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Morning All! Was a little chilly eating out at John's last night but at least I'm up this morning without my sweater. It was mixed sun and clouds yesterday and I'm hoping for sunshine today. Do slugs like sunshine?

Eric, was awake til one in the morning with stomach and pluming issues. I might have known I wasn't going to get away with the kind of eating I'd been doing the past few days. Got to get a grip. Can't let my stomach feeling better give me permission to blow it altogether. I'm still experimenting with what I can and cannot do.

Nice dinner last night with the small group we used to go with on Sat. I forewent wine (had a glass before we went) for coffee. I was still have trouble getting myself going even after showering and getting ready.

Judy, I read your post from last night. 80 people, yikes! You do entertain on a grand scale. You must have a huge house because I don't think you'll be dining outside like our one neighbor did NY's Eve lol.

It is my last holiday until taxes are done and I will do whatever I feel like doing. One thing I'm telling you it won't be and that's putting Christmas away. Too early yet for me lol.

Hope you have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

3 degrees C,today, feels colder,just in from ABC and the shops,buying a nice sweet for dinner to-day,with Jennifer and Chris coming,bought this lovely large glazed fruit flan.Sally didnt want to come to church to-day,wanted rather to stay at home and prepare the steak pie dinner.The doctor prescribed librium for her to take for a week,before starting another course of pills ?,took her first librium this morning,I warned her no alcohol from now on,she promised she wouldnt.

Surprise,Surprise,coming home,she is unconscious in the armchair,all the pots on the cooker rings ready to go,potatoes,boiling peas,brussel sprouts,best Scotch beef in the fridge,pre-cooked ready for the ashit, puff pastry then into the oven,parsnips in the basin washed and peeled in water and no Sally,its so frustrating and disapointing,the number of times she has let me down.

Just off the phone to Jennifer,its no problem,she half expected this to happen anyway,so ample portions of tiger prawns,salad,seafood sauce,fruit flan etc to Jennifers house.Main course is a problem for me,she dosnt keep any kind of meat in her house,only veggie stuff,oh dearie me,well just have to pinch my nose and swallow,maybe I could stop and get a Chinese,Indian or Italian,come to think of it I will phone her back and suggest it to her,they will have plenty veggie dishes she can enjoy,and my bank balance is still OK.Good thinking Batman.

I will get back to you to-night and let you know how everything went,also taking my laptop,I cannot waste a moment with Chris's computer skills,I have still to e-mail post dx pics of myself to the Roy Castle cameraman,for inclusion in my film.Catch you later all,enjoy your day.

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 19 degrees here this morning. Forecast high is 51. I'm thinking about going fishing, but it's going to have to warm up some before I do.

Rose and I spent the entire day yesterday being zombies in front of the tv. The dogs love it when that happens; there's nothing that either of them like more than curling up in a lap.

Eric, sorry your dinner plans went awry. Rose and I aren't vegetarian, but we seem to eat less and less meat these days. I think I could do the vegetarian thing, though I would miss my fish, and the beef in the great Mexican food that Rose cooks (her real name is Rosita; she comes by her great Mexican food cooking skills honestly). As long as there's lots of pasta though (need my carbs with all that bike riding), I'm happy. Get a DVD called Food, Inc, and watch that. It will definitely make you think twice about eating that meat......LOL.

I ended up with 7,555 miles on the bike last year. I'm setting this year's goal at one mile more than that. I think that's about as many miles a year as I can manage, at least while I'm still working full time. I ended up with 478 miles in December, almost all commuting miles.

That's about right for me. I ease up my mileage in the winter. I think having stretches where you rest more is good for you, and one of the reasons I've avoided riding injuries so well. And, I really don't like the long rides when it's cold, so just concentrating on commuting whenever I can works well for me in the winter.

Last January, I only rode 323 miles. The weather was so cold and wet then; I hope it's a milder January this year.

Good luck with your New Year's resolutions, everyone. Have a great 2011!

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Hey folks

The sun is just coming up over the horizon. Looking at that orange glow coming through the trees out across a snow covered field is a nice view while having a tea in front of the old wood stove. Now on the other side of that window it is a crispy -21C/-6F. LOL

KW Judy hope that you get those little issues straightened out. I think even someone with a cast iron stomach like myself can feek the effects of Christmas munching.

Eric sorry to hear you had to change your plans. Being let down by a loved one is not a very nice feeling. hopefully it was just a little slip and thinks can get back on track. I'm not a vegetarian either and living in the middle of cattle country I would probably be shot if I was. LOL

Congratulations Bud on reaching your bike riding miles. I think you well deserved that zombie day. I have been reading about the LCSC team jumping on your exercise regimen bandwagon. I get plenty of exercise but I am envious of your crappie fishing so maybe I'll jump on the crappie bandwagon. LOL I hope you reach both your goals this year.

