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Morning All! It's that day again and I can just hear you all cheering. I'm easing into this day but not too cheerfully. Don't know what's going on but was feeling really whipped yesterday, didn't think I'd make it thru my project. Had a little upswing though and did o.k. Except for helping Stan with dinner, was down most of the afternoon and evening. Was up til 10 pm but woke at 4:45 am. Seems I had been dreaming a mixed bag--part of it was that my insurance hit an lifetime maximum! Something I don't want to check out. Anybody know about Medicare supplemental policies.

Am deciding whether to send Stan to town to get my scripts or get my butt up and go with him. Believe it or not, he wants to go to Ross's to look for stuff for the cruise. I mean really, when a man wants to shop (and believe me it rare for mine), you'd think a woman would get in gear and go with him. I think I will drag myself up and do just that.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning everyone. Since it's my favorite day of the week, I thought I needed to make an extra effort to drop in and say good morning to everyone.

What a week it has been!!! Last week, my work computer crashed and I finally got a well needed new computer. Sad to say that I lost a ton of information that I've been trying to get on the new computer. We're on an internal server here at work for my accounting (thank God) but other things were completely wiped out, as my hard drive was fried. I've never had a virus before but this one was fast and furious. All I did was go online to look up an insurance agency and a flashing message came up about a worn infection. Our IT person was in the office and at my computer within a minute but there was nothing he could do...and he's a real whiz at this!!!

I finally got all of the 1099's in the mail on Monday afternoon and what a relief that was.

Judy...if Stan wants to shop, go with him. Shopping with hubbies can be fun at times. But...it's a real pain when they want to analyze all of your purchases and try to tell you what you need and don't need. My worst is when hubby and I go grocery shopping together. We usually end up not speaking to each other by the time we're to the checkout lane. He always fusses that I have too much "stuff" in the pantry and when I pick something up at the store, he insists that I already have it in the pantry. Occasionally he's right but more often than not, I don't buy the item and then get home to prepare a meal and don't have what I needed. Then, he always volunteers to make a trip back to Publix for me.

Hope everyone has some great plans for the upcoming weekend . I'm sure those plans include football and lots of good food. The game isn't quite as interesting for me since my COLTS aren't playing in the big game. But....I am rooting for the Packers in this game.

BTW...we always talk weather here and I'm saving this one till last because I'm trying to be sensitive of all my cold weather friends that are freezing. So...here goes....we're supposed to hit 80 today!!!


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Good morning! Well I am up unusually early. Had group this morning, and half of them cancelled, so I cancelled the whole thing. That's fine, it's -5F here, and it just looks brutally cold out there. Now I don't have to leave home until 2:00, and it will be 10 by then!

With my husband up North snowmobiling, I am bad, and allow my dogs to cuddle in bed with me. The best cuddle dog in world is a Labradoodle! They are such an affectionate dog, and their hair is so soft and fluffy, and Olive and I got some major bonding done this morning. LOL! i love both my dogs.

We have a 40 gallon drum filled with corn down on the lower yard. I love it this time of year because so many animals come there because the snow is so deep. Right now there are two pheasants down there, a daddy and a mommy. They are the most beautiful birds! They are rare here in Michigan, our habitat isn't the best for them. We have a large bog on part of the lake, and it has milkweed in it, and that is what attracts them to us.

And our 40 gallon drum filled with corn! :-)

Who's watching the Superbowl on Sunday? Go Green Bay!!!!!! I sure hope it warms up down there. Bud, what's the forecast?

Judy, it's funny because Randy's the shopper. I detest shopping, and would much rather shop on line. He looks at every sale, every possible deal. If I go grocery shopping alone, I can be done in 1/2 hour. With him it's at least 1 1/2 hours! LOL

Well have a good day. I will probably be back since I got "in" so early!

Judy in MI

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Spent most of yesterday shopping. I like to take my time and that is the first real bill of groceries I have bought in over 3 months. Still some things are sitting on my table will get them put away later. I am the kind of shopper who likes to take my time and I like to go alone. I read labels and compare prices.

Going to watch the game with some neighbors.one has a big screen tv so that will be neat. Get some KFC and chips and dip blow good eating out of the water one more day. It won't be as interesting as when the Saints won but our hometown boy Aaron Rogers is the quarterback for Greenbay so well will cheer him on. Actually he is from Chico about 80 miles from here but he is all over the news here.

Hope that soon you will all dig out and thaw out. Our weather is breaking high temperature records for this time of year and no rain. It should be in the 70s for the next several days reaching close to 80 a couple of times. We are not getting the rain that we need but hope this weather holds out through next weekend. We are going to have the celebration of my sister in laws life/memorial in the Bay Area and the only place we can find to do it is a park in Sunnyvale.

Well got to run. They are redoing our recreation room and getting rid of a bunch of books. I want to help sort them and maybe bring some home. Not too many I hope. I already have to buy another bookcase soon.

Have a great day everyone and Happy Friday.

