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Wednesdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon All,

Weather ouside really mild now,in fact Scottish warm,even the six foot mounds of snow beginning to disappear,well thanks to the wind direction and the Gulf stream,our temperatures can swing a bit violently from one extreme to another,you dont know what to wear from one day to next,so our weather is never boring for long.

I should be out in Glasgow shopping now,its my wee sister Dots sixtieth Birthday to-morrow,so other than flowers I havent a clue what to get her,phoned her son Derek for suggestions but he is has the same imgination as myself,drat,well theres always last resort,money inside a birthday card?.

I am stuck at home at the moment,the washing machine guy who was supposed to get back to me before Christmas,phoned earlier this morning to tell me he is coming between 12 and 2pm,it was in ansaphone so I dont know his return number.Since I have now bought a new washer,it crossed my mind to cancel the repair?but since the new one wont be here until at least the 10th Jan,I would prefer to have it repaired.

Not that you could have noticed,there was a 3/4 hour break in transmission there,Sally has returned home with one of her managers from Asda,who went on to explain to me,that they are suspending Sally from work (unpaid)for one month,to finally get herself to-gether,referring her to her GP for assistance,if she can return in a permanent state of sobriety,her employment is secure, otherwise dont bother to return.Last chance saloon methinks.

Well its 1.30pm with Sally now at home,I wont have to wait any longer for the repairman,so I will leave you now for my Glasgow shopping,wish I could get instant response from you girls regarding what to get.

See you Later, bye.

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Morning All! Thanks for opening Eric. I came in to do it and got tied up reading all the fun on yesterday's Air. To prove it Libby:

I was feeling really BAD, and backed right into a pole in the parking lot. I didnt even care I just wanted to get home and die.....lol. Need new rear fender. The Pole was cement it was more like a wall...lol
That's one of those, it's really not funny but it is lol.

Stan and I are going to try something new this holiday. Instead of having a big out-of-control in numbers party, we'll call a few neighbors in for a drink and snackies. Hopefully do it a couple of times to hit them all and not pis_ anyone off in between. Cross your fingers for me that I'm not wiped by 4 pm.

Thinking about my sister this morning. Thanks so much for all the support. Don't get me started on cancer in the family: my Dad, my uncle who helped raise me on the farm, my aunt who was my mother 3 mos to 5 yrs. My cousin/sister Anne Marie who is a survivor of ovarian cancer. And they are just the significant others in my life. We have got to get a grip on this disease soon. Some of these deaths go back 40 years.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

PS Bud, does Rose know all these ladies want to hop on the back of your bike lol.

And Eric, guess Sally's employer's patience ran out. Hope she can step up.

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Good late morning all,

Well Eric, I guess you know the shoe was going to fall eventually on Sally. Maybe this is exactly what she needs. I hope she takes this seriously, and gets the help she needs.

I'll have to go back and read Libby's pole/wall story. Reminds me....one Christmas Eve, I was scrambling to buy all the Christmas presents in one day. Randy's Mom was in the hospital and I had no time to shop. So it's 8:00PM and I have all the shopping done except for one Toy store. I see a huge line to get out on the street, and I cut through a parking lot, to find another way to get out, and BAM! I hit a light pole that had a 4 foot cement base on it HARD. So hard it broke both axles of my husband's brand new Tahoe. It rocked the frame, and the truck was totalled.

My husband was at a hockey game, so I had it towed to the dealer and rented a car to get home. When I explained what happened to him, he asked why didn't I see the pole, and I explained that it was dark out. He smiled at me and asked, "what kind of pole was it?" I said a "light pole". And then we both cracked up! We were just thankful I didn't get hurt. I was going about 50 MPH when I hit the thing. Whew!

Anyway, got another "day off" today. I'm loving the extra rest. Today I am tackling the office closet. It's a nightmare that has not been organized in years. I have plenty of time, so I'm going to get in there and get it put together.

Eric, I know you are already gone, but I, for one, love, LOVE, LOVE new scarves. There's something about a scarf to pretty up an outfit. Hope it comes to you whilst shopping.

Judy in MI

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Libby, you are busted! Don't you know us Judy's look back to make sure we don't miss a single thing???? The good news for you is that you were backing up, and that could be excused much better than my story when I ran straight into it, front first. And alcohol was not involved! LOL!

Hope your head is feeling better today!


MI Judy

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Judy,Im sorry to hear about your sister. Sometimes all the health problems just seem overwhelming. And Eric,I am also sorry you are dealing with your wifes problem,life is hard enough without adding to it. I had a drink problem for many years before I quit. I truly didnt think it effected anyone but myself. What a fool I was. Maybe something good will come out of this month off. On a more cheerful side,I looked out my kitchen window this morning and told my wife that there is a squirrel in the back yard playing with his nuts. My wife replied "Yea its that goofy guy who lives next door".

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Oh my, such a busy morning - KY Judy - - we don't want to jump on the back of his bike - we want to be on the sidelines cheering him on so we can count his exercise as part of our exercise. You know you want to join the team as MI Judy called it the EVTBT Team (Exercising Vicariously Through Bud Team). I need a head count so I can order the cheerleading outfits. I hope that everyone will at least exercise this way - I believe it will definitely improve our minds - if nothing else. (And please let us know how your sister is doing - my prayers last night went out to her.)

Libby, I'm so sorry about your headache - but I will admit I had to laugh out loud at the light pole part of the story.

