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Good morning it is 24 degrees here. Trying to get motivated to get out the door and get my day going, but having a tuff time with it this morning. It is at that time of year when I am just plain sick of the cold.

Going to the gym after work today, 1st time in a full week. I am disappointed with myself and think that could be the problem today. Gosh, it doesn’t take much for me to get mad at myself. I think I enjoyed just listening to Bud get his exercise more then me actually doing it. Judy I am sure you did better then I did last week :D

Annette glad to hear you are having fun. Eric keep planning you trip. Ann sure hope it warms up for you and Judy KW. Judy in MI waiting to hear how your meeting went.

Well have a great day I will check back later today.


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Morning All! Libby thanks for opening. It took forever for me to get here today. Lots to read and respond to. I wrote a book in my response to starting new treatments. Good therapy for me I suspect.

Libby, Libby, Libby--you will defeat yourself if you keep beating yourself up for not exercising. Puts too much pressure on you. Just look at it like, well I did x# this week. That's more than I was doing before I started. It takes time, I believe, for the good effects of exercise to become self-reinforcing. Hang in. You'll get there.

When I got up this morning, Stan came in from his walk with a very smug "Happy Anniversary." We have a running joke here because he remembers it more often than I do. That means out to dinner tonight to my favorite restaurant Antonia's. Love it. Love it. So much for my weight just beginning to inch down.

The man is waiting for me in the office so have to go guys. Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is having a great morning!!!

Libby...I should be going to the gym but I just can't seem to find either the time or the motivation. I have a membership through my health insurance and I need to take advantage of it. I have to be at work at 8:00 every morning, so I can't see getting up at 0 dark 30 and heading to the gym. I do have friends that get up and exercise before work and they swear by it. In the evening, I normally leave here at 6:00 and then I'm too tired and hungry to exercise. So...I can honestly say that I'm just not working hard enough at finding time.

Happy Birthday, KW Judy and Stan !!! How many years have you kids been together in wedded bliss? I hope you both have a wonderful day and a very romantic dinner!!!

It's a drab and gloomy day here on Florida's Space Coast. We had a lot of rain yesterday but most has passed on by. We have been so very dry and have been having fires all around. We were 1" below normal rainfall before yesterday.

Still working on tax info here at work. Just when I think I'm finished, something else pops up!!!

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Good morning, everyone!

I was 47 degrees with heavy fog again as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is only 7 degrees warmer, 54, as we have a front that came in.

The forecast here has been all over the place this week. As late as yesterday morning, they were calling for three 60 degree days in a row, but it didn't get that high yesterday and now they're saying it won't get out of the 40's tomorrow, and then there's a chance of snow on Thursday.

Judy is right, Libby. There's no point in beating yourself up about missed exercise days. Just keep working harder to fit it in the schedule, going forward.

I really get tired of the winter, too, even though it's not nearly as cold here. It's a bit more tolerable now that I finally have a good winter fishing spot, but I don't like doing longer bike rides when it's cold, and miss those this time of year.

Back to the grind here. Happy Anniversary, KW Judy! Have a great day, all!

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Good morning everyone. We are right on the edge of the clouds this morning. North of here the rain has been heavy so far here no rain. Like Bud said the forcast changes each time someone goes outside and looks up :lol:

I was up early and did a few exercises to loosen up then danced a few minutes. I am sure if anyone saw me they would think I am nuts but I find that is a good way to loosen up. I always feel better after exercise but my good intentions always seem to get side tracked. After I finish this post I will try to do a few flights of stairs then go have morning coffee and chit chat with my neighbors. Fitness class is later and I am hoping eventually I will be able to do more.

You mentioned exercise first thing in the morning. My daughter started walking in her neighborhood the beginning of summer. It is two miles to do all of the streets. As time passed she started doing two rounds then later 3. That put her walking 6 miles each morning. Being a teacher she had to cut back so she could be to school on time so during the week she sets her clock for 5:15 and walks 2 miles on her eliptical and does some exercise with the WII. I wish I had her will power but she is still in her 40s. By the time I left there she was wearing skinny jeans!! And she looked good in them. I can only dream :lol:

Well if I don't run I will get nothing done especially exercise. Have a good day everyone and don't worry about feeling guilty I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to getting out there and working at it.

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Good Evening All,

Weather, boring, but a mild 5deg C.

First of all Happy Anniversary Judy,wishing you many more,hope you and Stan have a great night out at Antonias.

