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Morning All! Down 3 degrees to 66 this morning compared to yesterday at this time. We're expecting a little cold front again but not the deep dips we had a week or so ago. Wonder what's happening in the Carribbean?

Aren't we just getting to be the most fun coffee clutch here on the Air. For the sake of language comparisons: Many people anglicize the spelling further to “coffee klatch” or “coffee clatch. ” Either one is less sophisticated than “coffee klatsch." So of course we are a coffee klatsch lol.

Was awake til after 1 am. Even got up this time. Thought I'd read a little more (The Helper) and have a snack in case I was hungry cause I just had soup for dinner. I'm doing taxes when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Not worrying about getting them done. I do believe that doing things in little bits at a time Libby. When I'm lying there not sleeping, I'm working thru problems and tasks I need to do. Silly me. I believe we work thru things in our dreams that we can't/don't attend to in our waking life. And this morning I woke up realizing how I can double-check some tax deposits. Yeahhhhh. Maybe sleep will come tonight.

Have a great day everyone. And a great big appreciation to the working Joes and Janes who fit us into their busy work schedules. We love you!

Judy in KW

P.S. Bruce it is very cold where you are. It would be good to stay inside and post pics of that baby llama. Darn, I've forgotten his/her name lol.

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Here in Minnesota we are experiencing Canada's generosity in sharing their cold with us.

It was - 4 degrees Farenheight when I got up this morning and has "warmed" up to -3.6 now!

We had some snow yesterday but I think I will wait at least a few hours to go out and clean it up off the stairs , and driveway.

The sun is shinning!

Donna G

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Good morning, friends. It's Tuesday morning and I can tell you that I'm thrilled that Monday has come and gone. It was a zoo yesterday in my office. I think a lot of people had put things on the back burner until they were back at work after the holidays and yesterday was the day to get all caught up. Usually, Tuesday means nothing more than one day closer to FRIDAY (my favorite day of the week) but this week, Tuesday means that I survived Monday!!!

Judy, we were about 10 degrees below you very early this morning. Can you believe we're supposed to reach a high of 75 today? This weather is crazy. Today, I have a short sleeved shirt on and am wearing sandals. Last week, it was the heaviest sweater I own and boots...lol!!! I definitely agree about problem solving in our sleep. Some mornings, I wake up completely exhausted and I think those are the nights I worked all night long....in my sleep.

I hope everyone has a great day today. I'm still thinking about some resolutions for 2011. Can you see that I procrastinate a lot??? But....I think that my main goal is to cut way down on the amount of stress in my life. I love volunteering and helping others but there has to be an avenue to do this that is less stressful. Some of these organizations have so much in-house bickering that it drives me nuts!!!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 37 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 59, as we get a Pacific front in this afternoon.

My tire adventures weren't over after I got to work yesterday, it turns out. The tire stayed up all day, but as soon as I started riding home, it got a slow leak again, and I had to stop three times and pump it up. I had missed a small sliver of glass in the tire, it turned out. I usually get to work about 15 to 20 minutes before starting time, Annette, so there's not much time to waste if I get a flat.

I had forgotten about the UK tyre spelling. I'd seen that before, shopping for tires at an online UK bike shop. It's hard to believe it, but I found tires there that were cheaper than anywhere else, in spite of the fact they had to be shipped from England.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Afternoon All,

Cloudy but dry to-day,5 degrees C,so its a bit warmer than yesterday.

Woke up at six am this morning,had a coffee a read at yesterdays newspaper,went back to bed,fell asleep until 9.30am,drat, the wheelie bin men have come and gone earlier than usual,I hadnt put mine out, which was full to bursting,they only come once a fortnight,so I put all the plastic bags into the boot (trunk?) and took them to the tip myself,should have put the bin out last night.

Well last day of my holiday break,these two weeks just whizzed by,took the decorations down,packed away into the garage for another year.Looking round the living room now it looks so bare and boring.Back to work to-morrow,this coming term looks to be a very eventful one for me,HHIe visit in March,national competition host in May,why Iam I still getting butterflies at the thought of all the preparation?If the rumours are true,that I am to be offered a deal to go early,I may well miss the lot?,dont think its very likely they will let me go until these events have passed?.

