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Thursday's air


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Good morning everyone,

Thought I would start off early for Judy KW. Hey I should have told you to sleep in today. It is a warm 20 degrees today. Maybe I will go to the beach later. Not much planned going to work in an hour and off to get some exercise if I don't talk myself out of it. Taking my daughter driving today, that always makes me a bundle of nerves.

Everyone have a great day getting closer to TGIF. Oh I wish I could wake up today. No energy, I should take a bike ride with Bud, bet that would wake me up.


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Morning All! Thanks for opening Libby. I actually woke at 2:45 and got up at 4 when I couldn't get back to sleep. I was a slug for a couple of hours playing Farmville. I finally got up and tended to the business of getting ready to run errands today. I usually plan my errands after my doctor's appointment but I thought I'd better do them first today. Don't know how awake I'll be when I get out of his office. Know I will want to come right home and nap lol.

Oh, by the way, when I finally got out of my chair I remembered it was Thursday and exercised so....

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning everyone. Libby, it was only 14 degrees warmer here on Florida's Space Coast this morning. The thermometer read 34 degrees at 8:00 this morning. It's supposed to be another cold night tonight and then we're supposed to warm up a little over the weekend. Today's high is supposed to reach 54. I'm getting really accustomed to wearing my big sweaters. I love the way they're covering up all of this weight that I've managed to put back on over the holidays. But...when spring comes and it's back to short sleeves the weight will be showing. I think I'm going to start cutting back on Monday. I hate to start even thinking about losing weight right before the weekend. I'm not going to diet, per say. but I am going to cut back a lot. That makes it all sound much easier.

Sorry you had a rough night sleeping, KW Judy. But...on a positive note, I bet you have the best looking farm in Key West!!!

Busy day at work today...when I can get started. Still working on accounting and bi-weekly payroll today. Office staff is short today, so I will be distracted by helping with the phones.

Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful day!!!

Remember...tomorrow is the "F" day!!!


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Good morning - When I checked the climate on my GPS this morning it was a lovely 29 degrees. (Please replace the word lovely with the word of your choice.) I tried several times to read some of yesterdays Air - but it appears to be written in a foreign language. I may be forced to call in a tutor. I thought I was all edu-ma-cated. Maybe we need to be spoon fed the new words - well at least me since I have been warned not to copy other papers. Yes sir, professor sir.

Judy - I would have thought that the running around you have to do would count for exercise. I mean Bud gets to count going to and from work - so shouldn't we get to count walking around the market - running other various errands - walking in and out of work - walking into the Burger King (whoops - maybe that one better not count, unless you behaved with some form of chicken - and I could live on hamburgers so that counts me out.)

Also Judy - I did not sleep well either. When the alarm went off I thought I felt bad so I pushed it ahead 45 minutes - and of course felt worse. So instead of getting to work my usual hour early I came in on time - which means I get to brave the rush hour traffic. Sigh. Glad tomorrow is Friday.

Libby - Oh my goodness - I remember, mind you my daughter is 23 now, trying to teach her. (No!) I took her out one time after she got her learners permit - when she pulled in the parking lot and stopped an inch away from my mom's car - I went in and called a driving school. Money well spent - and I thought she was such a great driver I paid for 2 rounds of the course - so all the other drivers on the road can still thank me. I consider it successful - she is still alive and we are best friends - not sure that would be the case if I had to teach her to drive.

I am so lucky I didn't lose my whole post since I originally posted at the same time Ann did. I am glad I am getting in the copy just in case mode.

Ann - Not that I am a dieter or even a healthy eater - but I read somewhere that you can be successful going the "cut down on things" route if you not only cut down, even a little helps, but if you actually set your utensil down between every bite. Helps you think before you pick it up again - and makes it take longer which means you actually "fill" up while eating instead of overeating. You are right - weekends are for munching on goodies - always best to start on Monday.

Looking forward to reading all the posts - this has become so much fun.


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It was 21 degrees again as I rode to work this morning, brisk for sure, and it definitely woke me up, Libby. Forecast high is 44. It sounds like it's cold everywhere this morning. Mike will have major shrinkage again.

guddle: to grope for fish under stones, along a riverbank, etc.

We call it noodling here, Eric. I used to know a couple of guys who did it regularly, to catch large catfish. I believe I'll stick to my crappie jigs.

I track my weight at bikejournal.com, where I log my riding mileage. I'll have to make another adjustment this week; I've added another pound. I guess that happens to all of us in the winter. But I'm still just 5 pounds over my target weight, much better than last year, so if I can just stop this winter buildup now, I should be ok.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning everyone! I woke to the sound of a light rain falling outside my window. Tried to go back to sleep but it was already 5:30 so decided to get up and face my busy day. Still basking in the pleasure of being home.

