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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! A bit chilly and very wet and grey so far today. We're at the end of the earth so are getting Ann's weather now.

I live pretty much by the "it was/wasn't meant to be" principle so I didn't post at all yesterday. Wasn't even on with a couple of tries to properly read. When I have consistent problems throughout the day, I just give up. Can't deal with the aggrevation. Besides my life has been pretty much filled with doctors visits, picking up prescription drugs and tending to my many and various but minor health issues.

I read Tuesday's Air so am sort of caught up. But, I slept late and the cleaning lady is due within the hour, so I'll be back later. Plan on moving the laptop to the porch while she is here. I'm not doing much of anything. Why am I still tired after a good night's sleep: It's called Relief and Reward mode. Finished the tax package with all but photocopying and meet with the Accountant tomorrow. She'll go over it and email me anythings I missed next week and when they are done, I AM DONE!

See you all later. Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Hi good morning all,

Just a quick post for now, late for work. Right now it is 23 degrees which is a heat wave. They are calling for a high of 30 in a day or two. Did you hear that Judy in MI, Yeah :D

Judy in KW hope you are feeling better and it does get frustrating when you have to keep running around because of medical needs. Hang in there. I did get to the gym yesterday and really needed it. It does relieve stress I can tell you that. Annette I don’t have a cold yet so please keep it there:( Sorry you are feeling so bad. That is what happens when you mix with those Midwest northerners. I have this constant cough again, makes me nervous. Scan in March so hopefully Dr. will ease some of my worries.

Ann, your grandsons pictures made my day. What a little hoot in his woody outfit with the guitar. What a doll. He looked so proud. I hope I will be able to enjoy grandchildren one day.

Well off to work I go. Oh yeah, hi Stephanie, Lily, Bud, Bruce, and Eric. Have a great day. I will check back later.

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Morning Judy and all - hope you don't mind me dropping in on you guys this morning.

The school bus is not running today due to freezing rain conditions ... wouldn't you know it my son needs to get to the high school to write exams - I am NOT looking forward to that drive! What wonky weather we have had this year ... but I would certainly rather have the extra snow (and rain in winter?!?!) than the other issues throughout the world (watching the news honestly makes me cry).

Judy - I was exhausted after getting business stuff ready and in order for the accountant and I'm not taking any chemo so you are my hero. You deserve some extra shut eye and rest time I would say.

Enjoy your time on the porch ... then you can re-enter to a clean house and enjoy the rest of the day.

Take care,


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It is rainy here and it is supposed to turn into sleet/snow late this afternoon. I am at work - with a headache and I forgot to take anything before I came so I had Keith bring me something - I am not crazy - I can stay awake and I feel better already since he brought the Nyquil. (I told the AA to make sure I'm up at 12:30 just in case I fall asleep since I have to meet my mom at the court for the nephew's first ticket (driving with out a brain - wait I meant license). I really am over the "cold" hump - but if anyone touches my nose - well it would not look good for them.

Judy - I missed you yesterday - understand your internet delimma - we are having a snail issue at work - everything is moving slow and I am trying to pull some huge documents from a storage facility - kinda like downloading a song one note at a time.

Linda - I hope you made it safely taking your son into school - I agree about the weather. When I was at our corporate meeting in St. Paul recently I saw on the weather that they were already at their Average Total Snow count and it was only mid-January and snowed two of the days we were there.

We need a little sunshine - - (everyone go back and say this line one more time - like a mantra - maybe the weather genie will answer us!)

I much prefer to ramble on here - but duty calls - I'll pop back in after while to check on everyone -


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Good morning, everyone! It was 27 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 61. No weather issues here. It's supposed to be nice the next couple of days, and actually get up to 70 on Friday.

Not much going on in my neck of the woods, just another day at the salt mine.

Have a great day, all!

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Mornin' all! Nice to see you here Linda! We are so blessed aren't we? I have a child that I support in Haiti, and the last letter I got from here was full of questions about natural disasters, and do we get them here in America. I felt feeble in telling her yes, when the disasters over there are SO disasterous. Her village was destroyed by the earthquake, but she made it out ok. So thankful.

Be safe on those icy roads.

30 here, grey and dank again. These are the days of winter that drag by. When you get a lot of snow, there's challenges and beauty, and I don't mind it so much. These grey, and dreary days are the tough ones. This morning I peeked outside, and pulled the covers over my head and slept for another half an hour. I agree Annette, lets get a mantra going WE NEED SUNSHINE!

Glad you are feeling better, but concerned about you driving on Nyquil to help nephew driving without a brain. LOL!

KW Judy, I understand. I'm being hounded by doctors right now. PCP wants a physical and blood work. Explain that I'm getting blood work on 18th with Onc., but wants different blood work. CT scan on 2/3, and will be going back to neurologist soon. In addition, the bad foot is really hurting, and I need to go back to my podiatrist. ack!

None of it is serious stuff, but it seems like it's just constant running around for tests and appointments. Yours has to be much worse since you are in treatment etc.

Rest today :-)

MI Judy

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WOW...what a active group we are this morning. I'm glad I popped in early to say hello.

Our weather was so scary last night, with the front moving in and tornadoes and high winds all over the place. Hubby had gone to an early meeting and didn't realize the weather warnings when he left, so I came home to an empty house and the first thing I heard when I entered the door was the weather radio alert blasting!!! I am terrified of tornadoes, so I immediately began thinking about which closet to jump into. To make matters worse, my animals were completely freaking out, as I have seen them do before a hurricane. My gray tuxedo kitty, Jake, was sitting on my coffee table, looking at the ceiling and howling. The only other time I have heard those sounds from him were on the morning that Dennis died. I was so terrified while watching the weather and actually seeing them name streets close me where high winds had been seen on radar. But, the front was a very fast moving one and it passed us a quickly as it came. There was a lot of damage in some areas of the state but we were spared..thank goodness!!