Retirement? I know Buds all for it,and Bruce changed his life to run the farm,my return to work after my treatments were completed was to rehabilitate my mind into stop obsessing about my new situation.Focussing on my work left no time to contemplate my navel and worry about cancer.Well I have come out the other side and no longer in a grip of anxiety at all now,thanks in part to all of you.Life without work? going to have to get my head round this prospect,gosh I have worked all my life,how does one find fullfillment in each passing day,my mind is always racing and boredom for me could be a real challenge.Wonder if any of you who have come through this major change in your lives,who possibly had the same feelings I am having, would share with me how they coped,any tips or pointers to be aware of.

Its almost 3.00pm now,coffee and biccy time,well no more Whyte and Mackays,all alcohol is off my list for 2011(well unless for special occassion-wedding etc)I am targetting to reduce my 15 stone frame at least back to my pre dx weight of 13 stones,with Bud to inspire me back to fitness,I have got to find something in the exercise line I can stick to,loved cycling as a young man,but really I am not rural enough where I live,traffic volumes are really heavy in all my local roads.Love swimming just like Stephanie,wee snag,its great when I am in the pool,its all changing and showering that gets to me,particularly in winter,although its indoors I am always cold uncomfortable coming out the pool until I am re-dressed,think I will leave this option until the spring?Gym,well theres a possiblity,there is the local council gym about 2 miles from my home,I did join over two years ago and still have a current membership card,think I managed max 10 visits since joining,Buds right isnt he?,minds willing but the body is weak,well just maybe this can be done if I take early retirement?

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,bye.

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Hey folks

Well it is a very nice -13C/8F which is almost unheard of in January. But we do have a high wind. The weather network stopped posting the windchill which is nice to know before venturing outside.

Patches is the baby Llama's name Judy. I know my daughter took pictures of her at Christmas so I'll see if I can get one posted. Well maybe I will email the picture to you and ask you to post it since I have no idea how to do it. LOL

Donna maybe that is why is is warmer than normal here because we shipped all the cold down your way. LOL

Ann I have noticed that alot of people begin their holidays from work before while still at work. I alway's worked harder to make sure everything was done and not hit me when I returned.

Bud let's hope that you have had your year's supply of tire problems at the beginning and the rest of the year is flat free.

Eric I think I just changed my priorities to get out from behind a desk and away from a very stressful job. Along with farm life I do consulting work and manage a company. So I work alot harder physically now with the farm life and longer days with my other work. The farm is what I have alway's wanted to do but I still needed a challenge which is why I have my other work. It gives me the flexibilty and money to play on the farm. LOL

Take care everyone.

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Good morning to all of you. I do love reading about everyone and their weather and adventures though sorry when things cause a problem like your flat Bud.

Judy and Ann the weather here in Louisiana is cloudy and cool today as compared to cold and clear yesterday. More rain on the way but not much has fallen while I have been here. Just hope I don't have to fight the rain getting myself and my luggage on the train tomorrow. I am sure looking forward to my California weather. The cold there doen's cut to the bone like it does here and the heat doesn't make you feel like you are weighted down. Main thing is that you don't see saw back and forth everyday. Lived here for 32 years and never could get used to the crazy and violent weather.

Eric you asked about retirement. My situation was different than most but beleive me I have not been bored one day. I tend to get bored easier when on vacation when most of the family are working because I just didn't bring any work or reading with me. Next year I hope to have a lap top. I love to write and I love researching things, especially my family tree or History.

From the time I was 15 I had someone to take care of. My mom got enjured when I was 15 and I cared for her when not in school. Often getting up at 4:30 to get things settled for her for the day and get my brother off to work before going to school. Then I was married and had a husband and eventualy 3 kids to care for. I nursed my husband through 2 back surgeries and also two of my kids through their back surgeries.. I went to work in retail to help with finances when ever money was short but basicly I was a homemaker and caregiver for the 41 years of my marriage.

After my divorce I left for California but before I settled into a job there Johnny and I got in touch and I went to live with him and care for him when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. After he died I was so lost that I wasn't sure what I would do. Turned out the one thing that called me back was what I had done all of my life, take care of people. After I got old enough I retired but moved into a Senior apartment where I do some of what I did while working. I look after people and do things for them. I have orders when I get home for 5 gingerbread houses made from the plastic canvas like I have made this past year. No time ever to be bored.

I am excited and hopeful about all of the news about cancer detection in the past few days and one Iheard about some new treatment for lung cancer. I keep praying that our prayers will make this the breakthrough that has been so long awaited. I jus t found out yesterday that the managers I worked for at Dillards several years ago died last year of lung cancer. So many I have known and lost to that monster!

Well I am running on far too long. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I travel to home. I will be in touch next week after Monday.