I have to go today and pick up the brown bags (extra food from the Senior Nutrition program) for myself and a few of my neighbors. I have someone to take me. Still didn't get my car started. One neighbor tried her jumper cables but they are not good anymore. Another neighbor has one of those machines like AAA has and he is charging it over night to start it but I guess I need to wait and see what happens with the rain before I get too excited.

Ann I gained 10 pounds the two months I was away. Not just the food but not much exercise. Really no stairs and the weather back there just keeps me down. I am either freezing or sweating the whole time I am there. I went for a short walk a few times but really that was nothing. So now I am getting back into my routine. I have the stairs right outside my door so I try to use them all of the time instead of the elevator and I do a few extra climbs when I go out. I am trying to work up to doing the climbing like I did several months ago but boy are my legs sore :cry:

I tried dieting but I never stick to it. So I do some simple things. I eat mostly vegetables and fruit and chicken. I buy low cal bread and mayo made with olive oil. I buy little or nothing no fat but try to do everything light. If I can just keep my feet and legs from giving me problems I should be able to get in a little better shape and hope to keep it up and lose all of this extra weight. I can sure tell a difference in my back when I gain or don't exercise. Oh yea if no one has tried them you will be surprised how good Bocca Burgers are. I don't like the veggie burgers and am not crazy about the turkey burgers so the Bocca Burger is a good choice for me.

Last night I finally finished going through and disposing of all of the junk mail. I may have had a dozen pieces of important mail and the other 3 waste baskets full was just junk :x I hate that they can send all of that unsolicited junk and do it for little postage and our rates just keep climbing. I had at least 30 applications for insurance most from people I have already told that I am not interested and another 30 or more credit card applications and several from banks wanting me to switch to them. Took a lot of my time to destroy it all but finally did.

Well it is time to get dressed and get busy. I am hoping to get my car started and finish up some business so I can take out some sewing and get started on my 30 something books I have yet to read :!: Still haven't heard from anyone at Lungevity but hope to soon. I am anxious for them to talk to Karleen and give us what we need. If all goes right this could be a good fund raiser and may inspire others to do the same thing.

Have a great day everyone.

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What a busy joint today! Well, all this talk about exercise, and dieting (I prefer food plan), has got to my husband. LOL! Not really. His doctor got to him. And one of his best friends had a heart attack, and is in ICU and it's not looking good. 56 years young. Woke my husband up. He tested 5.7 on the sugar blood test. I don't know much about it, but it launched him into the Diabetic category.

He's been trying to find a gym where he could have a locker to keep his clothes, where he could get a yogurt and a coffee, work out, shower, and go to work. I'm looking at him....and finally say.....um.....that sounds like HOME. So we're going to go out this weekend and see what we can find for aerobic exercise. I'd like it to be low impact so I could use it too, maybe eliptical? I have a weight bench, and light weights for me, but being a former weight lifter and body builder, I could fashion a work out for him that would help him. And if he's going to do it....sigh....I might as well too.

When I was in my 20's, I got quite heavy. Hence me becoming a weight lifter and did tons of aerobics too. But a tip I was given is to put your fork down between bites, but also chew the food very thoroughly, before picking the fork back up. It worked! Between working out and that tip, I lost 60 pounds. To this day I can't eat fast. Hubs gets frustrated, but it became such a habit, that I can't eat fast anymore.

I slept in late today. Gosh it felt so good! Weather is mid 20's with snow falling down in a slow and lazy fashion. It's nice. No sun today, but have had so much that I'm just thankful for what we got.

Bud, so I am assuming you biked into work by the comment that it was 21 and it definitely woke you up. Wow! 21 is ccccccccold!

I agree with Annette about all the running around. It has to count! All except that Burger thingy. LOL!

Ann, laughing about the sweaters and covering up. We love winter here. And the average person puts on 10 to 20 pounds in the winter. We eat heartier meals because it's freezing, and we can hide under the sweatshirts and sweaters. But when spring comes it's like "oh s**t, can't hide anymore".

Hi KW Judy.

Libby, beach, yeah right! LOL! We had such a late start to winter, I have not made it out to Lake Michigan to see the ice piling up. Will do that in the next couple of weeks because it's so beautiful.

Daughter? Driving? My brothers taught me to drive. I was petrified. But I'm so thankful they did, and helped me get over my fears. I can't imagine not driving now.

Have a good one all!

MI Judy

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather today,almost spring like 12 degrees C,we have such a strange climate here with the intervening Gulf Stream,could well be minus 20 degrees next week,if the wind changes direction.

I had the intention of writing my Dept and Section meeting minutes up to-night for the EV to-morrow,I tend to record the minutes of meetings as brief bullet points to re-write later and get Liz to type them up for me(shes in Australia at this moment-not Brisbane)Jennifer came down to my office today at stopping time to hurry me along-topically she is going out to the gym to-night.On driving home I had forgotten to lift my minutes wallet-grrr.Onlt one course of action left is distract the EV into other areas while I sneak off somewhere and get the work done,wont be typed up and my handwriting isnt brill,but its better than nothing,such reports are regarded as essential performance indicators-wait a minute Eric-you are forgetting where you are,do you really think this is of the slightest interest to the buddies here?sorry guys,think I am turning into one of the HMIe.

