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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Opening page on my computer says 68 degrees. That's put the sweater on, take the sweater off weather for me. My body is just not sure to trust it's warming up.

Been up awhile but delaying starting the Air. I feel o.k., just tired of getting up every single morning going back and forth, back and forth for hours from my lr to the bathroom. Plus, today is the official end of the holiday and the beginning of TAX TIME for me. My pre dx efficiency spoiled my accountant. She's used to a very organized packet that includes both corp and personal taxes. Corp is due Mar 15 and I tried to fudge a delay on the personal but she said she usually does them both at once lol. With a very busy Feb planned ending with the beginning of my cruise, I'm back to my old days goal of getting it to her by the end of Jan. Sigh.

Maybe I'll feel more sociable later but do have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning - well it's morning anyway. Most of us are returning to our regular routines. It is very chilly here today - but supposed to warm up . When I left my apartment this morning I smelled smoke and heard on the radio that there was a fire nearby. I did not want to leave the area as I have a cat and my mom and nephew live across the path from me. So I drove around several times trying to see where a fire could be coming from. Turns out it was two blocks away at a Zorba's (restaurant). So on to work I went. Sigh.

Poor Judy, I am glad to say I don't have your tummy issues - I have an issue of extremes and sometimes I feel I could be a metronome from feeling loose to noose - if you get my meaning. No matter how you fix it - the pendulum swings the other way. As for the taxes, you said you usually have everything ready by the end of January - you have plenty of time to panic - just take it one day at a time - so you don't feel like much today - tomorrow may be a good day and you'll tromp thru 2 days of work. (Easy enough for me to say I know. But if you worry about it all day - you will get less done - if you just knock on a little chunk at a time - it slowly chisels away.)

This poor working girl better get busy - Monday already - where did that long weekend go - I did not finish any project I wanted to work on. But I did do a lot of nothing so I guess that is reason enough to get off my duff and get busy.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the brand new year. Think at least one happy thought today!


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Good morning everyone. How I hated the sound of my alarm clock this morning! It wasn't too had coming back to work last week, as I knew there was another short week on the way. But...this morning I realized that the holidays are over and it will be a long time before I have another long weekend. We managed to squeeze a lot into this weekend and I am thrilled that all of the Christmas decorations are in the attic!!! Usually, we make a million trips, up and down the stairs, getting everything put away. I think we were more organized this year, so I guess that may be a good sign of things to come.

Judy...I know what you mean about the sweater on....sweater off weather. We're supposed to reach 70 here today so I didn't even bring a sweater to work. I park just a few steps from the office door, so I'm in and out of the car in a jif. This week is supposed to be nice...then rain is forecasted for the weekend. Then...another cold front. Hope your tummy woes improve as the day goes on.

Annette...glad the fire wasn't too close to you. I don't think anything scares me more than the thought of a fire. I would be in a complete panic trying to get my animals out of the house. We've been having a lot of fires around. Unfortunately, they believe they are being set intentionally on vacant lots. Our little city has made the headlines before when a lot of fires were set on Mother's Day. It was so smoky last week that I-95 was closed to traffic. Breathing here has been a challenge for a lot of people.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 34 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 61. I didn't start my work year off very well. Five miles from home, I hit something that flatted my back tire. You can't stand my commuter bike upside down to remove a wheel, so it's always tough getting that back wheel off and on, and it's no fun fixing a flat in the dark, anyway. I arrived at work two minutes before starting time.

This is without a doubt my least favorite time of year. It's forever until the next holiday day off work, it's the coldest time of year, yes, there are taxes, etc, etc. But, we muddle on.

I hope your stomach issues are better soon, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Still dark here but it is only -20C so should hit minus mid teens by this afternoon. Alot nicer doing outside chores in -20 instead of -40.

Judy KW, maybe take an extra day off and start your tax work tomorrow. You are your own boss now so you can begin your work week at 8am Tuesday instead of Monday.

Annette it is good to hear that the fire was far enough away to not be a concern for your place.

I hear you Ann about this time of the year. It is just too long between those long weekends.

Bud I'm sure it wasn't fun fixing a flat in the dark but hey you got er done and still beat the clock by 2 minutes !

Judy MI I can understand your hubby needing new auger blades. I use a gas auger but it is still alot easier with new blades. Using a hand auger is not an option here with the ice 3' to 4' think. You also need a 10" hole because the fish are a little bigger.

Take care everyone.