Eric - although not so good news - a warning I would think - and hope that it makes her realize where she is heading. Here in the states most major employers have "employee assistance programs" that you might look into to see if there is any way they have one - then the employer has to work with the employee once admitted. Just a thought - my ex-husband (God rest his soul) was an alcoholic but he fit right in with everyone else in the Navy - - I did my fair share of drinking while I was in too and have since toned it down to a few cocktails on the weekends.

We are supposed to get up to a high of 60 later this week - I'm gonna break out the, well lighter jacket. Today it is pretty cold and I am not making much progress on my big project at work - so I better get busy.

Once again I almost lost this as beatlemike posted at the same time I did - that copy and paste thing is a thought saver! I hope everyone has a good day - - and you should smile once or twice - just to keep people wondering what you are thinking....Annette

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Hey folks

High windchill here again today so I'm trying to hide inside as much as possible. My daughter and I built a firepit when she visited in May. She said that we had to have a fire in "her" firepit. So last night it was -21C and -28C with the windchill but we had a fire and roasted weiners. No need for a cooler just stuck the beer in the snowbank. She heads back to Calgary tomorrow so maybe I'll get a rest then. LOL

Eric I hope that Sally gets the help she needs and gets things back on track.

Thinking about your sister KW Judy. I've had too many people in my family affected by cancer as well.

Mike I'm glad that my nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away after reading about your neighbor. LOL

MI Judy I hope that your hunting dog is better than mine. I have 2 retriever's, one is afraid of the water and the other is afraid of gun's so you know who get's to do the retrieving...me.

I did enjoy your story about the light pole. I'm really glad that you read back and caught Libby's story about her little mishap. Now if I recall, there was another story about a mower and a shed wall a little while back ???? sorry Libby. LOL Take care everyone.

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Hi Guys and Gals,

Just back from Dots,Sally didnt want to be left alone to wait for the repairman to call,so I waited with her,just about gave up on him when he arrived at 2.10pm,took him an about to effect the repair,new motor fitted and one or two other gismos?,its now purring like a kitten,now thinking maybe I was a wee bit hasty in buying a new one?.There is a charity shop in Airdrie that re-cycles unwanted furniture and bric-a- brac to needy people for rock bottom prices,so I will phone them and donate it to them.

Thanks all, for your support and understanding towards me regarding Sally,I am pleased and relaxed with you, in getting this off my chest,hopefully this time she can apply herself to remaining alcohol free,she has fallen downstairs at least on four different occassions,twice breaking her femor,and once breaking her ankle,so I wont be holding my breath,but I have always possessed a streak of optimism about life,that everything will be fine in the end.

JudyMI,thank you for sharing your light pole collision story,you had me laughing out loud,sorry but being a male driver I am not going to mention my fight with a metal electricty box thingy whilst doing a three-point turn,enough to tell a fight I lost.Thanks for the scarf idea,I skipped the Glasgow shopping bit and bought Dot flowers,her favourite chocs,money in a card,seems I did OK,she put hers arms around my neck and gave me a nice big kiss,she even had tears in her eyes,arnt women wonderful?

Oh Brucie,I had forgot about Libby's lawn mower story,now the concrete bollard,its all too much for my sides,they are aching with laughing.I dont know anything about "Roasted Wieners" in the firepit, but it sure sounds like fun to me,glad you are enjoying your daughters company,please pass on my good wishes to her.

Mike,just loved the squirrel story,gosh everyones really having fun arent they?,did I tell you of my story about taking Sally out for a countryside drive?, well passing a field she says oh look at the lovely cows,smart Alec,Eric says,Sally these arent cows they are bullocks-wheres the udders?she replied,oh they are up the field a bit.

Annette,what a wonderful idea to become a member of Buds cheerleader team,please count me in,I will be happy to don any uniform/costume, you come up with,listen in my am-dram career you wont believe what I have worn on stage,also my perchant for wearing a kilt on occassions,but I really must draw a line if you suggest anything in the ballet line,its my worst nightmare,what with the tights an'all, dont even mention tu-tu's.

Good night eveyone,see you to-morrow.

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Annette, count me in on the cheerleading team for the EVTBT Team! And for heavens sake don't fit Eric with a tu tu and tights! LOL!

Had to come back and post that my glasses came in today! Yeah! I can see again. It's amazing how you get used to not seeing well, and then you put the specs on and are just amazed at how awesome everything looks, all sharp and clear....

Loved all the driving stories today including Eric's. We are such funny creatures.

Well, now that I have glasses, I suppose I'll be the designated driver on New Year Eve. That's okay. I'll be the one feeling better in the morning and that is well worth it!

Have a good night. We are going to grab a bite at a local restaurant, and then visit with my nephews for a little more Christmas. One of them lives in S. Carolina, and rarely gets back here so I'm so excited to see him and his wife!

MI Judy

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Good evening, everyone!

It was 57 degrees when I got up this morning. This afternoon's high was 71 degrees. It rained on and off all night last night, and was still raining when I got up this morning, and I just drove to work. So we all missed out on exercising this morning......LOL. That ended a pretty good streak; I had ridden to work the last 26 work days.

Just as I was about to make my morning post, my work computer crashed. And just like always happens when it crashes while I'm here, I had been logged off when I came back, and it wouldn't let me log back in, and wouldn't email me a password, either. When that's happened in the past, Katie has set me a new password fairly quickly, but she was off at the coast without internet, today.

So here I am, the last one to drag myself into the Air today......LOL. I hope everyone had a great day.

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