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Morning All! I am going to remember to copy this just in case I "run into" Libby or Annette hitting submit lol. It's only twenty til seven and I've been up since five. Don't know what's going on with me. I do have a big day planned in the office. I haven't used the "t" word since Sunday so it's back to it today while Stan is out of the house fishing. Ann, I don't think people have any idea of what's involved in business or corp taxes unless they've done them. Also mine is further complicated by having to figure all my medical miles and prescription med costs. Add to that the rental property and it seems never ending.

Stan and I had a great time out to dinner last night. Two women I know happened to be working so even though my favorite waiter wasn't there, it was a good time. Their linguine (homemade) with little neck clams in white sauce is to die for and the hostess insisted on buying us a creme brulie. Can't wait til my BDay next month when Stan says, "Where do you want to go for dinner." lol

Judy so glad to hear your meeting went well and hope things will be more congenial and easier for you in the tech dept. Libby, just go today to the gym and forget about last week. I'm hanging in there. My challenge will come when I'm on my cruise. I have been known over the years to use the gym equipment in hotels but it's usually too big for me. We'll see. Stephanie, a couple of years ago I had the idea I would swim but the winters have been so cold and our college pool is outdoors. Plus I am prone to ear infections from getting water in my ears. I do think it's the best exercise you can do. Good for you doing a half mile. Bud, nothing better than a good fighting fish on small tackle. I still remember the wall-eye I caught years ago. Lily, I think it's great you can just get up and dance. I considered a WII and one of those dance programs. Annette, sweetie, are you there? Please don't tell me you're frozen in place somewhere on the city streets!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Another beautiful day expected. Yesterday we reached 71. It is supposed to be a couple degrees cooler today with a good wind but that is alright. I just love being able to have my windows opened. That is one of the first things I do when I get back from my trip. No one back in Louisiana or down in Bakersfield believes in open windows.

Thanks for the encouragement Judy. I can't hear music and not move. It is in my blood. Getting up and dancing is harder but I hope in time it will get easier again. I did dance a couple at my grandson's wedding and those were both fast dances. Wore me out :lol: Now I just dance to any music I put on and try to do a few flights of stairs. When I just go down stairs for something I try to go down and come back up then go down. I figure every time I do that I am burning calories and the object is to burn more than I take in. Not easy sense I love food. I have no problem with snacks but put a good meal in front of me and I have a hard time resisting. I have gone back to my healthy eating habits sense I got home so sooner or later something should start to show.

I am both excited and disappointed about our rockathon. Excited because for so long I have been wanting to do something in the fight against cancer. Disappointed because sense it was set up through Relay For Life the money we raise will go to the American Cancer Society not Lungevity as I wanted. The whole thing was set in motion while I was gone and actually the idea came from someone on the Relay for Life committee . One way or another I am very committed. I am the person to plan our activities while our event is going on. We will also have advertisement with the local media and a place on line so friends and family can donate to us.

Though the funds will not go to Lungevity I plan on using this as a chance to educate people. Breast Cancer awareness gets so much publicity even during Lung Cancer awareness month. It is time that people learn that lung cancer is NOT just a smokers disease and that more research is needed to find the cause so a cure can be found. I really believe that finding other causes could go along way in finding a cure. In the mean time people need to know that Lung Cancer kills more people than all the other cancers. They need to know that not only smokers get lung cancer and so many other facts and I plan on taking advantage of this to get the word out :!:

Maybe if this is a big success it can lead to getting a walk or something organized in this area for Lungevity in the future. I would love something like that but people need to be aware or they will never commit. So I will keep you all up to date on how it goes. Soon I will post the website and am not too shy to ask for even the smallest of donations.

Now off to the shower then do some stairs and other exercise and down to coffee with my neighbors before I get started on some paper work I have been putting off.

Judy glad you had a great anniversary and hoping you will see many many more. Keep warm and safe everyone. The weather just doesn't seem to know what it wants to do these days. Got to run and give a quick check to facebook then I am off.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 31 degrees as I rode to work this morning. The heavy frost on the grass and parked vehicles was a good reminder that it's January. Forecast high is 59.

I used up my entire break just reading everyone else's posts....LOL. Back to the salt mine I go.

Have a great day, all!

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Just a quick in and out to say hello to everyone.

KW Judy...so glad you had a wonderful dinner with your honey!!! I have to tell you that my mouth was watering, just from reading about the linguine and clams!!! And, yes...corporate taxes can be a bear!!! I am always so relieved when everything is done and paperwork is on its way to IRS. I love the feeling when I out the last 1099 in the envelope and seal it. I take a couple of days before I start making all the new files for 2011, so I can catch my breath.

Lillian...just remember...it's all good!!! I'm trying to make that my new thought for this year!!! Yes...I know how much you would like the event to help Lungevity and I definitely feel the same way. Just focus on all the good that will come from your event and that will make your heart smile!