The Tucson shooting has been getting a lot of coverage here in the UK,I heard President Obamas speech yesterday,this guy really impresses me,really upsetting that Christina Taylor Green was in the wrong place at the wrong time.I share, you might guess, Michael Moores feelings on gun control in America,think that after JFK,Martin Luther,John Lennon and Columbine, enough is enough,sorry guys I cannot help being Eric.

On a lighter subject,I have to start making plans for a special trip of a lifetime this year,I have the where withall,to spend 6-8 weeks travelling around America,July August.I sent for Amtrak brouchures which I have now received,oh boy,this is complicated.I intend to travel alone,thinking of writing a kind of travel novel of my experiences,bringing along my laptop,think I need a "Dongle"thingy if I want to maintain my posting into here.Becky a few weeks ago suggested some places to visit which I appreciated very much.Please dont feel threatened that I will turn up at your door,looking for board and lodgings,my trip will be fully hotelled.New York first definately then to meet Libby in Chicago maybe even Lungevity and KatieB? gosh I really want to give everyone here a great big hug,yeah the guys too, realistically with America being the size it is its just not possible,but its the thought that counts.if anyone wants to suggest places to visit,please feel free.Boston is brill I hear,also want to visit the Smithsonean?museum, love to see huge dinosaur skeletons,think they are in Montana?

Well done Bud,Grade A,thanks for Noodling,I just love learning new words,well done on the minimum weight increase,wish I could say the same,I have now taken to wearing a blindfold now when I stand on the bathroom scales.

Got to dash just turned 9.00pm,George C.Patton is on the history channel in the battle of Bastoyne with the 3rd US army Corps,I love this battle,think its new film not seen before.Byeee.

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Eric, I'll bet you're read John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley. Speaking of travelogues, nobody's done it better IMHO. But maybe I'll change my mind after I read yours!

You ought to come through Hawaii, then when you're finished here (unless you decide to stay :) ) you can just keep heading west and return to Scotland through the back door...


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Eric - don't be too enamored with Obama....enough said on politics.

Just as an FYI - I don't own a gun, don't like guns after spending too many years with an abusive husband - but I do know that guns don't kill people - people kill people. Yes, it is often so very senseless whether one or many die at the hand of a shooter - but it was still that person that pulled the trigger. If there were to be honest to goodness total gun control / banning that would be different - but without total control the bad guys would turn into outlaws and we would have the wild west on our hands again. So somehow we have to stop it all and not by taking guns away from the people that would only use the weapon as a defense or in law enforcement.

Ahh, no more politics for me - I'm just not smart enough to do the topics justice.

I think given the weather there might be a lot of people that would like to visit Ned about now.

Night all,


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The shooting death rate per 100,000 people in Scotland = .6

The shooting death rage per 100,000 people in the USA = 15.2

25 times more people per 100,000 shot to death in this country than yours, Eric. It's no wonder that you and most other people in other countries don't understand the USA's love affair with guns. I have no explanation for it, myself, but it's deep rooted and unlikely to change any time soon.

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Wow. A lot of posts.

Judy KW sorry you are up every couple of hours:( I have to be honest I blew off the gym today, to take my daughter driving again. I must be nuts!

Yes Annette driving with daughter is frightening!!! To say the least. She drives well but still scares me. I do have a driving school every 3 weeks take her and then I work on the practice portion, I may go to the hospital for heart failure pretty soon. I think I may have to depend on Bud and Judy KW for exercise over the next couple of days. Going up North to cottage Saturday morning and will not have access to exercise equipment other then the couch.

Ann I just cant believe how cold it is in Florida, glad I am waiting before I go for a visit, I would be disappointed for it to be that cold. Hey if you need to borrow any winter gear give me a holler I can loan you some stuff: lol:

Bud I can't believe you rode to work with those temps, I would die!! I give you a lot of credit. I have problems breathing in the cold air. Yep Mike isn’t going to like the weather.. lol

Judy MI, this weekend going to the cottage which is in between two lakes, so I will get to see all the ice shacks, should be fun. Going up to watch the Packer vs- Bears game Saturday night at a local tavern should be fun. Go Pack Go!!!

Eric I will be happy to visit with you. I stopped at Lungevity in Chicago but that is not where Katie B is at unless she moves. I agree with NED you should plan a Hawaii stop. Oh yeah I didn't find too many dust bunnies running around during the big cleaning!!

And the guns don't even get me started. That poor child and her family. So sad :cry: Annette you are right people kill people, but it would be harder without the guns. They would probably just find some other way I guess.

Well everyone have a great night. Hopefully not too many typos but I am tired.

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