Take care everyone.

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Happy New Year everyone!!!

Judy I hope you are feeling better. I had a few stomcahe issues last night but it had nothing to do with medicine. We had pork roast, blackeyed peas and cabbage fixed 3 ways cabbage rolls, smothered cabbage and cole slaw. Add mashed potatoes and my home made bread and that is some serious issues for the stomache. Now only today and two more days of this rich food and a couple on the train then I will get back to my healthy eating. Not vegetarian because I am a meat potatoes and seafood lover.

Eric I am so sorry that your day didn't go as planned. I wish we could have shared our dinner with you but that is just too many miles to cross. I will keep praying that 2011 turns out to be better than it started for you.

Bud that is quite a bike record. I am glad that you can do that. I hope the fishing is good. None of my family have done much while I am here. One of my sons had a good day with the specks and white trout but for most part the holidays and the weather have thrown things off. I didn't get to catch any but I have enjoyed eating what they had in their freezers!!

Had boiled crabs twice and crab stew for New Years eve. I really got to have a lot of fried shrimp. Too early for crawfish but that's alright. Wouldn't mind having some of those crappie though.

Bruce stay warm up there. It is cold here this morning but not that cold. One thing I will enjoy when I get home is keeping comfortable. Ever sense I got here almost two months ago I have either frozen or sweated! No inbetween in Louisiana most of the time.

Well once again Happy New Year to all and will keep up more once I am home next week.

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It is chilly and rainy here in Richmond. Judy so sorry to hear that your stomach is still not behaving. Mine is only acting up because I have been putting too much in it - had to have homemade black eyed peas for New Years and then we made chicken fried steak and cream gravy - yummm!! Today - we are doing Tacos - I'm a Texan originally so like Bud I enjoy Mexican food - but I'd rather go somewhere else and eat it than cook it at home - I just like the tacos because you can make it mostly salad. Since Bud may be riding less this month I'm guessing we better be doing salad a little more frequently til it warms up again.

Eric - so sorry to hear about Sally - it must be truly hard to get your hopes up over and over - but you never know - like we have had shocks in our lives she may bounce back someday. In the meantime - you have us to share your burden with.

Bruce - I don't know how you can function in weather that cold - I'm cold at freezing. I'm not much of a fish person so I'll stay on the exercise team. I'm definitely a beef and potatoes kinda person though. We enjoyed a nice steak Friday night.

Back to that four letter word tomorrow.... ~~work~~ where did that long weekend go.


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Hi Everyone!

5:30 here, after a busy day of running errands, getting groceries, and stocking the shelves with lots of stuff to make home made soups, stews and other good winter meals. Tummy did settle down today, and I think I'm done with all the holiday snacking, thank goodness!

Yeah, Judy, this is a big party. The good news is that the ministry at church that is throwing it does all the cooking and cleaning, I only provide the home. They like it here because it's large, and quite festive for Christmas. I do have a 4000 sq foot home, so it does pretty good, albiet it's still quite packed at 80 folks! But lots of fun as we kick off the new year with this ministry.

Was hoping hubby would go out and get more blue gill for dinner, but we lots track of time, mostly because we stopped at four sporting good stores to try to find new blades for his ice auger, and none of them had the right size. His blades get used a lot and when they are dull, it's really difficult to auger through six to 12 inches of ice. He wants to get one of those auto augers, but at $500, that is a close out of the season kind of buy. We will wait until spring when they go on clearance and try to find a good deal.

Lily hearing all the wonderful seafood you are enjoying makes me miss New Orleans. We were there once, and the food was fabulous!

Bud, good job on the miles, accomplishments for 2010. I have no doubt you'll reach your goals in 2011. No doubt.

Eric, I'm so sad about Rose. And with her taking Librium on top of it is even worst. I hope and pray she gets serious about this and soon for everyone's sake. You have such a good attitude, she's very lucky to have you.

Well I'm off to oven fry some chicken, with some scalloped potatoes, and some kind of veggie. Good night all!

MI Judy

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Last night, a friend invited us over and we feasted on shaved brussels sprout salad (really good and refreshing!), fig and prosciutto pizza, and molten lava cake. She is amazing - they had been gone since early in the day and made all of these from scratch! (Okay, she did prep the pizza dough and the fig jam the day before.)

This morning, M and I went out for dim sum. The only caucasians in the place until we were about to leave. I love all those little plates of food - but could only eat a few pieces. Came home and napped. Got up and baked a loaf of braided challah and a pan of bittersweet chocolate and candied ginger rolls (same dough.)

New Year's resolutions? Bake more. Maintain weight (never thought I'd see the day where losing weigh was an issue!) Stay open to possibilities.

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