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I just finished reading what Katie posted about the Dr, Oz show and I have heard about Oprah doing a show about lung cancer in non smokers.

The timing was perfect because I came on here to post about a television show once again.

I mentioned once before that the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful was doing a story line about Lung Cancer. I just watched and they are expanding on the original story line. Another character has a spot on his lungs. I am guessing it will turn out to be lung cancer maybe and earlier stage. He is a cigar smoker but remarked that he doesn't smoke much. Another person was talking with main character Stephanie and they discussed that neither of them were smokers. The brought up the issue of non smokers. They also made it clear that smoking is NOT a good thing but it is NOT the ONLY cause of lung cancer. I am hoping they continue to educate their audience.

A few months ago when they first brought lung cancer on to their show they were also featuring the homeless. At the end of one of the shows they did a real life sweep of skid row and talked about some of the issues of homelessness that we all tend to ignore.

I brought that up about the homeless story because I have an idea of sorts. Katie I may be way off base and I know you are always on the run already but, isn't your job for lungevity promotion? Is it possible that you or someone from Lungevity contact the writers or publishers of the show and see about doing a small segment about lung cancer in the real world? It is great that a show is doing this story but we want everyone to know that what they are seeing is Not just a story but a reality that takes place everyday.

The talk shows are great and even this soap getting to another audience just think how much more of an audience one of the night time shows would get especially if one of the leading characters were diagnosed with lung cancer and all aspects of treatment were shown. If people learned the statistics and the part that hope plays and that smoking is not the only cause. A national audience held captive for months might finally make people open their eyes and decide to really stand up and do something!

Maybe it is not the best idea but I feel that somehow this could be a real break through in destroying that old attitude that seems to defeat so many of our efforts.

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