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hi ya'll,

Just had my latest scans and everything is the same...no new activity, just the same activity that has been there all along..that makes me 26 months past chemo and almost 3 years since dx.

I am happy about that. I made a comment to the Dr. about being surprised that it has lasted that long and he said "we are surprised too, but we will take it" I said, "Well I'm not giving it back no matter what!" He laughed with me. The Dr. is also trying to get me some physical therapy started (at my request)to help strengthen my back, legs, and arms...some of the places that had mets....he wanted to know why and I told him I wanted to go back to work...he just chuckled and I got the impression that he did not think that was gonna happen...

He bumped my next scan back to every 3 months...I think the last bump to every 4 was to lighten the load around christmas at the clinics.


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Dawn - I was actually wondering about you the other day - I see you occasionally on FB but hadn't seen you post here. So glad to hear this news and as long as the scans are good let them do it as often as they want - if it were me I know I wouldn't mind more often to here the Okay!


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Dawn, I thought I posted to this yesterday. Must be losing it since this happens frequently lately. I couldn't be happier for your news. I think you are the first person I've read who had activity, went off treatment and maintained at that level of activity. Certainly gives me hope that someday I could get off treatment. Didn't think it was possible. Bravo to your onc for giving it a try. As one survivor who has remained pretty healthy through this 3-yr ordeal, I worry more about the side effects of the treatment now.

Good going. Hope the pt helps the back. I know my husband's has improved since he started walking.

Judy in KW

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Hi Dawn ... well, it sure has been some ups and downs for you, but look at you girl ... nothing new - just the same old same old. I hope that the physio helps strengthen your body parts that have been weakened by this dratted disease...even if the doc is right and you don't return to work (and he doesn't have a crystal ball) I'm sure it will make you feel better overall.

Take care Dawn - hope 2011 is a great one!!!



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Well Ned, I think I figured it out although I want color, it wouldn't do that, so I left it as it was...lol

I don't know why they don't display as clickable links, since they seem to be coded the same way as mine. Maybe you need


but mine doesn't have the url tags and works okay. But even if the links aren't clickable, they can always be copied and posted into the address bar of a new blank page or tab.

Thanks for letting us make an example of you!


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Hi Dawn,

Great to see your return to the boards,expedite the digit,and lets see you here more often.Sorry for being at the Coo's Tail in replying to you,no excuses.I really hope you had a great time over Christmas,didnt get to hear from you how it went,if I knew your address I would have sent you a Chrissy Card,I will do next year(promise-and a birthday card also).

Glad to hear healthwise you are well,dont take a doctors put down to stop you looking around for a job,I am sure you would benefit from getting back into work and meeting new people,hope you can find something that you can enjoy as well as earning some bucks.Take care, hope to hear from you again, soon.

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Thanks Everyone!

I appreciate all of your comments and support.

Unfortunately, going back to work does not hinge on my cancer but on what ever is going on in my head (all the Dr.s say MS except the one that counts and he just throws his hands in the air and says"we don't know what it is (useless, gutless wonder that he is).

But I may just start making some sun catchers her at home and selling then on line to get some of the extra cash I need to get bills paid. Don't know how we're gonna do it this month....but hopefully we will think of something

As I said thank you all for your care and support. Gives me warm fuzzies!


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