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I just realized that my post this morning is not here - I must have posted at the same time Donna G did - and I rushed off so I didn't check like I usually do - silly me.

I am like Ann - very glad Monday is over. Although there appears to be something wrong with the clocks since they are stuck in the morning and I feel like it's about time to go home. It looks dark and dreary out - chilly and snow looking although I didn't watch the weather forecasts.

I am happy that January is here - and the new shows are coming on - although my DVR will get a workout. I watched one of my favorite reality shows last night - yes - I am a Bachelor fan. He, Brad, may have been a bad boy in his first season - but that boy cleans up nice.

Eric - I think I tell myself everyday how good it would be to be retired. I have literally tons of books I have no time to read. I haven't met a book store that I didn't like. But I can see that as getting boring if that was all you did. I also enjoy putting puzzles together - they can be pretty cheap entertainment - I just have to make sure they are put away because of our cat. Based on everyone here and their remarks about your posts - I can't believe there isn't an outline for a book or two somewhere in your story telling mind. And how many stones are in a pound - which may lead you to money but stateside it is weight? I'm afraid everyone may be taking this exercise thing a little too seriously - and may really be wanting to ~~shudder~~ take off some "stones". I refuse to admit that I too may have put on a few pounds over the last year that should not be there.

I totally agree with Bruce and Eric about keeping the mind busy - I can tell you that was one of my worst issues - I would just wind up staring into space - not really thinking anything - just zoned out where things weren't so "there" to deal with. Everyone here helped - and the more I get to know everyone - the more I enjoy hearing the thoughts of the day. I feel as though I'm being a little wordy today - but I wanted to add have a save trip home Lilyjohn. And for Bruce - Patches - that is a cute name - that is what my grandson calls his brother Patrick - he's not a llama but he does spit. LOL...

Hope everyone smiles some time today!


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Holy cow! Take a day off and look at all I've missed! LOL! I didn't even realize I missed yesterday, we were so busy getting errands and running around done.

Eric, I worked from age 14 to 52. 30 of those years were in Sales, with a 18 state territory, and one giant sales quota, $30 milion. But I was good at it and successful. When my husband wanted to start his own business (hence no money for a while) I said go for it! I knew I wanted to retire young, and we made a deal that I would retire at age 50. So many in my family died young from cancer, and it became a goal of mine to retire young enough to enjoy it rather than work and then die young.

When 50 rolled around, I was not ready to retire. I quit a couple of sales jobs, but kept getting drawn back in. Finally at 52, I said no more! I wanted to retire and spend my time substantially, not earning another dollar. And then at age 53, I got lung cancer, so that changed everything anyway.

My goal when I retired was to give my time. I'd worked a long time, made a good living, and wanted to give my time now. I'd been a financial supporter of Gilda's Club, and because they are all about people living with cancer, decided that is where I'd start giving my time. And it was great. I'd go in once or twice a week, and do office work or answer the phones. That progressed to them asking me if I'd be willing to be a spokesperson for them. With my years in Sales, I was not afraid to speak in public, and I had a good story to tell with my family history and my history with the club.

Then when I got sick, I continued to volunteer there. And when I got better, they asked if I'd be willing to be a lung cancer mentor, and I jumped on the opportunity. It's been so rewarding. Heart breaking at times too, as a few of those I've mentored have since died. But the work is very worth it.

In the meantime, about 3 years ago one of the pastors of my church called and asked me to a meeting. I went and learned that administratively they were hurting in a bad way with no budget to hire a person. Administration happens to be a skill I'm good at, so I started doing that as well. In addition, I belong to a women's bible study group, and lead a bible study group too.

So as you can see, there is no time to sit around and look at the 4 walls. I'm on the go, and busy all the time, but love my life and love the fact that I'm so blessed to be able to do this. Trust me, I appreciate it more than you could ever know. Not many are allowed the priviledge to spend their time in this manner. Now we are not wealthy folks, but we get by with what we have, and do not have any debt. Over the years we socked away the money and investments, so that hopefully, we will be able to both retire with financial security.

So that's my retirement story!

I'll come back and post notes to everyone's great days today and yesterday!

MI Judy

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Weather: really cold. Not like Bruce, but the wind is howling, and the snow is flying. Nothing bad, just a couple of inches a day for the last 3 days. Supposed to be this way for another few days too. It's pretty.

