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breast cancer


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Is it possible to survive breast cancer with early detection? My mother is getting a biopsy on her breast(s) on Monday to see if she's got breast cancer and this is the first year they've detected anything on the mammogram. Anyway, if she does have breast cancer will she survive it?


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This is a lung cancer site, but you should be relieved that your Mom's breast cancer was detected early, if that is what it is. It isn't cancer until the biopsy results say so.

Statistically, she has very good odds of surviving it. In 2006, the overall survival rate for breast cancer in the United States, 5 years from detection, was over 90%. While every patient is an individual, with good care and a little luck, you should have her around for a long time.

Give her good support and take care of yourself too.

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yes if caught early enough possible surgery and can be finished depending on mitigating factors!! my little sister caught hers eaely had surgery and is cancer free thank god for early detection of which there is none for lung cancer!!!

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