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Hi Everybuddy,

Well I am back,seems ages since I chatted with you,had some real fun last two days,oh weather first ahem,its 3 degrees and starting to snow,wouldnt it be funny,if by Wednesday I got snowed in again just at the start of new term Tee-hee.Now where was I ,oh Sally second,before I start,I raided her handbag this morning,removed money, bank books and bank cards etc,even to the rediculous,by hiding all her outdoors shoes,combed the house for alcohol not a drop anywhere,well thats certainly got her beat,I smugly told myself,you see I had planned to-day to be out all day,and returned to-night,house in darkness,glass on kitchen worktop,half full with gin and tonic and Sally soundly asleep in her bed.See, you think your a smart enough to beat them,boy shes miles ahead of me yet.

Anyway,phoned Jennifer yesterday,about ordering a takeaway meal she wouldnt hear of it, so we compromised we went to Tescos and bought a fresh steak pie,so Jennifer,Chris and I had a great day to-gether,I brought my laptop with me for Chris to send, post dx of myself,selected from the hard drive,although I had hundreds in there we struggled to find nine of myself?well Chris sent them off,got almost an immeadiate reply from Ian,saying he sent them directly to his editor,but he thought they may not be used because he thinks my film is already completed?boy I thought that task would take weeks?,aw they wont get to see me in my kilt or in my academic gown with my students at the Glasgow Uni Graduation Day,serves me right for being a bit lazy in complying with Ians request.

Got up early this morning to read the mail and post in,Ahhhh,my computer screen tells me my laptop has been invaded with viruses,trojans and other nasty things,its all in large red letters,telling me there is no way out,other than playing $20 to have them removed,please complete your bank card details to make the payment,oh my gosh,help,dont know what to do,phone Chris,its OK Eric says he dont worry I can fix this,dont fill in any payment information,Jennifer and I are out to-day,so I will fix it to-morrow.To-morrow?does he not realise how serious this is? I havent even read the mail yet,and cannot get onto the internet.Phoned Sis Dot,is Derek in? yeah she replies,says I, I will be with you in 30mins.Derek is also a computer Graduate,real smart kid,explains to me its all a scam,he gave it a name which I have now forgotten,but its not actually corrupted your files,it just wants you to think it has,and I said,they are doing this to get just $20 off me? no says Derek they are after your bank details,blooming heck thinks I.Well couldnt explain what Derek did but he inserted a usb pen into my laptop which scanned everything,identified the rouge file and he then deleted it from my menu,so if it happens to you,I will pass you onto Derek.Alls well that ends well,so I am back to annoy you once more,hooray.

Now what have you all been getting up to?

Lets start with JudyKW,you wee soul,tummy troubles,you will probably have about three trips to the bathroom in the duration of reading my post LOL,OK I know its not funny,and really hope you recover soon as.I have always been intrigued at your self-assessed tax system,its so strange to me,here the employer deducts yout tax and national insurance under a scheme known as PAYE,that is pay as you earn.How does your scheme work?do you work out what you owe and then send the IRS a cheque of payment for the year?or can you pay in instalments,how do they know you are offering the right ammount,boy it sounds so complicated,think leaving me to do that for myself,would result in me going to jail.

Bud,by the way, hate to correct you but you made a typo,tyre is with a y not a i LOL,looking at the pic of your new bike,showing a rather complicated chain system,it did make me wonder,how on earth would you repair a rear flat tyre,its always the same they always happen at the most frustrating times,in the dark,cold and blooming raining,well maybe you got off with only one of the three,well done in still making work on time,bettcha the first thing you went for was a sink to wash your hands,you call them faucets,sorry if the spelling is wrong.

Hi Annette,seems there are more fires at this time of the year,restaurant fires-theres a restaurant in Airdrie,an Indian one and excellent food and environment,but huge in size,too big for a small town like Airdrie,dont think it was ever profitable,well it burnt down one day,but was reinstated a year later it burned down again,local belief it was an insurance scam,and its now a nursery.

Gosh everyone seems to be into ice-fishing,buying auger bits to drill through the ice,you take your sports seriously dont you?,hundreds of dollars for a drilling rig thingy,my tip,just go to the fishmongers,and abandon fishing until the weather is hot enough to sit on the bank to get a sun tan.Loved that film,forget its name,with Walter Matteau and Jack Lemmon fighting each other over the affections of Ann-Margaret?lots of fishing through ice hole to boot.See you to-morrow, bye

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Hi, just noticed the completely unconscious pun I made in spelling everybody as everybuddy,think that should be made a new entry to the Oxford Dictionary?

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Eric - you are referring to Grumpy Old Men or maybe Grumpier Old Men - which just made me laugh it has been so long since I saw them. I am so sorry your plot did not work out with Sally - but now you know you missed a spot and you can keep an eye on her and snoop it out like a real detective. Your "virus" story was horrible - I have a pretty good system checking my computer frequently since I am always playing games on-line. My significant other is a computer geek so I'm pretty covered if I get my computer in trouble.