Well...more than enough for today. I am so envious of KW Judy being all done with her corporate taxes. I am still trying to finish ours here at work....tough as my boss has 8 different corporations...lol!!! In addition, I have to work on two separate payrolls that are done on the 1st and 15th. So...please send some magic my way!!!

Love ya all!!!

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Well, how much fun is this! I'm still on the porch and getting antsy to get back inside. It is definitely put the sweater on, take the sweater off weather. The sun comes out and it's quite warm. Then it goes in and it feels like temp drops 10 degrees. Now it's raining. This is long but if you want, you can just scroll down to where I'm talking to you. We should all get on Skype but then I would have to get dressed and comb my hair!

Libby, congrats for keeping up the exercise--me too lol! That's the second time I've read about Ann's gs's pic so I'll have to go looking for it. Coughs can be for so many reasons including medications. I know, I know, we can't help but worry but March is still a ways away.

Linda, thanks. But don't we feel just a little guilty complaining when the accountants will finish it up for us lol. I remember the day when I did it all myself--no corp but sole prop business. Hope you made that drive safely and with not too much stress. I hated driving in foul weather when I lived up North.

Annette, I loved the downloading music one note at a time bit. Please be careful, Dr Oz says that driving on antihistamines is like driving drunk. That could be worse than driving without a brain lol.

Bud, 27 in the am and 61 in the afternoon! No, no weather issues except pretty extreme swings in temps lol. Loved your fishing lure piece. Very interesting. But it's obvious you are a very savy fisherman.

Judy, you obviously know what I mean. And the thing that gets me is that I'm off the IV chemo every 3 wks. Taking Tarceva was supposed to free me up from all those medical visits--NOT. At least not so far.

Ann, your evening sounds terrifying. We saw the band of fronts on the news but we were well below them. We're just getting rain and off and on clouds now today. Like I said, put the sweater on, take the sweater off.

Have a great afternoon everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening All,

Weather still mild 8deg C,leaving work today,it seems suddenly its bright daylight,hooray springs on its way,mind you it was still dark by the time I got home.

Just dropped in today at the end of work on my computer before I shut down,yikes there must have been a dozen forums getting laldy,all of you busy posting away,well since you lot are at least 5 hours behind me,whats going on here?,come on get back to work.Funnily enough,by the time I got back there were only two active forums,where did everyone go?are you all trying to avoid me?.

Read all the mail,thought about replying,I was so tired,I just decided to go to bed,thats right 7pm-I was out the moment I hit the pillow.Woke up,should be 6am,crumbs its 11pm,oh dearie me,I may be here all night keeping the forums busy.

Difficult for me to post to-morrow,my bowling buddies phoned me to rejoin their team for this season in the league,boy they must be really desperate,so thats me Tuesdays and Thursdays bowling,maybe my game will start to flourish?

Talking about games,have you seen any of Andy Murrays games?boy is he on form,wonder if he can do the double by beating Nadal in the semi's and Federer in the final to take his first major,well maybe,but he aways fails to hit top form when the final chips are down,bit like Scotlands National Football Team,Sally dosnt like him thinks he is another big dour Scot,no hes not,just focussed on tennis so much he dosnt talk about anything else.

Hi JudyKW,Sorry you are feeling a bit tired and low at the moment,being it seems constantly on the medical merry-go-round,hope you get some respite soon,I was going to say its only mid-winter blues,well you dont have winter in the Florida keys,oh I feel so jealous I could crush a grape.Never mind,think about that Caribbean Cruise in Feb,funny hearing an American pronouncing that word, Carrib-be-in,where of course its correctly pronounced in the UK as Caribe-i-an.Bon Voyaggi when it comes round.Hooray Tax Taxing Return completed,yeah 3 cheers,(until next year)

Hi Libby,there youve gone and done it,go make me feel guilty,gym visits,you are right of course,all them endorphines all stirred up,does make the effort worthwhile,its just the initial effort for me getting out my chair.Enjoy work,hope you shake off the little bug soon as.

Hi Linda,Good to see you back,but hey,the news isnt all bad? why what about that story about the ,,,,..?ahem or the one about ,,,,,,,...? maybe we are looking in the wrong places?.

Annette, what are you doing at work? you should be at home tucked up in bed,Keith peeling grapes for you.I hope little wayward has finally learned his lesson,and no more car jaunts until at least he has passed his driving test and has insurance,well goodnight Rudolph,sorry Annette,Freudian slip.

Hi Bud,Ditto-not much going down here either,I am keeping mid-winter blues at bay,playing at trains with Amtrak.

Hi Stephanie,Thanks so much for taking the effort in posting the train journey link I so enjoyed following it,so rein-forced my desire for the great journey ahead,think six weeks is way short with what I would love to see,where can I see a rodeo,or visit a Plains Indian reservation,imagine the pics I could get,Indians in full costume,dancing round the camp fire(hope they dont get too fired up and lift my scalp LOL.

Hi Judy,You are so right the Haitians have gone through hell and are still living in it,good of you to sponsor a Haitian child,I did for years sponsor a Bangladeshi boy,but regretfully I was too hasty in cancelling this arrangement on hearing my dx,I didnt want to have Sally short of money upon my imminent demise,turns out I was a bit premature,wasnt I?

Hi Katie,last but not least LOL,youve got me all agog with anticipation and excitement,cannot wait to hear whats planned,best wishes for everything in the pipeline.

Goodnight everyone.

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