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How do you handle setbacks?


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When a treatment no longer works or there is cancer progression or less than a complete response---

What do you do to prepare yourself for the next leg of the cancer journey after a set back?

Is there somewhere you go- physically or emotionally? Is it the support of family and friends- cocooning yourself and regaining your strength- or prayers and a hopefilled attitude?

What can a loved one do to help you thru a setback?

How can someone who's had a setback, put one foot in front of the other and gather enough strength to take the next step?

Please share your experiences so that we may help those who are coming behind us in this lung cancer journey.

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used to be a good cry first followed by several days of comfort ice cream after lunch and dinner until next treatment began followed up with a lot of praying and wringing of hands and hoping for better days ahead!! Lots of private time for us was the key to everything!

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