help.Did I catch you right?you have a snooker table in your home,book me a flight.Did I tell you about playing snooker with Sally's cousin Mervyn?if I havent Ill get back to you,hate to bore everyone with a repeat,think we have had enough on that on TV over Christmas.

Annette,hope you have had a great Christmas and more fun yet to come at Hogmanay.Hugs-can I pass on a little saying on the subject? Remember, if you dont need your hug,pass it on to someone who needs it,dont waste them-recycle them.

Goodnight Everyone,see you to-morrow,


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Aw shucks Eric! You make me blush about the avatar. That baby is my great niece, and is in fact six months old! But thanks for the compliment. I figure if the piccy is really small, no one can see those over 50 crags and lines. LOL

So I must ask, is Hogmanay, New Years Eve for you??? Never heard that term before. But we do hold magnificent New Years Eve Parties here. We usually don't go out much, as the police presence on the roads are quite high, and drinking and driving don't work real well. We are much too rural to take public transportation or cabs here.

And you are right about the glasses. We have 10 acres that we live on which is a lot of woods, and hills, those things are long gone!

How understanding of your wife's company to be willing to work with her. That is nice to see.

MI Judy

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Hey is it too late for me to join the exercise Bud team. I enjoy hearing about his cycling from my couch...lol

Been real busy the last two days. Today worked long day and ran around like a nut to get some stuff returned and exchanged at a couple of stores after dinner. I am TIRED.

I didnt tell any one this but beings it is late maybe no one will read it. About a week ago went to a x-mas party had to much food as Bruce would say. lol. Anyways the next day I had to go grocery shopping for Christmas dinner stuff. I was feeling really BAD, and backed right into a pole in the parking lot. I didnt even care I just wanted to get home and die.....lol. Need new rear fender. The Pole was cement it was more like a wall...lol

Thought I would check in even though it is late. Thank god no more snow here for a while.

Eric, Sally sure does have a kind employer. Wish there were more kinder people in this world. I am glad you got that fancy, smancy washer, now see if it is so easy to use.. Judy in KW you are really enjoying that Ipod...I am glad to hear it. Thinking about your sister and I am sure she is in good hands and will be fine. Judy in MI, that cute dog couldnt have lost your glasses...lol

Annette, what can I say you crack me up. You are funny. But I am in with the exercise team. I was thinking about going back to the gym, but it is easier just to hear about Bud cycling.

Good night all,


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