The comments about ice fishing crack me up. If you have the proper equipment, you don't need to freeze on the ice. Hubs has a pop up tent, and he gets a lantern going inside and it warms up quite nicely. But the ice is so thick, the lamp can't have a chance at melting it. Bruce - 1 to 2 feet thick is thick! We will get there, but it takes a while. And yes, I'm betting your fish are a lot bigger than ours on our little lake. We have pulled a 30 pound pike out of there, but that's about the biggest.

Ann I agree with you about a lot of the volunteer organizations having in-house bickering. I tried several non-profits before I settled on Gilda's Club. So many of them had such high expectations, and very little appreciation for the work. Not that I want constant affirmations, but it's nice to get a thank you once in a while!

Bud, that tyre story just sounds like a royal pain! You must be very quick in dealing with that and not being late to work!

Eric, wheelie bin, and boot (trunk) - is this the trash guys? We put our trash out every Monday and they come and haul it away for us. We call that our trash bin, but not sure what you meant!

Bruce, I'd love to see a picture of Patches. Email it to me if you want, and I'll get it put up here!

Lily, travel safe! See you in a week or so!

Annette, LOL about your nephew Patrick, he's not a Llama, but he does spit! Funny!

Eric, I'm so sorry about your foiled attempts to help Sally. But I'm with the others, in that she has to want to do this. By hiding everything, she just gets highly motivated to find a way to get what she wants. She is an addict, and needs to have and needs to want to have treatment and help.

KW Judy and Eric, I enjoyed the reading of and not understanding of Eric's understanding of our American tax system. Funny. I don't understand it either. LOL

K, got to go! Have another meeting tonight, with about 100 other women that is going to be one big coffee klatsch!!!!

MI Judy

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After a rainy end of December we once again have gorgeous weather. The tradewinds are back, so that's cleared away all the volcano pollutants drifting up from the Big Island, and it was a pleasure driving down to Pearl City and back for my Navelbine treatment. Picked up a couple of taco supremes from Taco Bell on the return, which is becoming sort of a ritual. But I can tell it's going to be nap time very soon. So I'd better finish this before I bang my forehead on the keyboard. :P Aloha,


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Evening all,

just gone 10.30pm en route to bed,up at 6.00am to-morrow for work,just dropped by to read the mail,oh I cannot resist another wee post.

Judy KW,Thanks for the Klatsch word,never heard of this before,had to Google it,you are right it fits so well with us,hope your tummy upset has now gone.

Hi Bruce,you really have sorted out a really neat new life style,running a farm,consultancy work,managing a company?,what do you do with your spare time? LOL.

Hi Lilyjohn,you certainly havent had it easy,going through your life have you?must have been tough at times as a teenager,caring for your Mum,bringing up the kids nursing Jonnie through his illnesses,and yet you still are caring for others?you certainly have made me feel a bit more appreciative,of the life I have led,well done you,safe journey home.

Hi Annette,Remember your tables at primary school,16 ounches to one pound,14 pounds to one stone,8 stones to one hundredweight,20 cwts to one ton,oh the memories reciting these tables day in day out,not forgetting acres,pecks, quarts,chains, furlongs,yes the metric system a put paid to most of these measures.Always found Americans recording their weights in pounds strange,whenever I hear this I have to do a mental calculation in my head by dividing this by 14 to get some understanding how heavy that was,much prefer my 15 stones,it sounds so much lighter than 210lbs,oh my goodness thats a lot.

I share your passion for reading I always have a book on the go,started Keith Richards autobiography,really good so far,nearly all my reading is non-fiction,although I have tried to read every Robert Ludlum book I can get my hands on,cannot be many left to read now?

Judy MI,imagine starting to work at 14?,I had a paper round at that age,does that count?Well like Lilyjohn,you havent really retired either just substituted your career,into doing things you wanted to do,helping others,if you both were UK citizens,I would nominate you both for an MBE in the Queens annual honours list,its for ordinary citizens who given prolonged service to the nation,kinda beyond the call of duty.I think this is her best award,rather than the higher level awards to the captains of industry,and politicians.Mustnt forget wheelie bins,the best thing invented since sliced bread,we have three,brown for garden waste,gray for houshold waste and blue for recycling,the trash lorries (as you would call them)are especially designed to lift them and tip their contents,hygenic easy to use,they two little wheels at their base for ease of movement,in use all over the UK.Hows that for talking rubbish again?

Goodnight everyone,bye.

