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Hello neighbors, I just moved in.


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I'm not sure this is going to work but I'm giving it a try.

I was diagnosed stage 3B lung cancer Feb 2010. Went through treatment April 22 - June 21 (Chemo - cisplatin & etopiside, Radiation - 36 doses) These ran concurrently. In Aug PET CT showed tumor shrank to 1/2 original size = 3.5 x 3.9 cm. The next PET CT in October showed tumor size = 6.1 x 6.4 cm almost back to original size. Three weeks later a CT showed additional growth.

The treatment team offered a second chemo regiment (Carboplatin, Paclitaxel and Avastin). As the first regiment which included radiation basically did nothing, I do not hold much hope for "just a secondary" chemo regiment.

My kidneys took a hit on the first and will take another hit with the second. I don't want to be dealing with dialysis as well as the tumor.

If anyone has had success with a secondary treatment after the first one failed. Please let me know. Other than minor pain in both sides (the right side is recent) I feel very good. I can function well and my spirits are good.

I am currently getting a second opinion from another cancer treatment center.

Thanks for being here. Jerry

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Hi Jerry,

You did great with your introduction. Boy, I can understand your lack of enthusiasm for more of the same - but the suggested cocktail actually has some merit, as they perform somewhat differently, especially Avastin. You'll find lots of folks here on 3rd and 4th lines of treatment, and some 2nd many years ago and doing well.

You might be interested in reading up on CancerGrace if you haven't already - this is a good start:

http://cancergrace.org/lung/2010/10/04/ ... lc-option/

Good place for lots of quality medical information.

A couple of questions - why was the cancer staged IIIB - size of primary tumor or other? Has tissue been tested for the EGFR mutation, or ALK? If you were a non-smoker, and on the younger side of 60 or so, this will be important information. Tarceva can be of help even for smokers.

Welcome - hope you stick around.

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As Stephanie said - there are many here on the third and fourth offense. Several doing very well - that's the "beauty" of the different combinations. You never know when the right combo will work and knock it back - most side affects can be contained with treatment before and after therapy. Someone here probably has been thru exactly what you will be recommended and if not there is also cancergrace.org. I hope you find your answers and some peace knowing we are here to help you if we can.


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Thank you ts and Annette for your response, info and encouragement. It was staged as 3B because it could not be a 4 as it had not appeared elsewhere. It was inoperable as it had invaded the mediastinum, its proximity to the aortic arch and its size.

I'm taking a drive to Texas, near San Antonio, to visit with family on Tuesday. Be back in 10 days.

Take care.

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Welcome to the neighborhood. It's a warm comforting place to be. I certainly can understand your skepticism. I think most of us had doubts about the success of our treatments some where or other along our journeys. They are calling it chronic cancer when they can keep kicking it back. Here's hoping for you the next round is the key to kicking it back.

Judy in KW

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Welcome, Jerry. Here's wishing you success with your next treatments. Mine was earlier stage, so different from yours, but there are lots of people here who've had success with treatment for stage 3 and 4.

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Well I'm finally back on the treatment trail. Results of recent pictures do not show cancer has traveled. It seems to like it's current environment in my left lung and is growing every day. I am on a one day in three weeks schedule of carboplatin, pacilitaxel and avastin. Started Wednesday. They will evaluate after the third infusion.

I got a second opinion from a cancer center here in Columbus. They pretty much concurred with the findings and treatment that I had. It was a relief to get the same story.

Hoping all is going well with you all.


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