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Sunday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 38 degrees and pouring rain here. It's only supposed to get colder as the day goes, and the snow is only a few miles north of here. We're expecting snow on the ground by this evening. Then, in case the streets clear, there's supposed to be freezing drizzle during the night.

It sounds like a good day for the great indoors. I think I'm going to pour some jigs, then settle in front of the tv.

Have a great day, all!

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It is -13 degrees F this morning here in Minnesota. The good news is they predict SUN TODAY.

No more snow until tomorrow. This afternoon it is suppose to be +12 degrees F so I think I will take my dogs to the Dog Park and let them play.

Donna G

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Donna that is chilly and a big temperature swing. It is -18C/0F here this morning with clear skies.

Bud it certainly doesn't sound like it will be a fun day for driving. Pouring jig's is a good alternative.

Time to get breakfast before it get's daylight. Wonder how Judy MI is doing with the Christmas decorations and Judy KW is doing with the taxes. Think I prefer to be outside in the cold. LOL Take care everyone.

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Good day everyone.

It is a whopping 0 (zero) degrees as I type. Not too warm not too cold. I am with Bud today sounds for sure like an indoor day. Time to do some cleaning, maybe I will catch some dust bunnies running around.

Donna G. your dogs will love you for that. My two dogs need a good run. I think they would settle down a bit if they did. They go out in the yard, but it is so cold they don't even stay out there for long. What kind of dogs do you have. I have a black lab and a cockerspaniel (troublemaker).lol

Judy KW I bailed out on the exercise yesterday but am leaving shortly for the gym. I went 3 times this week. I am disappointed with myself for not going yesterday, but I will get over it. Not as sore anymore, thank god. When we go to Florida it will be the 3rd or 4th week of June. We go to Sarasota area (1 hour south of Tampa) that is on the west coast (gulf side) right on the water. If you are in Key West it is 6 hours north of you.

Bruce you Llamas were beautiful and so was the picture sure is pretty there in the winter.

Eric should start his own talk show and be the host.

Judy MI, hope you getting all you Christmas stuff in order. I sure hope you got some well needed rest today. Sounds like you are overloaded. Well look at the first paragraph 0 (zero) degrees, if you get our weather it is suppose to be well below zero for a couple of days. Now really, why do we live here?

Have a great day!


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OMG, am I not supposed to post today. Got a few para down and got kicked off altogether--off the net.

I was bummed when I lost my whole long post this morning and now this. One more time and I'm done lol.

Bud thanks for opening. Wanted to tell you I am an avid fan of your fishing posts. Am working on the man to get a little skiff with a small electric motor. We could go up and down the canals and cruise the coastline in two directions. We used to do that with our small boat with outboard. We can sight-see or do some bottom fishing.

Donna, please don't tell me +12 degrees is dog park weather. Oh honey!

Stephanie, you alway make my mouth water. Haven't had a latte in awhile and home backed bread, oh my. That caramel candy doesn't sound bad either lol.

Judy, you know my vote is not taking down Christmas today. You have other things to do. There is plenty of time yet to take down Christmas lol.

Well Bruce, I'm not working on taxes, I'm doing my Air post again thanks to you pushing submit and beating me out lol. Really, don't think I'll get much done today. My brain keeps saying, but it's Sunday and Sunday is a day of rest.

Libby, I didn't exercise yesterday either but I did today. Let me tell you how it works for me--the first day I did it was a Tues, then Thurs so it's still 3 in one week cause it's Sunday not Tues again yet. Follow me lol. I'm picturing you chasing dust bunnies around you house as a warm-up.

Last but not least ERIC, WHERE ARE YOU? Come on, don't make us wait for the movie.

Judy in KW

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I am having a lazy day inside just playing games - FB Addict! My mom, who lives across the hall from me, called and woke me up at 10 this morning wanting something on one of the games she plays - Frontierville - so I got up to plant tomatoes for her. Yep - I'm crazy and she is retired so she is driving me crazy - I think that's how it works (don't ask her though she may say it started the other way 29 years ago + 21 years of practice). (It's Sunday - so all that means is I'm 50 but say I'm 29 - don't want anyone to overload on "what on earth is that girl talking about now".

Sigh - back to work tomorrow - and they are forecasting snow Monday night into Tuesday and if it doesn't stick it will turn into an icy mess.

Donna - what's the weather looking like Sunday evening thru early Wednesday morning up there at the North Pole - I mean in Minnesota? I have to go to St. Paul on Sunday - for work - sigh. I told them even though the office is 7 blocks from the hotel I will have to take a cab - I can't even breathe here in Virginia in this cold weather without pain - I darn sure won't be able to breathe up there. I will also be thankful for room service. Can you say steak please (but please make it well done - don't want to offend those who think red meat is bad for you.

Hope everyone is staying warm - not working too hard


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Good Evening Everyone,

Its good to be back,phew! this weekend has been a whirlwind,following a quick post in on Sat morning,Irene phoned,do I want to come sledging with the family?well perfect day for it,plently of snow and bright sunshine,who could resist,blooming cold though,so would you believe I put the thermal underwear on,had a great day,imagine a man of sixty one sharing a sledge with Max aged four?will I ever grow up?,certainly hope not.