I'm not much of a fish person myself - but I like Eric's idea of going to the store until it's nice enough to sit and soak up the sun - I'll go along but I'll bring a book to read instead of a fishing pole.

Bud - I knew I was aching for some reason - must have been the extra work of changing the tire (tyre for Eric). I think it is absolutely amazing that you still made it to work on time. You must be like me and leave for work an hour early - I get the most done before everyone gets here when things are nice and quiet.

Hope one is having a great day.


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Afternoon All! I have to address Eric first to steer him back on the right tracks. First of all, yes we have sinks, the facet is the thing the water comes out of. And we do have programs here that threaten that a virus has invaded and you are o.k. if you don't click whatever link they have to start the purchase. No time to put in bank info, click o.k. to check it out and you're done. Taxes, since we are self-employed we are required to withhold and deposit every month with a quarterly report re-affirming it. They are saying I missed one but it appears they are citing the wrong quarter if I did--that according to my accountant who is now also thoroughly confused (by me) so I will fax her more stuff tomorrow. Last and not least, you silly man, you can never outfox an alcoholic. This is something you can't fix no matter what. She has to want to and obviously she doesn't--hopefully at least not yet. You and your family might want to look into an "intervention" which is a tool being used on some occasions here in the States.

Annette, how kind of you to circle round til you were sure your family and your animals were safe. Better safe than sorry. Ann, I am so sorry you are facing a long stretch of work without a long weekend break. Do you get vacation days and do you use them for a real vacation. My son takes some of his for days at home, mostly just for family time or to help Kym get ready for a big event. Bud I am so sorry about your flat tire. Am also amazed you made it to work by the skin of your teeth (know that one Eric?) but your first mistake was overlooked by all--what are you thinking riding to work in 34 degree weather lol. Bruce, except for fruitless emails and faxes to accountant I did nothiong productive on taxes today. I did do checks and invoices for Stan and printed those pesty notices in my email saying scheduled payment have been taken out of my account. I'm in real trouble if I don't enter them in my computer accounts. Got to finish up with ice fishing--I think those two words a mutually exclusive. You fish when it's warm. When there is ice, it means no fishing. Oh well.

Libby, where are you? I know you are back to work and you have a pass whenever you need one. Just wanted to say hi lol. And to you too Judy. I'm sure you are still recovering from your big bash yesterday.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy KW,

You really are such a blessing to me,to take the time to set me straight,facet something that the water comes out of,silly girl its actually called a tap,,but you really destroyed me with an explaination of a description of your tax system"Required to withhold and deposit every month with a quarterly report re-affirming it" come on ,did you really expect me to follow that gobble-de-gook statement?you cannot even begin to understand how I appreciate you being you.Thanks for your Sally remarks,you are so right.

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Better late then never :) Good evening everyone. Had a lot of reading to do to get caught up. Hate when that happens.

Eric, I am so sorry about Sally. I have to say the same as Judy KW, you can not outsmart an alcoholic nor can you force them to stop. They need to hit rock bottom and quit on their on terms. Maybe her time will be tomorrow or maybe next year. But you are not alone. Hugs. That virus thing and the Internet is very scary. A lot of times I will get messages like that but they are just after charging you fees. Pretty slick aren’t they? Hey Eric we have taps on our beer kegs…

Judy KW sorry to here your stomach is not so good. Of course if I would feel just a little better you bet I would eat stuff that is not good and agitate it, who wouldn’t... I do hope it starts feeling better soon. Thank you for asking about me. I am going through some issues and trying to deal with life. Sometimes it just seems like it is all going to fall apart. Wish I was there I would help you get your tax stuff together. Just do a little at a time, it will get done. Most of the personal tax schedules including Schedule “A” will not be ready to file with IRS until mid to end of Feb. per the IRS making last minute tax decisions.

Judy in MI, wow, what a party, 4000 Sq feet, glad I don’t clean your house...LOL

Annette I am with you and Eric on the fishing thing. Never even think about it in the winter, where I live they love Ice Fishing, not for me….. Needs to be warm/sunny out. Also I would never make a good vegetarian; I like my steak and seafood.....Hey I exercised Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Today to long of a day and evening to deal with it…Plus my body is killing me I could barely sit up this morning…lol

Bud I am calling you next time I get a flat. Hope you had a flashlight. Congrats on making your miles

Ann, I felt the same way getting up for work this morning, it was tough doing it…I also got all my Christmas stuff put away. Happy to here it has warmed up for you.

Stephanie I did read your New Year resolution and thought it was a great one. Hope your doing ok.

Bruce it is way to cold. Take a vacation somewhere warm :D

Good night all.

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