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Monday's Air


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Morning All! All working people's least favorite day of the week. I was up at 6:45 this morning. OMG, the tea doesn't start perking til seven. Had to start it manually. Stan has it ready when he's here lol. Guess I'm anticipating a productive day in the office. Got it straightened and set for it last night. Checked my email, went on my farm and harvested my crops and came here this morning. Am doing my very organized and disciplined bit.

Hope you all stop in so I have some distraction on my breaks. Libby, I don't know if I'll do M/W/F or T/T/S this week but I will do three.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Back already! I went back to recheck my email and saw two notices of posts in two different threads. I've been missing some now and then and thought the "view new posts" failed me now and then. Well, I missed Annette, Eric and Judy's Sunday posts.

Can you say steak please (but please make it well done - don't want to offend those who think red meat is bad for you.

Love it Annette. Wish I could do that trip for you or relieve your stress about it. Cabbing it with layers of clothes should make it bearable. Don't forget gloves.

Eric, I was a youngster (in my fifties) when Dominick was born. He lived very near us. I enjoyed a second childhood like I probably didn't my first. A friend of my daughter's at her workplace saw a pic she had posted. It was Dominick and I each in a cardboard box playing choo choo train. Wendy's doctor friend said, "Dominick doesn't think your mother is his grandmother. He thinks she's his playmate." I think it was a funny about my size but I loved it. Play with them like a child as long as you can and they will let you lol.

Judy, I'm so glad you didn't take Christmas down. Just to throw one at Eric, I don't want to be the Lone Ranger. Now where did that dumb phrase come from? The Lone Ranger was never alone. He always had Tonto with him. Oh and I loved the scarecrows!

Off again to read my paper which is not thankfully in 1000 pieces.

Judy in KW

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Somewhat slow morning here compared to recent Airs. I am pretty busy at work so that may be the case for others as well. We are expecting "weather" this evening - and not one of the weathermen are saying the same thing so when it happens I'll decide what to do. Well I am thinking "stay inside and warm silly" - that will do. So we are near freezing today - and depending on which way that goes we will either get snow or rain/sleet.

I'm reading some pretty boring papers at work today - and since I stayed up pretty late watching DVD's I'm paying the price today. Need toothpicks to hold my eyes open.

I think Texas is in for some weather too - I saw some snow on a friends ranch - so I'm thinking the exercise team (Judy and Libby) need to really try and stick to their schedule - we wouldn't want anyone to get out of shape. Even I am trying - I have to walk to the front of the office to scan papers and the machine is so good and trustworthy you have to do it 2 pages at a time - so back and forth I walk. For me that is very much exercise and it is why I am rambling on here - can't sit at my desk and type to all the important folks here if I am walking around scanning 2 pieces of paper now can I. Priorities - very important. Lungevity #1, FaceBook - well honestly tied for #1, weekends, many other things too long to mention, then work.

Sigh - - better get back to it. (Did you ride or drive today Bud? Hope to read everyone soon,


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 29 degrees when I got up this morning. The roads at home were clear, but there was scattered freezing drizzle in the area, so I drove to work. Forecast high is 34 degrees, but the freezing precipitation is supposed to end this morning. It snowed hard for a while at home yesterday, but nothing stayed on the ground. In the northeast part of the DFW metroplex, though, they got 5 inches of snow.

Yes, it was indeed Gerry Rafferty and Stealers Wheel who sang Stuck in the Middle with You, another great song of his. Eric, I make and sell crappie jigs, so when I say pouring jigs, I'm talking about melting the bismuth alloy and pouring it into a mold to make the jigs.

Here's the scarecrows. Have a great day, all!


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Good morning all!

It was 1 as in one degree this morning. Brrrrr! No snow though and the sun is shining again! I will tell you that sunshine in Michigan in the winter is not normal, so we celebrate every time we get sun!

