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The Dr. Oz Show wants to highlight non smokers with LC


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Have You Been Diagnosed with Lung Cancer?

Have you or someone you know ever been diagnosed with lung cancer but have never been a smoker? Are you unusually young to be diagnosed with cancer? We want to hear your story! Help spread the word on the “other” type of lung cancer! Please respond ASAP.


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I suppose it means the "other" type of lung cancer is the lung cancer no one knows about...the lung cancer that everyone can get as opposed to the "smoking kind" of lung cancer.

Yes it's worded ridiculously and personally I hate the distinction between smoking and n/s cancers because cancer is cancer and there should be concern and compassion and a CURE for all of it.......no matter what....

Sorry (soap box)

But this was a general call out to all LC orgs so I posted it here for those interested in telling their story.

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Katie - I certainly understand that you needed to post it - I was serious when I asked what the "other" lung cancer was as I thought something new had come along. I never thought they were discussing the smoker versus non-smoker issue. Yikes.

It makes it hard to present a unified front against lung cancer as a whole; however, perhaps in the future we will find that people who get lung cancer have some sort of genetic mutation because I have always believed that if it was only smoking related EVERY smoker would get it and non-smokers would NEVER get it. Simplified perhaps, but I don't know that we have all the answers as to why and how people contract this complex and frightening disease.

In any event, it is a good thing that everyone who has a set of lungs understands they are at risk for lung cancer and that not ever having smoked doesn't protect you from all the cancers after all. That is a sad truth, but one that this show will at least bring forth.

Anyhow Katie - you jumped off your soap box and I hopped right on mine. I am hopping off myself now. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!



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I understand that the wording of that is kind of irritating (what does unusually young mean-babies are born with cancer sometimes), but I am happy he wants to do any kind of show on lung cancer!

None of the other talk show hosts ever wanted to do anything that I can recall, and I think this staffer for the Dr Oz show might be like all the other uninformed--thinking it most often happens to older people, smokers, etc.

I hope some never-smokers and younger survivors respond-I, unfortunately do not fall into either of those categories!!! :roll:


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I find it rather annoying that by submitting your story, you release it to be owned by them to use as they wish. I just have a little concern that their editorial slant may still find a way to blame the victim, smoker or not. You might guess that I am going to pass on this "opportunity."

On the other hand, all those petitions to Oprah must have gotten some traction - it's on her new network.

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Actually I kind of think this is a great idea to build awareness that lung cancer is not only the result of smoking. I think many people assume that someone who has lung cancer was a smoker at some time in their life. I'm also not a fan of statistics in regards to lung cancer and smoking. It seems that if the person who has lung cancer, says they are or were a smoker, the doctors write it down as smoking caused when it could be something else like genetics or environmental. I also think this misdiagnosis of smoking causing lung cancer can complicate things with one's health insurance.

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I think it's great that Dr. Oz wants to talk about this. As a never smoker that got lung cancer I know that most people think it only happens if you smoked. Physicians & the general public needs to be educated about other causes so more people can get an early diagnosis as I did. I was blessed to be treating with an environmental physican who ordered a CT for a persistent cough as I had a previous an toxic exposure. Most PCP's would not have done this.

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