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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Up at 5 am this morning. Not happy about it. The only thing that will salvage my mood today is a VERY productive day in the office.

Since I will have to be brief to get to the VPD, forgive me if I overlook someone. Am going from memory. Bruce, yes it is the same Gail--are private jokes here in bad taste lol. If so, I won't say anything about anyone who prefers buffalo to sheep.

This is the main part of my post--to all of you who have or have had colds within the last five days or so, this gives new meaning to the term "computer virus." I think that includes Ann, Annette, Libby and Judy in MI, maybe Bud too. This is the only social interaction I've had since last Tuesday and my waking at five am was due to a completely stuffed nose and gritty eyes. Now guys, tell me you didn't give me this. I was just bragging yesterday that my allergies have been really good but am sure that is what this is. They sometimes kick up when I'm sorting thru a lot of old paperwork. No excuse to kick back this late in the game so I will take a Sudafed (I save them for emergencies) and plug away. Oh Eric, the funniest thing I've heard about our DOT is that if on a stretch of Route 95 the signage doesn't have an "I" or say "Interstate," DOT won't maintain it. Did you ever!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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I can assure you that I did not give my cold to you - I still have it - in fact it is worse today so there is no way I gave it to you. Besides I connected wireless to the internet so any germs that headed that way would surely have found someone before they got to Florida. And if they did get down to Florida - why would they pick on someone that was stuck in an office all day - I'm sure they would pick on someone that had fun things to do.

Now if you want to blame those folks up north - that works for me after all I did have to spend 3 days in Minnesota last week and fly on an airplane. But I germx'd my hands constantly cause I knew this was a bad bad time of year to be flying.

I'm still down for the count. Believe it or not I'm gonna go lay down for a while and go in to work for only a bit this afternoon. I would not wish this cold on anyone....


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 22 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 57.

I had a great day fishing Saturday. That was the heaviest limit of crappie I've caught since May at Cedar Creek Lake, but I only kept 7 and released the rest. The fish were finicky, but with just the right bait cast and retrieved at just the right speed, I was reeling in a large crappie on almost every cast.

There were 10 boats around me, and no one else was catching very many. They got closer and closer to me, cast on top of where I was casting, crossed and hung my line, but I remained the only one catching so many large crappie. Sunday, I stayed at home and zombied out in front of the TV.

Judy, I had an especially bad cold at the beginning of November, but haven't been sick since. I hope that is my only cold of the winter. I didn't do antibiotics, so hope my immune system built itself up strong.

I hope everyone feels better soon. Have a great day, all!

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First of all, I want to send lots of big, warm blankets to all out friends in the northern US and Canada. I was shivering this morning, just listening to details of the weather you guys are having. It made me feel like our 48 degrees is a heat wave!!!

Judy...I don't think you got my cold either since it hasn't completely packed up and taken off. I'm still struggling with sniffles and an occasional cough but I feel a lot better. Hey...I love ya KW Judy...wouldn't think of sharing such a thing with a friend!!!

Bud...glad you had a good day fishing. You make relaxing sound like such a great thing!!!

Annette...hope you feel better as today goes on. Stay warm and drink lots of hot tea.

Katie....I will send you a PM about this one. Figure that will be better than talking everyone's ears off on this forum...lol

Now....although it's monday (lower case for my least favorite day of the week) I have some pictures that I want to share with you from my grandson's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. The theme for the party was "Woody's Roundup" since he's such a big Toy Story fan!!!







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Wow I hate to see so many people sick. Believe me it is not just on this board. The cold and sinus problems are making their way among my family in Louisiana. I had it for a while while back there. I think I know what the answer is but not sure anyone would believe me or go for what could change it. The worse thing you can do for your health in my opinion is to stay closed up in a house that has not fresh air coming in, especially if you run the heater at night. To me that is a no no too. I believe in blankets and quilts and fresh air. Once I got a window open at my daughter" my sinus cold left me. She had to go to the doctor while I was there for the same thing.

Weather is so beautiful I hate to post it because I feel like I am bragging, oh well maybe I am :P

Still watching and waiting with my sister in law. Posted update on all those emotions and her condition in grieving foram. I want to thank everyone for your kind words and wishes. Your prayers mean so much.

Ann those children are just precious. I have so many pictures of my great grandbabies from my trip but things have been so up in the air sense I got home that I still haven't taken the time to figure out how to post them on here. Those of you on Facebook have seem some of them but I say when it comes to babies and puppies there are never too many pictures.

Judy I hope the work load will allow you some rest and do hope that you feel better soon. If I was closer I would give you a big bowl of the chicken gumbo I made yesterday. It is sure tasty and you know what they say about chicken soup. Everyone else stay warm and safe .

Bud you have no idea how much I envy your fishing. I have been in that position where I am catching and no one else is. I had quite a reputation as a fisherman at one time. My son used to tease his dad saying that he wanted to borrow a rod and reel but not just any. He wanted mine because it knew how to catch fish :lol: I didn't get to go while I was there because of the holidays and everyone working and it was just downright too cold.

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Ann - what a wonderful party - he is precious - my grandson is 3 too so I can just picture the fun of the party. (Believe it or not though he doesn't like Toy Story - He likes Nemo and the 1 yr old likes (demands by beating the 3 yr old up Toy Story).

