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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Oh no, I had so hoped I would come onsite and find that Annette had opened the Air. I'm sure she's in meetings by now. Here's hoping she didn't have time because she had such a great time last night at dinner that she slept in til it was too late to post. I don't like the alternative that she's somewhere shivering so badly that she couldn't type. Wait a minute, what time zone is she in.

The weekend is over so I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you today. I have to work in the office this morning. As I type this, Stan is over there preparing invoices for me to do. Got another "chunk" of the taxes done yesterday even tho it was my day of rest. Went to an investment club meeting last night so my energy level is holding o.k. But this afternoon I have a long since much needed massage with my angel Maggie. Yeahhhhh!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 45 degrees with a thick fog as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 62.

MI Judy, I think yours is the right attitude about scans. I always expect everything to be fine, and just don't do much of the scanxiety. The only time I got worked up was when they were going to make me wait three weeks for my results. I went and picked up a CD copy of my results, and told everyone there exactly what I thought about making someone wait three weeks, including dropping a letter in the hospital director's box.

I hope your trip is going well, Annette. Have a great day, all!

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Hi All!

Judy you sound so productive! Good for you. Investment club meeting? I'm intrigued.

It was 9 here this morning. We have a big snow/ice storm coming they say. Not real happy about that. Supposed to go to Gilda's tonight, which is 45 minute drive in good weather. Tonight's topic for lung cancer is "Ask the Mentor", and I'm the mentor. But they know that if the roads get bad, I don't come. The drive there in the light of day is fine, but that trip down windy country roads at 9:00PM is not fun.

I was asked to come in for a meeting today with the group that fired me as a volunteer. I'm here now, and expecting them at any moment. I won't be angry or upset, but I hope they understand that when they told me to take a 3 month break, that I'm going to take a 3 month break. It's likely I'll volunteer in a different capacity. A couple of folks who found out what happened, are begging me to help them in their work. We'll see. What is to be, is what will be.

Well, got to go! Have a good rest of the day. I'll fill you in later on the drama that I don't want to be a part of.

MI Judy

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Good morning, friends.

Wow...this weekend really flew by. I can't believe I have this danged cold again!!! I spent the entire weekend in bed. I did spend a few hours on the couch but that was as far as I got. I don't think this "cold" is as bad as the last "cold." I'm still not sure that I didn't have the flu the first time. I had my flu shot but I think I may have had something that wasn't covered by the vaccine. I am feeling some better today and now can't wait for Friday to roll around again. I talked to a friend on the phone this morning. She's an RN and she says this "thing" seems to have two stages to it. People are sick for about 3 weeks, feel better for a couple of weeks and then start all over again. She says the doctors think the first round is such a butt-kicker that it toasts your immunity and makes you vulnerable.

We are finally getting some much needed rain here today. We have been under tornado warnings this morning as the front moves in. Speaking of rain, I've been hearing that there has been a lot of rain in Lillian's area. Please let us know if you're OK, Lil.

KW Judy...good luck with the taxes. Every time I think I've made progress, I find 10 more things I need to do. I feel like I'm moving in the wrong direction.

Bud...be careful riding in that fog. It sounds like things have warmed up a bit for you. I guess we just have to see how many days before we're freezing again???

Joppette...I've been in the position of being a volunteer employee before...lol. I love it when you've left a position because of funding cuts and then they expect you to still do work...all out of the goodness of your heart and a promise for a good reference. I learned all about that the hard way and it won't happen again. When I go...I go.

Hope everyone has a good week and hope no one catches this nasty cold!!!


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Hello All - finally got a free moment to post in the Air today. I am in the lovely white city of St. Paul and I believe it is 100 below zero here or very close. I just took a walk around some of the skywalk and now I remember why I joined the EVTB Team - I'm tired and my hip is hurting.....can I have some whine with my cheese.

Judy - I don't envy you the job of taxes - I am blessed to have a simple life and I try and keep my record of 20-30 minutes for tax preparation - thank you TurboTax! As for time zone it is about 2:00 p.m. on the east cost so I am one hour behind.

Ann - I think that may be a valid reason for catching things so quickly - you haven't fully recovered (and as a working folk - who can afford to take the real time off necessary to fully get better) - and then something strikes you again. I know I am being paranoid up here but I am carrying around my GermX and using everyone feels the need to say welcome - well I don't want that kind of welcome thank you very much.

Well I'm off - gotta go to a meeting shortly and then to a meeting and then downstairs to the wine bar the company is hosting....yummm.

Stay warm all!


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Evening All,

another overcast,dry but mild day,7degC,apparently there is a ridge of high pressure coming our way on Thursday,so some sunny settled weather through the weekend.

The new washing machine was delivered on Sunday,a Whirlpool sixth sense,does all sorts of tricks,not that I have discovered how to use the machine properly yet,never mind the tricks.

