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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! 70 degrees this morning. Only up 2 but it seems to be the magic number. Didn't turn my heater on. It was already very comfortable when I went to bed so didn't turn my BR heater on.

The weather is cooperating with me since I'll be in town today. Not fun stuff: labs and EKG at PCP's office, then Onc visit and port flush at the Cancer Center. I was supposed to get the flush yesterday but someone emailed me Fri saying I had to see the onc first. Really bugs me that I can't get a port flush with orders from my onc in Orlando. The Center is what I have and it tees me the way they suck up Medicare dollars.

Would like to do something fun while I'm in town but after all that and a very necessary stop for groceries, I think that will be it. Maybe Thur when I have my visit with my PCP. I have a neighbor who opened a new gallery in town I've been wanting to visit. She was very nice and stopped by last week to say she knew Stan was gone. She was on her way to town and wanted to know if I needed anything. Both she and her husband offered help if I need anything. Nice.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy. I am finally home! Two months is far too long to be away from home no matter how much you are enjoying yourself or how much you love your family.

I slept in my own bed last night and I do have to say that I am enjoying the best cup of coffee I have had in over 2 months. I know just the right amount of coffee and water for my pot.

I always have such an experience when riding the train, especially once I am back in California. I will try to write some of the thoughts I have later. When you add my love of Nature and History and imagination my thoughts crossing this wonderful country of ours (despite all of the problems we seem to face it is still the best) can make some pretty vivid pictures in my mind. I hope next year to have a lap top or net book so I can write my thoughts and experiences when the happen.

Today will be busy. I will go down and have coffee with my neighbors and friends then fitness class for the first time. No matter how much I swear to be good I always gain 10 pounds when I go to Louisiana and this year is certainly no exception!!

If anyone has any news from our friends in Australia please let me know. I am very worried about them with all of the flooding that is going on.

Have a great day all of you and I will be back here soon. Like Randy I am going to delete all of the games on Facebook. I joined to socialize and I get so tied up in those games that I have no time to do that. I also have a lot to do now that I am home. Take care everyone,

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Morning All - - it is "snleeting" here, below freezing but not by much. It is snowing in parts of the area and sleeting in others - it will be an absolutely wonderful rush hour this afternoon - I am so looking forward to it. I just realized I only have a short time to write since I have a conference call in 15 minutes that I have to jump on.

Judy - busy day and I totally understand about the wackyness of doctors. I have had one very honest one in this, my surgeon - and he said well I'm done with you - no sense in you seeing me and the oncologist. I was supposed to go back and see the pulmonologist and get all those breathing tests - but why bother - I know I am not at my best - exercise would help and everyone here knows how hard I am supporting Bud, Judy and Libby in their exercise efforts - I should get some credit for that. I am trying to walk around the office a little more - have more trouble with my lower back that that's worth though. So I am just gonna minimize the number of doctors I see. If it's not broken I am not gonna fix it.

Lilyjohn - I didn't even think about not seeing Randy on the games for a while - I read his posts on FB so I knew he was around. I'm sorry you are giving up all the games but I certainly understand - they keep me busy like crazy. Now my mom is playing them and I am helping her with this and that so I'm stuck with all of them again. Once she decides which are her favorites I'll drop down to one or two that I really like or I'll play one for a bit then another. I just enjoy them - they relax me. I'm glad you are home and had a safe and enjoyable holiday.

I hope everyone is having a productive Tuesday,


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 23 degrees with a 20 mph north wind when I got up this morning. I decided that was a bit much for bike riding and drove to work. Forecast high is 38. My riding mileage this week isn't going to be good.

There are many Texan expressions that people find funny, even in other parts of this country. One is that we're never about to do something, we're fixing to do it.

Eric, my crappie jigs are at: http://www.spinnerbaker.com/ . Have a great day, all!

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Wow, I got in. Have been having a lot of trouble lately.

Welcome home Lily, I know what you mean about your own bed and your own coffee pot. We are really creatures of habit.

Bitter cold here in the Philadelphia area with a bunch of snow forecasted starting at 2 this afternoon. Like you Annette, I am already dreading the ride home. I only work 10 miles from home but on any given day it can take me an hour to get home. PAdot has just spent a bzillion dollars to put in a new parkway and it added 15 minutes to my commute. Our stimulus $$$ at work.

BTW, Annette, you crack me up. I am going to send this and come back and edit, since I lost the last 2 I tried to post.

