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My Mom Mariellyn


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Mom took an ambulance ride to the hospital on Monday and is still there in the ICU. She had severe pain in her right arm and has not been feeling well for some months now. She lost all circulation and feeling in her right arm. They ran a few tests and found out she threw a clot. They did emergency surgery at 2 a.m. to fish out a 3 inch long clot from her forearm via an embolectomy. The doctors thought that it may have come from her heart due to her CHF. Doctors said fortunate and unfortunate. Unfortunate that she had a clot but fortunate that it didn't go to her brain.

She can no longer walk on her own. She tries using the walker we got her but even with that she is falling and needs to use the wheel chair now. She has no appetite and is nauseous all the time. Mom has also lost 80 lbs within the last year and 20 of them have been since Thanksgiving.

Her echo and transesophogeal echo came back as not having any more clots in or near her heart, which is good news. However, her chest x-ray is not good. Due to her CHF her heart is so large it's taking up most of the space in her chest. It spans across both sides of her chest in the x-ray. There is a lot of fluid in her chest as well which appears to be a collapse of that part of her lung. Her breathing is very shallow and she states that when she breathes in she cannot feel her lungs expand.

They called in a pulmonologist tonight and he wants her to have a CT scan tomorrow to get a better look at her lungs and chest as they also note finding a mass.

Mom has CHF, diabetes, high BP & cholesterol, severe arthritis in her spine with a couple of compressed vertebrae and is a 6 1/2 year breast cancer survivor.

My mom just turned 70 and is a never smoker but lives in a house full of smokers.

Dare we add lung cancer to the mix?

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Oh Denise, so sorry to hear of all your poor mom's woes. Enough is enough, I say. Let's rule out lc ~ what do you say. Seems as if she has enough to contend with without adding that to the mix. Here's hoping the scans and any further testing prove nothing new and that she can begin to feel better. You, poor girl, have had more than a plateful here of late. With all you have, you could be a full menu caterer. Enough is inough for you as well.


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Hi Denise,

So surprised to read this. I can't believe what I am reading, she has too much drama going on right now... I am really praying that the results will be positive ( in a good way)

Hang in there as you have enough on your plate... they say G-d will not give you more than you can handle... but I wonder sometimes how true is that... just keep a positive attitude...

Sending prayers her way!


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