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Genentech Press Release 1/2011


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It is important to make the distinction here that they are talking about 1st line treatment for people dx with advanced lung cancer - Tarceva is not considered a cure, but can treat for progression free and overall survival. If your doctor is proposing chemo/radiation or surgery with curative intent, this news is not applicable.

I spent many moments wondering why I had surgery, chemo and radiation once I went onto Tarceva - it was for that possibility of a cure prior to my mets. I needed to remind myself of that on more than one occasion.

On the other hand, for many people this will be a good option - I hope that they find a way to test more quickly for the EGFR mutation.

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I was stage four at diagnosis. My first oncologist was going to go the typical chemo path. I am thankful everyday that I went for a second opinion and that oncologist immediately tested me for the egfr mutation. He put me on Tarceva as a FIRST line treatment.

That was four years ago next month. :D

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