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My Mom is a 4-year Survivor Now


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Hi all - Just thought I'd post after a long hiatus. I have not kept up the details in my signature because there are so many now to add.

My mom was diagnosed with limited stage SCLC in spring 2007. Two and a half years ago, the cancer jumped out of the lung and is now a 6" x 6" tumor on her adrenal, plus she has had two < 5mm brain mets gamma knifed since then as well.

Despite the continued growth, her own immune system and chemo combos seem to keep her ahead of the curve.

The fly in the ointment is her moderate dementia (started about 1.5 years ago) now that may be a long-term survivor result of PCI 3.5 years ago (would STILL do that, by the way), possible vascular issues in the brain unrelated, or even Alzheimer's. A neurologist will give us some test results in the next two weeks.

The dementia is much more challenging than the cancer, as she cannot keep her appointment days/times straight, locations and yet insists on driving herself. She is not aware that she cannot trust her own memory, even with printed schedules. And she is cranky because she believes every other person is screwing up. :wink:

Hopefully, Dr. Neurologist will have some magic pills to help.

That's all from Lake Wobegon.


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Oh my - if it's not one thing - it's another. The lists sounded like a good idea to help keep her on track - I can't imagine how it feels to start losing total control, I'm thinking I would be in denial that's for sure. I hope that the next doctor comes up with some solutions that help your mom gain control again.

Best wishes and prayers,


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Wow, four years with her scenario is great. My cancer has jumped off my pleural wall onto my abdominal wall so I will take hope from her experience. I'm just three years out from dx.

As for the memory issue, here's hoping a dx will lead to treatment. I have an 80 yr old friend with Alzheimer's and the patch has significantly improved her functioning. They did take her driver's license away after a little mishap. She's still mad as hell about that but otherwise doing well.

Good luck and let us know when you get the test results.

Judy in KW

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Hi Linda,

Good for Mom! Her story is a miracle! I know this isn't the same but I was diagnosed with "pseudo" dementia. The neurologist believes it is stress/depression from the last few years. I know I get really frustrated! Continued good luck to Mom!


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Hmm, pseudo dementia. Very interesting. I believe we have got a real dementia happening with us, however. Mom has real cognitive problems. Ex: her middle finger was bleeding, she went to the bathroom for a bandaid, and bandaged her ring finger. Stuff like that.

Stay tuned...we have a neurologist report brief on 2/7. Thanks all for your notes.


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