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Like Judy - I will capitalize the topic title today. Because . . . . It's Friday! Technically just that start of the day - but weekend is in the air - and we are at the high for the day it ain't gonna do nothing but get colder - at least that is what I heard on the radio coming in to work this morning.

What's up with having a boat load of stuff to do on a Friday - it should be a day of joking with co-workers, sitting back and resting after a very long 2 day corporate meeting in St. Paul. So very cold up there - and a funny for Judy in MI - one of the people that work up in St. Paul told me that they moved SOUTH from Michigan so they were warmer - - I did not take the time to tell her to let the men put the little white coat on her when they came for her. I'm pretty sure that there must be some mutant gene in anyone willing to live with all that snow. The smart ones live in Hawaii! (Right Ned.)

Anyway - I'm so looking to lounging around this weekend - I better get my self busy. Hope everyone has a quick workday - and for those of you that played hookie - I wish I were you.


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It is really winter here in Minnesota!

Woke up this am to -26 degrees Farenhiet!

This afternoon it is suppose to go up to about 6 degrees and start snowing again!

Needless to say the TV is all talk of the dangers of Frostbite today. Also they mention we will have runny eyes and nose when or IF we go out. I really think grocery shopping can wait until tomorrow

Donna G

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 18 degrees as I rode to work this morning, my coldest ride to work yet. Forecast high is 47. I rode to work all five days this week.

Annette, your weather today sounds like yesterday here. The high temperature was early morning, and it just got colder as the day went. Fortunately, the moisture was gone by the time it dropped below freezing here.

It's a little over 6 1/2 hours until my weekend begins. Big surprise, I think I'm going fishing tomorrow. I have some new winter fishing shoes to try out, and tomorrow sounds cool enough to give them a good test.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

After reading everyone's cold temperature's I don't feel as bad...just a little colder. I have been up north where I used to live for work all week. The temperature gauge in my truck will only register to -39C/-38F so I know it was colder than that. The 3 days I was there the windchill did not get higher than -44C and yesterday morning when I left it was -48C/-54F. Not sure how I survived that for 15 years even though I only moved 500 miles south. I think you are right about that mutant gene Annette.

I didn't have a chance to read all the past post yet. Maybe a weekend thing with having to catch up on all the outside chores now. Good luck fishing with those new shoes on Bud.

Take care everyone.

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Good morning everyone,

It is 10 a.m. and -15 degrees, it is warming up hip hip horray. I guess it is warmer then Donna's and Bruce's place, so If I want to be positive about it I guess I am lucky..lol Off today so yesterday was my Friday. I do have a clients to go to this afternoon but for the most part I am FREE.

Daughter is off and going driving with her (Yikes) and then to the gym. Judy in KW hope you are feeling better today. I will do some exercise for you.

Judy in MI, got to love that Steven Tyler an yes Jennifer is beautiful.

Have a good day.


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This will be my second post for this FRIDAY, as I must have submitted my first post at the same time as someone else...either Donna or Bud. Oh well...no biggie. My news wasn't all that great or exciting in the first post!!!

Since it seems like weather is our hot topic this morning, let me tell you about mine. I usually am a very heavy sleeper in the wee morning hours and always joke that I can sleep through a thunderstorm between the hours of 4-6 am. Well...that theory was completely wrong this morning. We had some of the loudest, booming, rumbling thunder that I can remember for years!!! When I was a kid, I remember how that same thunder used to make those old windows rattle until you would think they were going to fall out. Well, I have better windows than we had back then but this was some powerful thunder. Then, after the thunder, the rain came and it really poured!!! It didn't take too long for that front to come through here but we're supposed to have showers off and on throughout the day. Our high for tomorrow is supposed to be 58, after having highs in the upper 70's yesterday.

Little Jude will be 3 tomorrow and it's going to be fun having a house full of little ones that want to be outside for his party. My son is planning on grilling hot dogs and burgers, so there may be some changes in plans in the works. I'll try and share some pictures with you on Monday.