Katie - A little like Ann in not wanting to rule the air with thoughts on your "volunteer" situation. Heaven forbid the hospital have something good going on that costs them nothing. If you have some place else that is convenient for all the current members then maybe get it moved then work to have a member take over as leader and offer your continued support. I think given my nature to tweek things - I would call and ask for a meeting with the powers that be before moving it and put on the table what you shared here - if they don't want to support you - then it's time to move on. Just makes you want to cry thinking about how unsupported someone so great can be.

Think I need to go back home - can you believe I came into work - I need help - maybe a doctor's note!.


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Good Evening All,

Well another Monday bit the dust,another HMIe prep meeting today,wont bore you nuff said.Early retirement package details to be issued this week,rumour has it ,its going to be a poor show,that wont have anyone biting,we will have to wait and see.Weather slightly warmer and brighter today at 7deg C.

Seems I have created a wee bit of confusion with my MOT remark previous,this is not about road maintenance,but about car roadworthiness,in the UK every vehicle over three years old has to submit to a stringent inspection anually and get a MOT,without a current one you cannot drive on UK roads,or get car insurance,it costs £35.If your car fails you have to resit after repairs are made and pay £35 again.

Ha Ha,seems the pond between us have prevented all your little cold and flu bugs getting to me,seriously, hope everyone is feeling better.

Wow Bud you really are a killer with your fishing,I would have loved to have been with you in your boat to see the faces of all the other guys envying your success,bet your secret weapon is spinnerbaker products,or was it your new fishing shoes?

Hi Katie,Having read your posts over the months,it had occurred to me ages ago,that I thought you were trying to do too much,now this rears its head.Volunteeing your services to such a worthy cause,on behalf of the hospital to their benefit is so demoralising in their lack of appreciation,speaks so clearly to me its time to move on.Take some time out and re-evaluate where your priorities lie,allow someone else to take up the reins.

Hi Ann,your grand kids are just so cute,your grandson like myself and Paul McCartney play left handed,I would have loved to have got my wallies into the cakes on display.

Hi LilyJohn,Thanks so much for taking the time to give me a resume of the attractions of California,yes I would love to see the giant Redwoods and Yosemite and the many other scenes you described,wasnt it a Scot who set up the worlds first national parks in America to preserve their natural beauty from land developers?.Well I am still at the planning stage,nothing cast in stone,seems I should ring fence California for a visit also,boy so much to see,where do I draw the line,whats possible in 6 weeks?.Maybe I will have to settle for a visit each year for the next twenty years,now theres an ambition to achieve.

Hi Bruce,hope its gotten a wee bit warmer now maybe only minus 30deg C LOL,really intregued with your Sun Dogs mention,never heard of these before,I Googled this to read more about them,lucky you,must be quite a sight.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,goodnight from me.

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I am fortunate to have a drop in group I can go to weekly - it is held in a hospital conference room and the facilitator is an oncology social worker from the hospital. You don't have to be in their service to attend. How great is that? I believe she is paid for her time with us - we range from 4 to 18 people any day. There is also a caregivers group that meets down the hall at the same time - with another facilitator.

You might ask if they would consider taking over the program since you are now full time otherwise occupied - if you are ready to give it up! Otherwise, do sit down with someone who has some authority to give you a standing room reservation, access, and some support. Even if they just supply some boxes of tissue, hand sanitizer, and bottles of water!

My two cents.

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Busy place today! I love that!

Katie, have you thought about Gilda's club in Dallas? Here in G.R. we do a monthly lung cancer support group which is facilitated by a licensed social worker. I don't know where the one in Dallas is compared to the hospital, but ours here is located five minutes from our largest hospital on purpose. Just a thought to add to the others.

I don't know if Eric will see this. But Eric, we saw that you wrote DOT on Sunday's post, not MOT! LOL! Hence the funny Department of Transportation comments.

Annette, glad you went back home. Rest, and I'm ordering a round of chicken soup for all of us. Lily, can you help us with that? :-)

Ann, thank you for the pics of your little Jude. He's so adorable. What a fun party they had for him. I love Toy Story too! LOL!

Bud, Randy was talking about crappies, and saying how remarkable it is that they are so abundant, no matter what lake he fishes in around here. I said, yeah! Even in Texas. LOL!

Well, whatever crud I have didn't progress worse today. Still stuffed and a headache, but from what I'm hearing from others, this is very mild. We have an epidemic of streph (sp?) going around here. Trying to keep the hand sanitizer out always.

It was snowy today, about 20 degrees. I was supposed to go to a lung cancer support meeting tonight, but just didn't feel like it. It was the thought of being inside for 2 hours, and then sitting in my freezing car that made the choice for me. Remote starter? How much are they? I'm wishing for one in this cold weather. Supposed to get in the single digits again tonight.

Well, it's time to get dinner ready. Making a home made chicken and veggie pot pie. Yum!

MI Judy

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Well Eric it is a very balmy -14C/7F. Some of the neighbor's are predicting a very cold February because the winter so far has been very mild.

Now Judy you have to leave the Buffalo out of it. LOL Good times on the original Keg bus.

Bud you were the envy of all the fisherman. Must have gotten a little frustrating when they began crowding you so much that they crossed lines.

Great looking pictures Ann. I will be a first time Grandpa in March.

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