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I can't fix things if the internet goes away - - but if you highlight everything (or hit {CTRL + A} then hit {CTRL + C} before you submit and your post goes away - it should be retrievable by starting a new reply and in this box hitting {CTRL + V}

I was on a conference call to St. Paul this morning. They were happy to tell me it is expected to get to a high of 6 degrees on Sunday and about the same Monday and Tuesday. If the plane isn't one big icecube (which scares me the most) on Wednesday when I get here I will think we landed in the tropics at about freezing. Where is that global warming - I would like to use some of it now please.


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Just a brief little visit to say good afternoon to everyone. I've been swamped at work and didn't have a chance to pop in and say "HI" yesterday.

Wow...what a winter storm most of the country seems to be having. It's a nice day here today but tomorrow and the rest of the week are supposed to be bitter for us Floridians. YES....I know that most of you would take the weather that we're having and be thrilled but you have to remember that old "thin blood" thing and know that it's true!!!

I'm catching all of the accounting up at work and getting ready do work on company taxes. I hate this time of the year, as I'm always swamped. I should have been on this last week but boss and his new bride just got back from their honeymoon in Costa Rica and I had to wear a lot of hats while he was away. I didn't even have time today to grab lunch, so I found a can of Spaghetti-O's in the office kitchen and that was my lunch. Ugggg. to think how my boys used to love them!!!

Don't have time to mention everyone, so please know that it's great hearing from all of you!!! Oh...I do have to give a big "WELCOME BACK" shout out to Lillian!!!


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Good evening all, like they say "better late then never"

Busy Monday and busy Tuesday, got a couple of inches of snow today, I don’t even care how much, just tired or it already.

Judy KW I did the gym today after work, so I start with Tuesday. That whole port flushing deal is just plain wrong. When I had my port I could go in anytime and get it flushed. Eric needs to get here and fix this medical system. :lol:

Annette I hope you’re not too tired today from all the walking trips to the scanner yesterday, you crack me up :lol: I sure feel better exercising, but------it is a chore sometimes. Make sure you wear a scarf so you can cover your face when breathing it will help a lot when you are away.

Bud when I started reading your post I thought you were going to say you rode your bike to work, then I for sure would know you had to be nuts! Glad to hear you drove. You know those jigs really do sound like drinks or shots at the tavern.

Lilyjohn two months is to long for anyone to be away from home. Welcome home!

Ann I do hope you catch up at work. I am also swamped and I feel like I will never catch up.

Good night all.


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Hi all,

in on the back end again. Yesterday ended horribly. How many love politics? Well I got caught up in some at one of my volunteer jobs and was asked to go away for 3 months. Not even going to get into the who and why. It's stupid, and I'm sad and ticked at the same time. Whatever. I'll deal with it.

Today again was 3 in the early morning, but then it got up to the bad 25's and that is when lake effect hits. I had a meeting at 3:30 and when I left, what should have been a 20 minute drive took me 40 minutes. Have been in worse, but that was not fun.

Hubs is at a college basketball game in Lansing. I always worry when they go to a night game when the roads are slick. Hoping he gets home soon and safely.

After demanding the CT scan, it's scheduled for Feb. 1. Need to call them and reschedule! I have a 8:30 AM meetng that day, and the CT is scheduled for 8:45. Will do that tomorrow. Will see the Onc on Feb. 8.

Ann, Spaghetti-O's!!!! Bad memories. But when I was a kid I loved them. Can't imagine eating that now.

Lily, weclcome home. Worried about our friends and the people of Austrailia too. What a tragedy.

K, I'm very tired tonight. So going to sign off. Sorry ERic, I didn't take you up on your challenge from last night. Just too tired to do that tonight. Maybe tomorrow?

MI Judy

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I clicked the new posts and 3 pages came up since my last log in so I am not even going to try to read or respond to them all. Just want you all to know your in my thoughts and prayers. We have a shi-pot full of snow here in Nebraska and the low tonight is supposed to be 15 below and thats not counting the windchill. Went outside for awhile today when I started hearing a funny noise. Finally realized it was my nuts chattering. Went back into the house and stayed the rest of the day.

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33 degrees and a couple of inches of wet white stuff out there tonight. I stayed inside today, happily.

Yesterday's chemo took 4 hours - infusion was about 2 hours, plus a little. Lots of chatting with nurses. I took dex and anti nausea pills prior to the infusion, and one anti n this morning, but no dex day before or today and so far, no nausea or rash. Let's keep it that way.

I'll turn out the lights.

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