The great thing about today is that it's finally FRIDAY!!! Just knowing that I can distance myself from this office for a couple of days brings a big smile to my face!!!

So...hope everyone has a great weekend and keeps warm!!!

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Just a minute to day hi. I almost hate to post our weather after seeing all of your temperatures, I feel almost guilty but not quite :wink: Temperature all week forecast in high 60s to low 70s and plenty of sunshine.

Just trying to keep my mind busy. No word on my sister in law this morning please continue to pray for her and all of us she will be leaving behind.

God Bless and have a good day.

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Afternoon All! This is my second start and I'll have to do my responses by memory. Tried opening and switching between yesterday's and today's Airs and lost my post.

Anyway I was not in the best of moods until I came onsite. With all the posts to read and George Michaels singing You Gotta Have Faith in my ear, my disposition lifted significantly. After playing sick yesterday and slept in til 7 am for the first time in ages. Consequently, I had expectation for a "great" morning in the office that disintegrated to a "fair" as I got side-tracked checking our Medicare RX plans. Then Stan needed my help with a wiring project. Not good lol.

Libby, I took a sick day from the office so don't tell anyone I was well enough to work out but I did. Good job taking the workout clothes with you to work. I'd never get there either if I went home first. And when you are tempted to fall below your goal (mine 3 days) remember this:

It was 18 degrees as I rode to work this morning, my coldest ride to work yet.
Bud, dear heart, I can barely think about you doing this or biking like you did earlier in the week in a cold drizzle.

Donna, there is no food product important enough to brave -26 degree temps. You poor thing. I really feel for you. Ann, does that mean we'll get thunderstorms tonight. I rarely hear them since I sleep like the dead. Annette, that's the problem I remember about those conferences. I usually enjoyed the nice accommodations and good meals. It was a nice break and I enjoyed travel at the time. I do remember it lost it's shine when I got back and had to play catch-up. Bruce, I figured you were away somewhere but North?? What were you thinking. And who feeds the animals when you are gallavanting around lol. Lily my memory is so bad and I must have missed an update about your SIL. I think I remember when she got hospice?

Have a great day everyone and thanks for cheering me up. I needed that!

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon! Libby, I laughed this morning when the weather man said we should be thankful for Lake Michigan. Because the lake is "warm" it warmed our air to 9 degrees, versus your -15 degrees! LOL! Bruce, I just can not imagine the cold temps you have. Sorry, but that is just INSANE. LOL Perhaps Annette is right about all of us Northerners and mutant genes. I must say though that the sun is shining brilliantly, and the snow is so white, that it is gorgeous.

Have any of you ever heard of sun dogs? Well, here in Michigan, we didn't. And today one of our local Christian radio shows was flooded with these reports of miraculous round rainow looking things surrounding the brilliant sun. We learned that they were called sun dogs, and they are a result of the crystal clear, intensely cold air that has ice crystals in it, that make these sun dogs.

Here's a picture I found on Photobucket.


Pretty cool huh?

Bud, seriously? 18 degrees and bike riding. You are a stud.

Ann, those storms sounded very bad. Seems so weird to be hearing thunder in January.

Judy sounds like you are feeling better! Good!

Lily, all I can say is J E A L O U S. High 60's and low 70's. Very nice.

K, going to run off to the chiropractor, and get my nails "done"

Take care,

MI Judy

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No Judy no hospice for her. Still not sure if there is any cancer but at this point it seems to not really matter. Her heart is failing. One side shut down completely last night, Didn't expect her to make it 'till morning but she is still hanging in there. Family is gathering. It has just all happened so fast.

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Judy Mi your daylight hours were pretty close to what mine were last month. Daylight hasn't increased as quickly as where you are though. In February here we increase by 8 minutes a day so we'll catch up pretty quick. Then we have 24 hour's of daylight in the spring/summer.

Sun Dogs are pretty common here and they do look nice as well as the northern lights.

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