We had a visitor to the college today,the head honcho from the HMIe,it was a pre-visit briefing to all senior lecturers,on what he and his team are expecting from us,boy what a list,they must think we are all super beings,anyway,hope the early retirement packages are done and dusted by then,and I may miss the entire event.

Still mulling my American trip over in my head,told Jennifer about me travelling solo for approx 6-8 weeks,dont really think she is over the moon about it,dont think she has the confidence in me to book a return train ticket to Glasgow,how I managed to get to 61 years old,is a mystery to her,youre not steet wise dad,dont take your laptop,watch your camera,etc,think she has confused America with Afganistan.Gosh three years ago,I let her travel right across America with her boyfriend,I had every confidence in her,and everything went without a hitch.

Judy,the time you are taking to do them taxes,I hope the IRS gives you some monetary recompense.

Annette,loved the Whine and cheese remark,hope the St Pauls visit turns out to be much more enjoyable than you anticipated,safe journey home.

Bud,that was some fishing over the weekend,white bass and crappies,you lucky person you,yeah despite your rain.Hope the following weeks with the white bass comes up trumps,how about opening a fishmongers shop.

Hi Judy MI,hope your mentoring meeting has a good audience and is well received,well done you,in the giving of your time despite some hecklers,boo hiss.

Ooops thats Mastermind just starting,do you get that prog?

Goodnight all.

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Nice quote Stephanie but what's a "Y?" It is amazing isn't it Eric, how inept our children think we are. Of course, I do dumb things so often I shouldn't be surprised. I read the Airs all times of day and evening but always manage to miss something. Bud, what's this about white bass, are they common to your area? Good eating I assume. I love that you dealt the way you did with the wait for scans. It's just wrong. Annette, you posted o.k. and are talking about moving around to get to meetings so I guess none of your important parts are frozen yet. Ann and I will definitely join you in spirit at the wine bar. Ann, I can only imagine how miserable you must feel just getting over one "bug" and then getting another. Doesn't matter what they are called, it's just awful. Judy I for one will be waiting for the diss on that meeting. Hope it went well for you, not for them lol.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon all. I was late because today is a very busy day. I had to pick up donuts early for our monthly town hall meeting. The meeting took in a lot of things but the one closest to my heart is our rockathon that will be held in May. Details are still a little sketchy but I am hoping that sense it is through Relay For Life it does not mean that funds can't go to Lungevity.. At any rate it will be for Lung Cancer donations. Sense it will be in May it gives us time to make plans and raise money We will have our own website to take donations starting in a few days.

My responsibility it to organize games and activities and to get as much information as I can about Lung Cancer. I am hoping that not only will this be just the first for us but the beginning of a trend. So many seniors have been touched by Lung Cancer as well as other forms of Cancer. Often many like myself would love to take part in an event but many are unable to walk for various reasons. Almost everyone can rock. So I challenge everyone to get the word out that there is something that everyone can do to make a difference. Maybe you know someone who lives in senior housing or attends a senior center. If we could have just one fund raiser in each state once a year it may be all it takes to send us over the edge toward the cure we all pray for.

Ok now that I have spouted off about that I guess I had better just get off of here. Leaving in a few minutes to go see Country Strong. I have heard that it is a good movie.

By the way all of you weather watchers, eat your hearts out. It is low to mid 60s here and plenty of sunshine. Ann all of the rain is North of me in Washington and Oregon. I do need to check with Johnny's daughter in law and make sure they are alright in Washington. Well better run or I will be late for the movie. Have a great evening everyone.

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KW Judy, white bass are a lot like crappie. They run in large schools, are very prolific spawners, but fairly short lived, so don't get really big and aren't really adversely affected by fishing pressure, so have the same liberal catch limit as crappie here, 10 inch minimum size with a 25 fish daily limit.

They are stronger fighters than crappie, so are really a blast to catch on light tackle. They're very aggressive, not the finicky feeders that crappie are. Lots of people do like to eat white bass, but they just aren't nearly as good to eat as crappie. I release all the white bass I catch.

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Good evening,

Went up north to cottage this weekend. I should post an MIA when I am gone. I know it is late but figured I would say hi.

Annette it probably is -100 degrees. lol. Well if you drink enough it will feel warmer. lol. I am a germ-a-phobic, I am always using the sanitizer all day long.

Judy KW you I hope you did a lot of exercise for me. Last week I only made it once. I am hoping this week I will do 3 or 4 days. Going to the gym tomorrow after work. When I go to the cottage it make life difficult on Monday, then I need to work, cook dinner, go back out and food shop and do errands. I am finally sitting down now. Maybe that counts for a few jumping jacks. lol

Judy MI, I am with Eric "Boo and hiss to the hecklers". Good luck with you mentors meeting.

Eric I am so excited for you and your travels. Wish I was going to Scotland.

Well just got caught up with 3 days of posts. Now I am real tired. Will post in the morning.


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