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 19 degrees as I drove to work this morning. Forecast high is 29. There's still plenty of ice around, and now we have 5 inches of fresh snow on top of it, and it's still snowing outside. Schools were closed for the 4th straight day. I've never seen that happen here before. We're known for ice storms, but then it warms right back up the next day and melts everything. Not this time.

Oops, yes Annette, I did intend to say drove rather than rode yesterday. Bikes in general don't do well on ice, and especially recumbent bikes, so I haven't ridden since Monday. And with the new snow, the weekend doesn't look promising for a ride, either.

Right now, the Super Bowl day forecasts here vary from 42 to 49 degrees, but they keep revising everything down, and this much snow on the ground is bound to keep things cooler.

I had already decided to take a break from fishing this weekend, even before the weather got so bad. My winter spot tends to drop off in February, as well as getting more crowded, and it's too early for my other spots, so it's a good time for a break.

If the roads are passable tomorrow, I'm planning on helping a friend work on a bicycle project, but may just stay close to home the rest of the weekend. Have a great day, all!

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It was a little cool as I left my house for the doctor this morning. Looking forward (not) to this evening when the rain gets here. I seriously hope I'm home by then but the pharmacy just called and told me my prescription won't be ready until late this afternoon - they are out of antibiotics - I believe it as CVS and Foodlion were both out of Nyquil - everyone has this crud.

I have much work to get busy on and a conference call in an hour to prepare for but I must check on everyone here first. It is Friday so I would like to clean off my desk a little (who am I kidding - there are two folders on the side already marked to go home with me....~sigh~).

80 degrees, I was wrong I do still want to be visiting Florida. Really I do. I find it hard to go out when it is 32 degrees out and Judy (MI) is talking about below zero and might as well be below zero temps. Not me - I would be at home freezing because the heat pumps we have only work for about 15 degree differences. So when it gets that cold outside they just don't function well.

Well I'm off to work - I may check back in later - it's Friday!!


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The last couple days has been unusually mild here. Yesterday it hit +8/46F !!! Not exactly the same as Ann's 80 but definitely a heat wave for here in February. This morning it was only -4C/25F and is getting above freezing this afternoon. Great to get a head start on chores I thought would not get done before April or May.

I don't think you should let me have a say in choosing color's Annette. It would not only clash with the Llama but probably blind her.

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Good morning everyone,

It is 17 degrees and sunny and I am very grateful that we just missed that storm that hit Judy in MI. Hope your ok and not stuck. Just 40 miles south of us they got 19 inches of snow and then Chicago received 24 inches. I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

Ann, 80F, you got to be kidding!!! Sorry to hear about you computer at work crashing, this was not the time of year for that. Glad you got you 1099 out.

Judy KW Happy Happy belated birthday. I did read you were going to eat at a Thai restaurant. What did you have and was it good. Don't ask about the exercise and how it is going! It’s not going and I am with Annette depending on Bud!

Annette, sorry that they are expecting you to work at work, the nerve of them. LOL You and Ginny better pick out some colors for Bruce and his llama as our team mascot. I read you have a sinus infection, start taking the meds ASAP, that can really drag you down. I use to get them all the time non-stop, I finally had surgery and now I only get it once a year, thank god. Hope your tummy will be ok from the meds

Bud, my boss arrived in Dallas yesterday for the Superbowl game and it is like they never left here, 17 degrees. They took a chartered jet directly from here so at least they were able to get there. How far are you from Dallas? They just got a couple of inches of snow yesterday. I just can’t believe it. Dallas is on our news everyday now, beings we are in the Superbowl all our reporters are there. I sure hope your weather improves I know you hate driving to work. Five miles an hour to get up a hill (OMG what are they thinking)!

GO Packers GO. This town is going to be one big party Sunday, and then if they win our homecoming parade will be chaos. I think we even close schools, crazy isn't it? Trying to do green/gold colors, bet it didn’t work. Oh well, hopefully we are all colorblind!

Everyone have a great afternoon I am going to get my nails done today and buy a Packers Jersey, not sure if I am brave enough to go to the pro shop at the stadium or just the mall.

Please excuse my bad grammar. Thank you.


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Libby - I think that everyone around me is rooting for the Packers. Keith tells me no real Cowboys fan would root for the Steelers because they are tied now for the number of superbowl wins or some such nonsense. I told him I just wanted to be different so at least one of us is in a good mood. When my tv broke (for some strange reason it keeps getting turned on to ESPN....) I noticed that they are wearing heavy coats in Dallas. My best friend lives near San Antonio - I wonder how cold it is getting there. Don't know about you - but I'm just about finished with this winter crud (outside and bodily) - we need some honest to goodness sunshine!

~sigh~99 hours to go til 5 - someone has stopped the clocks here - and I'm still not getting any work done!


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Aren't we all chatty here this Friday. I went shopping with Stan and the best thing about it was lunch at Chico's--hard shell taco chicken supreme, home-made chips and salsa. Does it seem all I do is eat? lol Libby, we did do Thai for my BDay and we ordered 4 appetizers instead of entrees. It was fabulous--we shared some kind of dumplings, pot stickers, summer rolls and crab ragoon.