Irenes neighbour came round with a dvd of a live concert of a new kid on the block (23 year old)a Glaswegian in the mould of Billy Connelly,I had never heard of him,and sorry to say at this moment in time I have forgotten his name,but the dvd shows him playing to a packed SECC,which holds quite a few thousand,isnt amazing how quickly you fall behind in youth culture.Well I drove home and brought back my new Billy Connelly dvd over with a wee carry out of a box of Peroni (Italian Lager)

we ordered an Indian carry out,prior to the shows and had a great evenings entertainment.

Re-the passing of Gerry Rafferty,really liked the guy,not quite perfect in not being a full Glaswegian,but from Paisley just outside,did you know he was one of the Humblebums,with Billy Connelly,one of my favourite songs of his (apart from Baker Street),was "Stuck in the Middle with You" when he was with Steelers Wheel,if I remember correctly?

Gosh you talk about strange words and phrases from me? what about Buds "Pouring some Jigs"Stephanies "Frans sea salt caramels"now theres a real contradiction in words? all right hands up who mentioned "Dust Bunnies"? give me a break here,least I only introduce new ones,one at a time,like tattie-bogle for instance,which I am sure everyone here already knows.

Hi Libby,what are you trying to do? make us all feel guilty? "oh,I went to the gym three times last week"keep that up and you will give Bud a run for his money,isnt it amazing how after a short course of exercise the aches and pains start to ease?and how good my memory is?.

Judy MI,I will look up your provided link to hubby's grillguys,sounds like fun and informative,you know I bought all the barbie gear two years ago,and have only used it once,must do better this summer.Best wishes to the guy off to Kenya,I support guys in India and Malawi,wish there were more of them.Am I too late to come to the dinner party?thought if you had 80 there one more wouldnt break the camels back.

Bruce,sorry Mossy/Mausy are not familiar to me,although we sometimes call the highland midgie,mossies.I just loved the LIamas pics,they are so cute,can I take one home with me?.

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Hi there!

Was one degree this morning with bright sunshine. So beautiful to see the ice crystalize on the tree limbs, and everything was all sparkly. Just beautiful. Eventually it warmed up to a toasty 25 so that was nice. Libby, I look forward to what you send next. By the time Donna gets it, I am usually in the same condition as her.

Well, didn't get the Christmas undecorating done. Woke up, went to church, and found out I had a lunch meeting to go to. Went there, and just got home. Hubs left for business in the Detroit area. He's having dinner with his partner tonight to strategize for tomorrow's early meeting. And he had to get the tubs out for me.

What I do is put all the things from the year into the tubs while all the Christmas stuff is up. The tubs are heavy when he puts them away for the Christmas season. So he was gone by the time I got home, so no undecorating. When he gets home tomorrow, I'll have him get them out so I can pick at it all week long. By Valentines day, it should all be done! LOL! Thank the heavens I don't decorate for Valentines day!!!!!

So it's 4:20PM, and I"m going to check out the posts here, and read the newspaper that my puppy shredded in a thousand pieces. Do you realize how long it takes to read it when it's that way. But it does eventually get all picked up. LOL

Eric I hope you never grow up. I think it's delightful that you got the long johns on and sledded with your wee one. That is awesome!

As for "Stuck in the Middle with You", I think that was Steely Dan, not Steelers Wheel, but I think I like your name better. *wink* I must agree with you about Bud's pouring jigs. Sounds like a strange drink to me! And yeah the dinner party is long over Eric. I"m sure you would have been a welcome addition!

Annette, if you scroll up, I believe Donna said it was -13 as in negative 13 degrees where you are going. Button up girl! I would not walk 7 blocks in the frigid weather either and I'm used to it. That is way too far to walk. Cab it. And you won't offend me about the steak, medium rare is the only way to eat a good steak. Add some horseradish sauce, and mushrooms and I'm in heaven.

KW Judy, I'm with you, Sunday is a day of rest, and that is what I'm doing the rest of the way. Well, that and trying to read 1000 pieces of shredded newspaper. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Eric,, the dust bunnies are those pesky little dusty critters that seem to just appear under areas that don't get dusted much, such as under the bed! And you try to sweep them and they just run around laughing at you.

Libby, I agree about the cold. Usually my two dogs chase each other around all day long, but in this weather, they go out to do their business and back in they want. Then they are so naughty and bored, hence the 1000 piece newspaper.

Did I tell you my newspaper was shredded into a 1000 pieces????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Bud, I truly don't know what pouring jigs are, but if it's alcohol, does it make you want to do the jig????

Love you all!

MI Judy

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A tattie-bogle (whiles cried a tattie-boodie or craw-bogle) is a device, tradeetionally a human figure dressed in auld claes, or mannequin, that is uised tae discourage birds sic as craws frae disturbin craps.[1] No anerly dae craws eat the recently cast seed, but they gaither nichtly an aw, stairtin wi groups o a hauf dizzen that then jyn thegither tae form a group o 20 tae 30 an so on till the flock is raither lairge an noisy. It is thair prattick tae return tae the ae place ilka nicht.


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