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MODERATORS (current and future!)


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First off, thanks a million for having such huge hearts and helping to welcome people and support people here at LCSC! I appreciate all of you more than I can ever express!!!

That said, I need a general roll call from all of you to see if you still want to volunteer your time here at LCSC. And a Call to Action for any seasoned LCSC members who are willing to step up and become a forum moderator!

I have a task list below because there are things that aren't getting done and I'm stretched so very very thin with all the work, support and advocacy that I am committed to now full time- plus all the communications, media and program planning that I have to do daily...I need your help!

Some of you don't have active email addresses or have the LCSC mass email alert marked as "spam" or "junk" making it difficult for me to keep you informed and connect with you- So I'm posting this publically below:

* We need dedicated volunteer moderators who will take some time to follow up on newly registered members- find out if they are ok, help them navigate the message boards and sheppard them onto our site from the Introduction Forum.

Suggest new forums, have them submit their story to the My Story Forum, suggest the news section of the website and other great features we offer...help them get to know the site...and actually use it!

* We need moderators who will post interactive posts regularly (one a week is very doable)

instead of just posting replies.

(Interactive posts are one reason why JFF forum is so active and engaging)

* We need moderators who will frequently browse their forum topics and prune/delete outdated posts (like event announcements, etc...) And move posts to other forums when necessary.

* We need moderators who will make it a point to check our social sites like FB and Twitter and Google Alerts, and repost lung cancer news so that the users here will stay informed.

* We need moderators who can dedicate (or re-dedicate) about 30 minutes a day to make and keep LCSC the BEST place on the internet for anyone affected by a lung cancer diagnosis.

There will be some absolutely amazing new resources that LUNGevity will be rolling out very soon. I can NOT WAIT until I can announce them publically to all of yoU!!! We are working so hard to provide innovative and complete support and education for everyone affected by lung cancer.

With these new changes we are sure to see a surge in membership and usage.

We need you. The members here need you. I need you.


Email me this week if you wish to re-dedicate yourself as a moderator and can assist with the above (if I don't hear from you by Friday I will remove your moderator status)

and email me if you want to become a new volunteer moderator.

Thank yoU!

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I wanted to add to this post....I don't want any current moderators to feel slighted in anyway or think that I am diasppointed in you at all!!


I am not asking current moderators to step aside at all !!

Just wanted to make this post as a sort of "nudge" and reminder...

It's a severely slow time right now (From Thanksgiving thru the New Year always is)

I'm just being proactive and sending out this reminder.

We will also be launching a new program dedicated for caregivers and a book of inspiration for survivors as well as more resources for patients and their families-- and we are going to fund an incredible resource for all of you (that I can't announce yet)

-----So all of that will have LCSC hoping like crazy!!

Just want to be sure people still want to be moderators and are willing to put in the time...

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