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For those who have found benefit in the LCSC:

Can U give me a testimonial of why someone should use LCSC and how/if it's helped you in some way? (1-2 sentences) and permission to use your FIRST name for possible use in publications?

You can reply directly below here or by PM or Email ( kbrown@lungevity.org )

*If you've already answered on Face Book - THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!


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Reading all the posts answered questions that I didn't even know I had about cancer and treatment. People here really understand what I was and am going through from dx, to treatment and through the healing afterwards. I didn't feel like I could talk to family and friends fully about what I was going through, but I could do that here. Huge thank you to everyone! I couldn't have made it without you guys!


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I missed this here and on FB.

I was recently retired when I was diagnosed and my husband and I were living at a distance from family and close friends. I've often said my new family here saved my (emotional) life and I continue to be close to them more than three years down the line.

Judy in KW

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It's never too late!! I plan to use these testimonials in everything we do- on the new website, on publications, pamplets, etc.... so we can never have enough and it's never too late.

I appreciate ALL of you so much!!

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I have been a member of this forum for longer than I remember. It has been at least 6 years I believe if my memory is right but anyhow. I found this site searching for answers to a question about a treatment called tarceva. Desperate for anything anyone could tell me about this new drug my wife was taking at the time. I got answers and understanding from complete strangers all over the US in hours about it that they knew of. People I have never met before and many of whom are no longer walking this earth any more but they answered my questions best they could . Several months later my wife passed away.( This is getting hard now!!) And they probably saved me from myself after that happened.

This board is a forum of wonderful caring compassionate people who understand all aspects of Lung cancer and know how and where to find answers to questions of all sorts. We laugh together pray together, cry together, gain knowledge and insight together.

Since I joined I have moderated and helped out in a number of forums and try to help as best I can whenever I can. This group of people have become a family to me and I do so very much appreciate that always!!

And especially Katie the founder of this wonderful place!!! if we ever cure Lung Cancer I will probably miss this place but until then I will be here!!!! :wink:

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