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Morning All! Those capital letters are for all our working pals. It's for me too today because I get to go start trying to get a BAD HAIRCUT fixed. Nothing worse thru the holidays but some layers are so short, I had to wait for what seemed like forever to give someone a chance to even begin a repair.

What a difference a few degrees makes. 64 this morning and I was really chilly. Ann, I expect you have your jacket on going to work.

After all this scintilating chatter lately, I don't have much to say. Maybe something exciting will happen when I go in to town but doubt it lol. See you all later. Have a good day.

Judy in KW

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Well it may be cold here in Richmond - but oh my - I got the absolute worst news I could possibly get this time of year - - - I have to go to St. Paul Minnesota for the January corporate meeting. I do not have clothes to wear for that. I told the guy making my reservations I wasn't even capable of walking the two blocks from the hotel to the office because the cold air hurts to breathe - I will need a ride, cab or a car. I have to fly up on the 16th and then back the morning of the 19th. Sigh, work, sigh.

Unlike some I am too young and broke to be contemplating retirement - I have been 29 for 21 years now.

We may get some snow flurries today - and another chance on Tuesday. I wonder if the airport could get snowed in on the 16th - just that side of the City - and we could have 70 degrees on this side. Humm, weather has been so strange - I don't think that is too much to ask for. Now if everyone clacks their heels together and makes this wish. Wait don't do that what's the temperature in Kansas.

I guess I better get myself busy - much work to finish now.

This will also be my first flight since diagnosis, stop smoking, surgery, surgery. I really do have no problem with flying, everything is ok except for the take-off, flying and landing. (Well I don't know I'm not much of a walker so I lose my breathe walking - and it is a long way from the plane to where the taxi's line up in St. Paul.) Sigh.

Hope everyone is ready to start a great weekend!!


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Good morning. We are having a warm up today it is 10 degrees, hip, hip hooray! They even threw a little sun in the forecast. WOW. Oh maybe that is why it hit 10 degrees. Maybe I can do some sunbathing this afternoon!

Now Annette you really got me laughing (ROFL). Do you at least enjoy the cocktails on the plane flight? I am horrible flyer also and need pills and a drink to get through it. I fly, but I don’t like it. Click, click click, I will pray for some reason for you not to have to go. I relate to walking in the cold weather makes my lungs not happy, make me crabby too. I figure unless Eric gets over to the U.S. soon and fixes everything I have another 20 years left to work. Oh that sounds bad!!! Annette I love your NY resolutions, that is good at least you won't break any promises to yourself, like I probably will...LOL I will do a couple of sit ups for you. :D

Judy in KW, missed everyone yesterday but glad you enjoyed your show. It would be fun to plan a future trip for everyone to meet and see a play together, as long as it is warm. I know for sure I will be in Florida this summer... I know everyone will think I am backwards for going in the summer, but I don't mind I lived there for at least 10 years and would much rather that then being cold. I am going to the gym at 4 pm today yeah. So far so good. I really do feel better after. I though about cycling like Bud does in the summer, but I would for sure fall off and break a leg, my balance is horrible.

Hi Judy MI, Ann, Bruce and Eric. Gosh I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Well got to get going working a couple of hours then I am off yeah TGIF. My typing is horrible, maybe I should shorten my 1" inch fingernails. LOL

Have a great day.

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 40 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 68. Yes, Annette, I rode to work every day this week. I've been wanting to drive a day, to bring in a new tool box I bought last week, but with next week's dire forecasts, figured I'd better ride while I can.

I often buy a dozen minnows when I go crappie fishing. I use jigs more, but on a tough day, minnows are hard to beat. I don't buy more than a dozen if I'm alone, and pretty much always use them all.

But last Sunday at Benbrook was a slow day, plus they gave me a lot more than the dozen minnows I paid for, and when I was done fishing, I still had 13 minnows left.

My garage is pretty cool this time of year, and I figured I'd be going fishing again this Saturday, so I filled up my boat's livewell, dumped the minnows in it, and took them home.

After I got home, I got to thinking that it was probably bad karma, bringing minnows home and assuming I'd be able to use them the next weekend, that it would probably bring a blizzard. But they were all still alive this morning, and tomorrow's forecast looks bearable, so I think I'll take my domesticated minnows and go fishing.

It's a little over six hours until my weekend begins. Have a great day, all!

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Annette, I so feel for you! Years ago I enjoyed flying then not so much so with long long distances between gates. With close connections, sometimes running distances. How would you feel about a wheel chair. I know, that's what people keep telling me. I feel like I look to healthy and how far from the gate will they take you. Good luck. Hope it works cause I'm thinking someday we all have to fly somewhere and meet.

Libby, FL is a big state. Where are you in the summer? Unfortunately, since semi-retirement Stan's been successful in keeping me out of So. FL most of the summer. I didn't mind it so much. Keep up the work at the gym. Tomorrow I will complete my first 3-day a week goal. Awesome, huh.

Bud, the fact that they three in extra minnows is either a testament to what a good customer you are or how few other fishermen are braving the cold lol. Good for you though. You deserve a good catch tomorrow. Impressed those minnows stayed alive.

Judy in KW

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Katie, what a great job. When I was your age I would have loved a job that let me fly to DC (or most anywhere interesting) every month or so. I do think Washington is a beautiful city. We just took my grandson there a few years ago.

Love my new hairstylist. Slender, pretty lady with what seems like more than a half a brain. She seemed to get what I wanted. It will take awhile because some of my layers are so short but she made a good beginning getting rid of the mullet I looked like I had and reshaping. Also ran errands, got a con leche and had a little visit with my accountant and my friend who works for her. Love those two ladies. We can have fun in a very few minutes and talk business too lol.

Judy in KW

P.S. Anybody old enough to remember "Handy Man?" It's in my ear right now. And driving home I was jamming to the Rolling Stones "Get Off Of My Cloud." Love my ipod.

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I used to love to fly, but got tired of it when my last job had me doing quite a bit of it. I haven't flown since I changed jobs 8 years ago.

KW Judy, I haven't listened to any music today, but I've had the song, Baker Street, stuck in my head ever since I read yesterday that Gerry Rafferty died.

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Wow, I could not get on the site today! It kept asking me to log in and when I did, said I tried too many times, and made me type in a code, and still would not let me in! I did not have a lot of time to try so I gave up until now, at 12:25AM.

I'm so pooped. Had the 80 people over. Thankfully the ministry team did the cooking and cleaning, but still was a lot of work to clean, and prepare, and make sure there was bowls of ice, pop, coffee, etc. My stupid dog ate half a large platter of brownies. That was not popular. But overall it was a grand party. Last person left a half hour ago, and I poured myself a glass of wine and am unwinding after a whirlwind kind of day. Because it was a church ministry gathering, no alcohol was served. And that was fine. It was a lot of fun.

Annette, your news about traveling to Minnesota just plain stinks! I hate flying. The distance between gates, the weighing of the luggage, and scans, and all of the other crap just makes it an exhausting ordeal. I have been snowed in hundreds of times in my career, and it never gets better. Hope you get easy travels. We have a lot of snow right now. And a lot more to come. Guess where it comes from? Minnesota, and over the big Lake to hammer us! We are under a Winder Snow Warning right now.

Ok, so I'm really tired. So I just wanted to say HI to everyone. Tomorrow is one of those days with nothing on the calendar, and I plan on sleeping in very late. A nooner would be awesome!

MI Judy

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