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Hogmanay Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hooray its Hogmanay,cannot believe that Judy MI hasnt heard of the word before?Scots throughout the world hold this day particularly special,those Scots living abroad making every effort to get back to Scotland to have a reunion with relatives and friends and enjoy a real good party,those who cannot,will be on the phone just after the bells to wish everyone a Guid New Year.Well weather wise,for hogmanay,unseasonably warm, 5 degrees C (40F).

Its 8.15am,Sally as recommended by her employer has made an appointment with the doctor at 9am,so I am a bit pushed for time,but I really wanted to get my post in first to avoid to-day being called Fridays Air,its much more special than that.When I was a young boy my mother would send me on an errand to the shops today,she'd tell me to watch out for the man with as many noses as days left in the year,I had this image of a guy going about with a face with multi-noses in it,never did find him though?.

Sorry have to go,times run out,I will get back soon as.

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Morning All! Hope you all find this Air with the funny name lol. Eric, your language has some of the funniest words. Love the story about you and your Mom. You were a funny little boy too.

Key West warming up after the coldest Dec since 1983. Hip hip horray!

Mental pictures this morning: Bud fishing; Annette frolicking out of her office at 3 pm yesterday; Libby ice skating to MI where Judy (wearing glasses) waits with hot chocolate; Stephanie swimming or maybe baking something yummy; Bruce herding buffalo, oh no are they cows, maybe llama; and sorry Eric, that pic of you in a tutu is going to stick for awhile. Ann, I can picture you maybe with those little ones?


Judy in KW

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Eric I have to admit that I am with Judy MI in never hearing that word.But whatever name you call today, I think it has a very special meaning for members here. Tomorrow marks another milestone in our journey. So wherever you are and however you celebrate, give a smile for all the members that are bringing in another year, and remember those who lost their battle with this terrible disease.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Never heard that name either but it sounds special to me. I hope everyone has a very Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope 2011 is the year that we see all cancers on the decline and a cure found for Lung Cancer. I have seen a few things on the news lately that look promising.

I look back to New Years Eve 1999 and all of the fear and uncertainy about the millinium change and can't believe we are already going into 2011.

This decade has been a major life chnge for me as so many of you know. I have had much loss and heartache and known more joy than I ever dreamed possible even if it did last such a short time. I also have found so many wonderful friends, Many because of the changes I made and many more because of the loss I suffered. To all of you who have become a part of my life in this past 8 years I am thankful every day.

When I look at my life I know that beyond a doubt miracles happen. I never would have made such changes if they didn't. Now I wish the greatest miracle of all to all of us, A CURE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and above all PEACE!!!


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Well Eric, it seems I'm not alone in this Hogmanay Air knowledge department. So I sent to the dictionary: Hogmanay: Scottish : the eve of New Year's Day

Okay, so that's not complicated! LOL! I was hoping it was a word steeped in Scottish Lore and story, but nope! It's just Scottish for New Years Eve. LOL again.

I loved the story about looking for the man with as many noses as the days left in the year. Very funny. Your Mom must have been very funny too Eric.

Judy loved the picture you painted in your mind of all of us today. Very cute! Lib I've got the hot chocolate, but thinking skating won't work with this crazy thunderstorm that is going on here. All our pretty white is melting and it's supposed to get to 50 today! Crazy.

Bruce, I'm hearing you man. The turn of the New Year means another one that we triumphed over this disease. Amen to that!

Lily, I loved your recap of the past, and the joyful look to the future.

Last night I took a person to a Cancer Support Meeting at Gilda's Club. The room was full of people in various stages of the disease. Five in the room were lung cancer. Including my person that I brought. My heart almost burst (eyes too) as he told his story. It's a story he's kept to himself for two years, and he finally got the courage to come and share it, and to know I was a teeny tiny part of that just was amazing. I'm so grateful that God is using me in this way, using my experiences to help others through their journey. Yes!

So here's to a healthy, happy 2011 my friends. May we never take it for granted and find joy in what we have today!

Judy in MI

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Happy Hogmanay Everybody,

Following the Docs this morning,Sally and I did a big shop at Morrisons,why cannot everyone else get better organised and shop earlier,instead of leaving everything until the last minute,now I know how sardines feel inside the tin.

Just chilled out this afternoon,watching TV,drinking and snacking,thinking about throwing the bathroom scales into the dustbin,everytime I see them I get this guilty feeling into my head.I promise to diet and get fit this coming year,just like Bud,I remember sitting having lunch in the refectory with a colleague,looking out the window,another of my colleagues run past with all the sporty gear on,my friend observing the scene said "There are times when I feel like following suit,but I just go for a lie-down until the feeling passes"

Oh Judy,what an imagination you possess,you are just tutu much for me.