Bud, thanks for clearing that up about Steelers Wheel. Never heard of them before. But did know the song for some reason. LOL! Thanks for posting the pics. I could not figure it out, and I'm usually pretty good with stuff like that.

Annette, keep up the good exercise with the scanner! Where I work the printer is downstairs, so I climb stairs at least 100 times a day. That is the extend of my exercise, but it's good exercise!

KW Judy, you sound so organized today! Exercising, up earlier than the tea, and reading an unshredded newspaper! Good for you!

Judy I was up and at 'em early this morning too, and could use a nap right about now.

Going to Gilda's tonight for the lung cancer mentor program going on every Monday night this month. I love doing that but will be glad when this program on Mondays is over!

With that....hope you all have a good day. I'll be back in later.

Let's come up with another American phrase that throws Eric for a loop! K?

MI Judy

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Hey folks

Another overcast sky here today but the temperature is only -18C so that's OK. About 30 miles down the road it is -27C so not sure why the big difference. Judy MI we have lot's of sunlight here in the north. It is the opposite of you with very seldom is it not sunny. Really makes a difference in the winter. They say that clear skies makes it colder but the same temperature just feels warmer when that sun is shining.

Judy KW good to see you up and at em. Keep that up and Stan will have you making the tea when he returns. LOL

Judy MI, being from Newfoundland, we have many saying's that even the rest of Canada are not familiar with.

A couple are :

How's she going ?

Stay where you're to till I comes where you're at.

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Stay where you're to till I comes where you're at./quote]

LOL is so overused so I need to say I really laughed outloud. Really, I heard myself. Now Bruce, we need to see what Eric does with that.

Judy, happy the sun is shining for you. It usually does here but I hate the occasional gray day. Oh yes, got a little hung up with Quicken function but did o.k. It's 2 pm and I'm done. More another day.

Judy in KW

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Hi Everyone,

Well thats another Monday bit the dust,totally miserable to-day weather wise,rained the whole day,washed all the snow away,thank goodness I was at work and missed it all. Hi Judy,thanks for the lone ranger observation,never thought about it,youre right.You have probably heard the old joke about the lone ranger and tonto riding out in the plains when they run into hundreds of hostile indians,the lone ranger looks at tonto and says "looks like we've run into some serious trouble here tonto" tonto replies " what do you mean "WE" paleface".In the same vain,two guys walking across the African Plain,spot a large lion charging towards them at high speed,one says to the other,well thank goodness I am wearing my Nike Trainers,the other guy says,well what difference will that make,we will never outrun a lion,first guy,I dont have to,I only have to outrun you.

Hi Bud,thanks for the explaination,got the mould bit OK-is a jig a "Lure?".Dont know if you read my Sunday Post(Oh remind me later I have a funny story to tell you about the Sunday Post)anyway,Irenes neighbour brought a DVD to her house on Saturday night,he is "just you over the back"heard that one before? two peas in a pod?-well Brian fishes every weekend and he was very interested in hearing about you,would you believe he knew everything about crappies,I told him about your fishing gear website,could you give me the "address" to pass on to Brian?.

Hi Judy,sorry but bird in the hand and cutting the mustard are in common use here also.What about one of my favourite sayings "We're aw Jock Tamsons Bairns".OK here is your homework for to-morrow, explainations please for Bubbly Jock,Dreich and Drookit,there, that should keep you out of mischief for a wee while.

Hi Bruce,yeah I can make out what you are saying,what do you mean I speak a bit funny now heres me thinking I speak perfect English without the trace of an accent?

How about some more Scottish ones that make me laugh.

A Train or Bus conductor,trying to get a troublesome passenger ejected from the vehicle "Come oan,get aff"get it ?.

What about Bill Shankly the former manager of Liverpool Football Club(a Glaswegian) quote

"Theres some people who think soccer is a matter of life and death,but its much more serious than that". or on soccer players he said "He sets himself such low standards,which he fails to live up to". Lastly "He is a legend in his own mind".

Goodnight everyone,see you to-morrow.

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