Bud...I'm glad we're able to offer you such a high quality of entertainment...lol!!! Unfortunately, I rarely have anything too exciting to share!

I was supposed to make my grandson's birthday cake for Saturday's party but the element in my oven died. I told my son that my DIL could bake the cake and I would decorate it but apparently that wasn't a hit, as she sent me an email that she's looking at grocery store bakery cakes this morning. You know, I hate the fact that I feel guilty when I can't please people!!! This is something I have to work on this year!!!

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Hi all,

It is 14 degrees as of now. I think that may be the high for today. Working on W-2 and 1099-M also today.

Ginny Contrats on the volunteer position. It should be very rewarding. Stephanie it is great that you are able to swim. That is the best exercise to do. Lily my daughter is in dance and does tap & jazz she just loves it. The exercise is great.

Judy KW glad you enjoyed your dinner last night, sounds yummy. Sounds like you do have a lot of numbers and documents to get together for tax time.

Bud, can't believe you rode you bike in 31 degrees. I would turn to ice, fall off, and crack into a million pieces. lol

Ann you are too funny! You had me crack up, see below. Me too I need to work on not being so hard on myself when I let myself or others down. Let's both work on that :D

Bud...I'm glad we're able to offer you such a high quality of entertainment...lol!!! Unfortunately, I rarely have anything too exciting to share!

Have a great day!


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Good afternoon from Virginia - - YEAH - I am home - no snow on the ground here and back down one coat. Home sweet home - well not yet because I had to drive a co-worker to work from the airport but I am sneaking out a little early to meet my mom and nephew at his lawyers office - brat-let. I am having trouble getting the program I need on my computer from Minnesota so I'm kinda stuck here with nothing to do - very boring with a travel headache. Boy I think they have stretched those terminals - it must be 100 miles between connecting flights and the luggage area. My sluggish ways reared up and I had to stop several times. I am exhausted on top of it all. I think I drank too much soda yesterday and I was up with stomach issues all night. But I'm home and looking forward to relaxing tonight.

Ann, I don't think you should worry about the cake - you certainly would have baked the cake if not for the malfunction - they should understand that - if not you know we do here.

I know what you mean Lillian - disappointment with the Relay to Life - so very warped in how they care for those that participate. But there may not be a better way to ride into recognition. If they are having this in May - who says you can't repeat one of your own for Lungevity in November - - you will have recovered from the first one and learned from any mistakes and it could really work..

I didn't get frozen in St. Paul - but things almost went slip slidin' away. Arms a twirling me a squeaking help. I was so pleased when we landed to see no white stuff on the ground. I don't think it will stay that way but it's a nice break.

I'm guessing I better get busy for a little bit - maybe I'll be back to myself tomorrow.

Stay warm everyone,


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Good Evening All,

For weather read yesterdays post,sorry guys nothing much to share with you,just more of eat, work and sleep this week.Going to a big engagement party on Friday,in the same venue as the Hikers and Bikers presentation night out.How the youth of today are different to my days,the happy couple,had their second baby just before Christmas,and are living with the girls parents,would you believe her sister gave birth to her first baby the week after and is also living in the same house with her partner,I swear,you couldnt make this stuff up,just as well Susan has a big house,which is not even close to the size of her heart.They all get on brilliantly.

Hi Judy I would love you to come to Glasgow or Airdrie for your Birthday Dinner,just tell me your favourite food and I will book the best restaurant and table,why I might even pay the bill (saying that is enough to give most Scots a heart attack).

Hi Lilyjohn,you shouldnt feel bad about the Rockathon,there will be other opertunities that may come Lungevity's way from your group, the walk idea for example,the Hikers and Bikers group I was with in June raised £29,000 in one days walk around Millport.

Hi Libby thanks for telling us about Lily being a keen dancer,particularly Tap and Jazz.Some years ago I was in rehearsal for 42nd street,my buddy Andy and I, both having two left feet would go to the back to hide from our warrior choregrapher Ann,halfway through the stage reheasal she pushed her way through the sixty odd who were in front of us to give us a real bollocking about starting on the wrong foot or something,how the Dickens,with her being max 4' 11" could she possilbly spot us is beyond me,dont even mention the other terrible, wardbrobe Ann what a nippy sweetie she is,to think we were all volunteers giving up Nights and Sundays.

Well need to change my typewriter ribbon,enjoy whats left of your day,well work wise we are over the hump.Byee.

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Sorry Annette,

Our posts have overlapped,now I have heard every excuse in the book,my headache was simply due to drinking too much soda,oh yeah,couldnt be the Whyte and MacKays that you topped the soda up with?.Glad to hear you are safely home,I dont like flying when its icy cold,been watching too many Air Crash Investigations progs on TV.

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