All the posts are mentioning the dreaded word "Exercise" I only have to think of Bud and feel exhausted,but all you triers are absolutely right,must try to take my thoughts taking up some kind fitness regime and put it into action,just these long dark winter days tend to leave me feeling lethargic,it will be different in the spring (promise)anyway want to slim down and develope a six pack for my American trip,all right, who said the only six pack he'll get, is one out of a licensed grocers?.

Well nothing much to pass on since my last post,just another day in the salt mines and then home,although dont know if it was reported in the States,but some guys in the Antartic came across in the ice,an abandoned hut,that was used by Ernest Shakleton in his South pole attempt in 1907,on opening the hut they found five crates of Scotch,they were flown to New Zealand,where they were gently thawed out,three of the bottles were flown back to their original distillary in Scotland for anaysis by the owner in his private jet,the cargo was just too precious to trust to a commercial flight,guess from whose stable?,Erics favourite Messers White and MacKay,just knew Ernest would have excellent taste buds.Well the companys blender,Richard Paterson,will be thoughly testing them,lucky rascal,with a view to re-producing it in the distillary with possibly putting it back into production.First comment from the blender is its colour,is a dark rich brown, signs are looking good.The find will probably be put up for auction,dont think I will have enough bawbees to buy one,shame.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,byee.

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Good brrrrr afternoon. I drove to work this morning on very icy roads, slid right down my driveway, it was an adventure.

I wanted to tell you that I have just been accepted as a volunteer at an inpatient hospice facility associated with Abington Hospital. Had a tour and filled out a thousand pages last thursday. I was very impressed with the facility, the rooms, the staff, the volunteers. I have been looking for a way to give back. All things considered, I have had a very good life.

I thought only 4 letter words were bad, but a 3 letter word can be added to the list - gym. I HATE to exercise.

Annette, I hope your trip is easy and you get home safely and warmly.

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Hi All,

Quick post here tonight. I'm due for a meeting in 45 minutes, and it's a 15 minute drive.

The meeting for the volunteer job went well. It was not going to accomplish anything good by being angry or hurt. It turns out that the decision was not to have me leave, but to re-fashion the job so that it was not so big (too much work) for me. But that was not what was said to me last week. So, I printed out a list of everything that I do, and after much discussion, told him that I really think I needed this break, and so let's review my work and reassign it. That went really good for me. LOL! And we have some new volunteers that want to step, which is good for him. So I'm transitioning out over the next two weeks.

I'm going to take a couple of weeks to just have Judy time. and then I think I'm going to go help the Tech team. They do all the tech stuff and the web site, and I'm experienced in the web site and do a lot of the day to day changes to it. Thinking I'll get involved there, and have fun back in the work that is volunteer.

So I'm all good. Goodness read yesterdays posts and todays and wow is this a busy place. I'll try to get back here later to read everyone's stuff.

Take care,

MI Judy

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Judy & Stan Happy Anniversary. Hope you enjoy your dinner out.

Just wanted to say thank you everyone for the feedback. Sometimes I am way to hard on myself. Although right now I am feeling a little defeated I am going to say ok 1 day last week I can at least do that this week. Good Idea Judy KW. I think time management is part of the problem, because I really do enjoy it when I have the time. Good stress reliever.

Ann I don't know how anyone can work out at 5 am in the morning I am with you, I just can't do it. I also leave work and then tend to the families needs and then I am just to darn tired to do it. I think time is a huge factor on my part also. Hey can you imagine if you leave at 6 a.m. you would have to exercise by 4 a.m., it is no wonder you don't do it.

Annette where are you? Are you still having fun I think you may be on your way home. Or sitting in the airport waiting!

Bud I thought this exercise program would help with the winter blues, but I still have the blues. I am just anticipating Spring!

Have a good evening all.


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Well it's almost 11:30PM. But I"m scrolling up and just want to weigh in again. LOL.

Happy Anny Judy and Stan. Hope you had a lovely night.

Stephanie, good for you swimming like that! I find swimming a challenge since my diagnosis. I get dizzy I think from the challenge to my lungs. But I celebrate that you can do this.

Ginny, congrats on the Hospice experience. It does not get any better than that. How awesome that you get to give that way.

ERic, those long winter days are getting shorter! I noticed tonight as I drove to my meeting that at 5:45PM the light was still there. It was definitely heading towards dark, and yet still light. That is hopeful for me.

Lily, keep dancing. I love the idea of that. Let us all find reasons to dance!

Bud, hope you were careful with the fog. Appreciated the lesson on bass, versus crappie yesterday.

K, I'm tired. Going to check email and go to bed. See ya'll tomorrow.

MI Judy

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