Bruce,what a let down,I would have thought at least you would know about Hogmanay,with all the Scots that live in Canada,in fact,I think you have more Scots there than there is in Scotland?Must check that one out.Right that does it,I am determined that my posts in 2011 are going to be sprinkled at random with Scottish words and sayings that are in common use here,to bring you all up to date,you better learn them,because I will be setting random tests also.One for you Bruce to get the ball rolling,You didnt fall off your horse-oh no- You fell off your Cuddy.

Lily,thanks for all the supporting and encouraging posts you send in,I enjoy reading each and everyone of them,hoping you will be around for all of 2011.

Hi Judy,OK you were not alone,I didnt realise how big my task was in providing you all with a more rounded education on the Scottish language and culture,but its a task I am willing to take up,to help you see the light.Hogmanay,well,you just had to dig a little deeper,seems its a derivitive of ancient french word,aguillanneuf which then became houguinane-meaning a gift at New Year,Hogmanay is in Scottish documents from 1600AD,my we've been partying for ages,hope we never stop.What a nice reflection on taking your friend to the support group,you are so right,its your experience that people draw hope from,to know that we can survive this dreadful disease,more power to your elbow.

Libby,Thanks for your supporting comments yesterday,much appreciated,they really helped me.Now about you,feeling down at times?I think this is only natural,when you really think about it,we had these feelings before our dx didnt we?,so whats changed,nothing we can do anything about,but happy days are more fun,so I decided ages ago that these are the only ones I am going to keep company with.Well,the next time a little dark rain cloud drifts over your head,dont sit under it for even a day,just drop me a line and I will come over and suck it up with my hoover(actually its now a dyson-sorry hoover).

Sorry not to have replied to everyone,but tempest fugit,not going out Firstfooting to-night,Irenes not well got the flu and a sinus infection,Docs given her some anti-biotics,shes going to bed early,I cannot be bothered with the hassle of driving into Glasgow to Stewarts party.I will join the neighbours on our cul-de-sec green for the fireworks after the Bells,maybe finish up with some in my house or theirs to toast in the New Year.

Well friends what more can I say-Thank You-since I have been here,I have so enjoyed your company and stopped thinking about me having HAD lung cancer,now my only thoughts are what wandering dribble will I post in to-day?

At Midnight to-night I will lift my wee glass of the amber nectar to you all and say "A Guid New Year tae yin an' aw' and Mony may ye see" Goodnight Everybody.

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Happy Hogmanay. I was almost afraid to enter the forum wasn’t quite sure what that meant. You do have the weirdest words over there in Scotland.

Eric glad to see you and Sally went to the Dr. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I agree those last minute shoppers drive me nuts. I just got back from the grocery store..lol Eric thank you for the kind words I will keep that in mind, I hope you have a pretty big Hoover. Yes these feelings were here long before the dx and I do need to keep positive. I am starting to learn I need to keep active. I went to the gym this morning and my body is already hurting…lol Going to church on Sunday, hope the walls don’t fall down. Of course I will be going it alone. I am going to also find somewhere to volunteer. I would like to help other cancer survivors or possibly help at the homeless shelter.

Judy Kw you are funny. I just love the mental pictures especially Eric in his tutu and Bruce chasing Buffalo…lol. It has warmed up but right now it is 36 degrees and dropping. The warm up is over. Glad to hear the temps have stabilized for you in Florida.

Judy in MI It is wonderful what you are doing for others. It takes a special person to be able to give like you do and I commend you on it. I wish I could have been at that meeting. Yes I figure with the warm up I would drown in Lake MI on the way over to yours. ,lol,.

Lily thank you for the warm wishes.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and prayers for everyone :!:


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Happy Hogmanay, everyone!

It was 55 degrees when I got on the water this morning, and stayed about that temperature all day. The cooler air from the front that blew in was just about enough to offset the sun trying to warm things up.

And I do mean blew in. It was the windiest day I've fished in quite a while. But I brought home a nice mess of crappie. I took a nap after I got home, so I'll be ready to stay up late. It's just a party at home for Rose and I.

My only New Year's resolution every year is to fish more. I actually accomplished that in 2010, with a fishing trip more weekends than not, after two years of not getting to fish very much. In 2009, with Rose getting treatment half the year, selling a house, moving, and all the projects I had with the new house, it ended up being the least fishing I've done in probably 35 years, even less than in 2008, which was my recovery year.

There do seem to be lots of folks with exercise resolutions, though. I think the key is to find an activity you like a lot. As long as it's just another "chore" you have to attend to, you likely won't stay with it.

When we lived in Arlington, we rode the Joe Pool dam road. It's a popular cycling spot there. In January, I was always surprised by how crowded the dam road was, new bikes and helmetless riders everywhere. By February, we'd pretty much have the dam road to ourselves.

One problem was the cheap bikes everyone seemed to start out with. I can't tell you how many times I stopped to help someone with a repair on the road, only to figure out that the problem couldn't be repaired. It was just a poorly made wally world bike that couldn't be fixed. If your chosen exercise requires equipment, don't buy poorly made equipment.

Happy Hogmanay, everyone!

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