I forgot to tell you this morning how excited I am waiting for Gail (of Gail and Hank) to get down here. She should be flying into Ft Lauderdale today. I'm going to wait til later and call her cell. Hope the planes were flying from her way to mine. Also hope I'm feeling better by Tuesday which is when I'm going to see her.

Judy in KW

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Wow, you miss a lot when you come to the boards late!

I received the early morning phone call that the school bus was not running today due to freezing rain conditions. I had a million things to do today (okay, a little exaggeration perhaps) so I drove my son to school. He wasn't really excited about that prospect - not too sure why? :) My daughter's school recommended not to come as they would just be watching movies so she went to work with her dad to earn some money (not really excited either - we aren't the most popular parents here today?) I pointed out to her that if she wishes to join her friend in Maui for a month (her family has a place there) this summer she better start saving some spending money. I guess thoughts of Maui brightened her mood as she was a little happier when she left. I could use some thoughts of a faraway destination; however, there seems to be no money left since we had kids? Anyone else have that problem? Oh well, good thing I like camping-LOL. I will have to live vicariously through Eric on his big trip through the States. Any and all pictures of the wonderful places you all live would be most welcome too! :)

Judy KW-I wish I could get Travis to go shopping for things other than tools (he's like Tim the Toolman Taylor) or truck parts (boring!). Your shopping excursion sounds like fun - especially the eating part. I LOVE tacos so I hope you had some for me. I don't know who Gail and Hank are but I'm glad they are coming to visit and making you so happy.

Ann - 80 today ... so, so, so jealous! Really!!! I hope I don't get rocks thrown at me but I don't watch football - so all you fans enjoy the game. As to the computer virus - that is sad! I'm glad your accounting was okay. The day I turned 49 my husband decided that a nice birthday present would be to lose 7 months of my Simply Accounting data. I worked 36 hours straight on re-entering ... not his best gift ever (I expected diamonds this year, but again surprised when NOT-lol)

Judy MI - I can picture you snuggling with the dogs and watching all the wild life surrounding your corn drum. Sounds beautiful and cozy. I was entertaining the idea of getting a Labradoodle after our eldest 1/2 german shep/1/2 collie Jasper died of cancer and heart failure last fall. However, at $2500.00 for the dog I had to rethink the whole idea - the kids want to go to University and I don't think paying that much for a dog is feasible. We got a purebred Rottweiler for $800.00 many years ago - I can't believe how much dogs cost now. If I wasn't allergic I would just go to the animal shelter and pick out a dog ... stupid allergies. After the rottie and Jasper though, I realized I just can't handle feeling so crummy all the time. I don't think my lungs could handle it anymore either.

Lily - sounds like a fun way to watch the game ... enjoy!

Bud - the weather sounds somewhat similar our way - ice and then snow. Actually we had ice, rain, then the temp dropped to make the roads like a skating rink - calling for snow tonight. Enjoy your weekend close to home.

Annette - you work too much - don't they know you are feeling crummy and just want to be at home in your jammies? Hope you get your prescription quick and feel better soon.

Bruce - hope you got your chores finished and got a chance to enjoy some nice weather.

Libby - did you get your nails done to match the jersey?

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Time to think about getting supper ready.


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Busy place today! Linda, I wanted to tell you that I got my little Labradoodle for $800.00. What I did was an internet search for "older labradoodles". There aren't many of them out there, but in my State, there was a couple across the State, that had two six month old girls that were not bought yet.

We went and I sat down on the floor, and let them play all over me. I made sure to wear white so that I could see if they truly did not shed. (I have allergies too). They did not. So I determined the most playful and outgoing one, and she was mine.

You are right, a puppy is $2500.00. But we lucked out and got a great dog, who is still young enough to be a puppy but old enough to be over the puppy naughties!

Mi Judy

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Judy - what a good idea. I will do a search and see if there is any within a reasonable distance from us.

We haven't had a puppy in a long time (since the Rottie and we bought him 19 years ago-been gone almost 7 years-sigh)... we took Jasper when he was 8 as some people my husband knew were moving into town and he liked being on the acreage. I loved him so very much and only wish I had more time with him (the only downfall of taking an older dog ... not enough years with them).

Our current dog is a blank-a-poo (Chiraz) and we got her when she was 2 from my previous hairdresser - she didn't like her that much and gave her to my daughter...she is the cutest, most loveable dog - can't imagine who wouldn't love her. I would like to have a dog that could be in the house though, as Jasper was our "garage" dog; however, he loved being outside when the weather was nice. With our harsh winters though, he was definitely in the garage when weather dictated and we always laughed that he probably bragged to all the neighborhood dogs that he had the biggest dog house of them all!

So, a puppy isn't a necessity here, that's for sure. The only place I found when I did a search before was the lady that breeds in Calgary (the $2500 ones) and it sounds as though they are all gone before too long. She has a thriving business and actually interviews the buyer to see if it will be a good fit...that was impressive I thought. Anyhow, thanks for the good ideas - I will start researching that.


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