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Annette thanks for the laugh about the spitting. LOL They've never spit at me but when I had the 7 Llama's they were always spitting at each other. They have really good aim and go for the ear's. Now I just have Patches and her Mama so no spitting at all.

Ice fishing is great....no bugs. Also we can get to lakes that are only accessible by plane in the summer. Judy MI, the 3' - 4' thick ice is just on the lakes. The ice road itself is about 6'. A B-train full of fuel is quite heavy and when they pass you can feel the ice rolling. The world record for a Lake trout at 88 lbs was caught near here in Great Bear Lake. Not sure if it is still the record though. Nothing wrong with a 30lb Pike either.

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Oh my, this thread must be a record in length for the Air. What fun! I wish I could answer each and every one of you but am not sure I'm up to it lol.

Am getting up this week feeling better and actually getting a few productive hours work in. Started my exercise for the new year. Best of all yeahhhhh!!!!! I troubleshooted (or is it trouble shot lol) my way through a computer sticky-wick. Didn't turn off my computer last night. Forgot. It snoozed but before doing that, it turned off my internet adaptor or radio control. Ran the Windows trouble-shooter off and all thru the day as I had time, trying their methods again and again with no luck. Finally this evening I went online and asked questions on bing and google. Finally got to a couple of blogs that directed me to the solution--so simple I felt stupid. But hey, we aren't born knowing these things. Fortunately, in the meantime I was able to access the net at my desktop or use my mobile on the laptop. And I do love learning new computer skills.

Another grand thing--fixed the tax deposit boo-boo to the accountant's satisfaction. Another Yeahhhh!!!!

A word on retirement. I am never lacking for something to do, just something to do that I want to do. Eric I still haven't found that retirement activity that makes me feel fulfilled. I think Bruce has come closest to perfect in my view--a farm, a real farm not a virtual one like I have on FB, with live baby animals. Judy and Lily sound like they have found the perfect fit for them. Committing to volunteer work is difficult for me with all the scheduled and unscheduled traveling we do. If I did, it would probably be a guardian ad litem. Donna doesn't have to figure out what she's going to do on any given day, she knows she'll be shoveling snow. Stephanie is never at a loss for something to do--when all else fails, bake. Wish I lived near you! Ned may still be doing his publishing thing in the garage and napping lol. Now Bud and Ann and Annette and any other working Joe or Jane I missed, I may not leave the house to do it but my office work can sometimes be as aggravating as your jobs can sometimes be. Only difference, I can do it in my nightdress lol.

Lastly, Annette I hope we continue to be blessed by your visits. I swear nobody makes me laugh outloud as often as you do--I loved the spitting grandson.

Wow, I'm done. Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Wow, some great posts on the Air today!

My father died of a heart attack at 54, his father died of a heart attack at 48, so I always assumed I would have no old age, and never gave retirement a thought in my younger years. Now, I'm kind of figuring it out as I go. A go-round with lung cancer does seem to affect retirement thoughts, too.

I think we probably all have had stressful lifestyles. I have come to believe that stress has a lot to do with causing cancer, especially lung cancer, more than most people realize. So it figures that we would all mention stress in our lives.

A stressful lifestyle while you're earning enough to make you financially independent seems worthwhile, but I managed to have a stressful lifestyle while remaining poor. That seems unforgivable.......LOL.

The key to a good long retirement is getting enough physical stress to keep your body healthy, but cutting down mental stress enough to keep your body healthy. Of course, as has been mentioned, our minds need to stay active, too.

There are just so many things that I'd love to try with my time that keeping busy when I retire should never be a problem. But I do have some things that will limit me. One is a limited income. And I also don't much like to travel any more.

There's lots of computer things I'd like to do. And I might like putting in more time riding my bike, when I'm not wearing myself out working 45 hours a week in a machine shop.

Speaking of exercise, Eric, do you have any designated bike paths in your area? You could always get a rack for your car, and carry your bike somewhere to ride.

We had the same problem when we lived in Arlington, too much traffic. I worked out a route to ride myself away from the neighborhood, but Rose never was comfortable trying to ride those roads. She would drive five miles away to Joe Pool Lake, and ride there. One nice thing about Crowley is that we have great riding roads right from our house.

Of course, bike riding in the kind of weather you're having right now doesn't work too well. I do have friends that ride in the good weather, then change to the gym or spinning classes in the winter. With some people, an occasional change in routine helps them stay with their exercise plan better, anyway.

There's no way I would have had time to post this on my short morning break tomorrow, so I thought I'd make a second Air visit today. Have a good evening, all.

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