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Sunday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 39 degrees here this morning. It got up to 60 yesterday, 18 degrees warmer than the 42 they forecast, and melted off most of the snow and ice. The forecast for today is, of course, snow in a couple of hours.

Libby, I'm around 50 miles from downtown Dallas. Of course, the Superbowl isn't being played there. It's in Arlington, 30 miles from me.

I don't watch any network TV at all. We watch a few movies, and whatever the current series is on HBO, SHOWTIME, or STARZ.

Not much going on here. I think I'm going to just be lazy around the house. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning Bud and everyone else. Sounds like the weather is just tempting you to go fishing so it can catch you outside when the snow comes again.

We were at 74 yesterday and warmer temperatures expected today. We do need rain but like I said it is so nice I could get used to this year round.

I woke at 4am this morning but forced myself to stay in bed. I was exhausted from all the furniture moving and cleaning I did yesterday. Ended up sleeping until 7:15 so got a late start of phone calls to my kids.

Eating breakfast here at the computer if you call cottage cheese and yogert breakfast. lol but that is what I feel like eating so I am enjoying it. I will make up for it at the small superbowl party a few of us are having.

Well I hope everyone stays safe and warm. Have a great day all.

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Yippee - I beat most of you here today! Morning Bud and rest of the crew.

Last night hubby and I went to our friends house to watch UFC which was a blast. Unfortunately, the roads were absolutely miserable on the way home, especially the highway...just like a big skating rink and the snow was blowing everywhere. Today my plans are to stay in with the kids and relax (except for some snow clearing on the kids part!) Hubby is already at the shop working...he is a workaholic that guy.

Bud, I so admire that you don't watch tv; however, I believe I am an addict. No hope for me whatsoever to reform. :) Hope you enjoy your lazy day.

Have a good one folks. I'll check back in later.

Oh, Lily you posted just about the same time as me so - good morning, we are both eating breakfast by the computer this morning. Mine is fruit, Bran Buds and yogurt - yours sounds good too!


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After a good melt down at the dinner table last night - from which we both emerged laughing - feeling much better today. Stayed up to watch a movie on Demand - The Constant Gardener. I liked it, but might be too much drama and too much talking to ghosts all sweet and nice for some. The African landscape was remarkable.

Yesterday, made a big batch of granola - oats, pecans, sesame seeds, raisins, cranberries etc. Better than bakery fresh. M made the healthy "Slow cooked beans and kale" from the NY Times, but not with limas.

This morning, we went out for breakfast - had 1 of 3 apple beignets, half the fresh and juicy corned beef hash, the hard cooked poached eggs (hated doing that to such beautiful eggs, but safety prevailed), half slice of giant toast, and excellent brewed coffee. M had fresh grapefruit juice - and I realized I don't think I have any drugs that have grapefruit warnings right now? Is that possible? Also in the restaurant were a table of chefs - including Michael Voltaggio who was on Top Chef Season 6. In town for some special eating event, and he chose the same brunch as we did! I did not disturb his morning. Then we walked to the Farmer's Market and strolled the commercial street. Nice morning.

BTW - generally stay close home in August when the garden requires attention and the weather is nice, so I look forward to seeing Eric and Judy in KW if they make it to the PNW this summer. Seafair madness ends August 7, making the city much more pleasant. But the following two weeks always seem to fill up with social engagements.

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Today there was something in the sky I haven't seen in a while - I think they call it the sun - and almost blue skies. It was pretty warm - I'm not a weather checker but I was warm with my coat on the ride into town from the country. I have been "playing" on FB / printing stuff for work all day - and just got so caught up the day passed quickly. Then I made some light snacks for us to get the super bowl started (pigs in a blanket, cheese and little mini eclairs - - yummmmm) - everyone else was talking so healthy I had to throw something "good" in the mix.

Now I'm ready to turn this off and go try and finish the game - I am rooting for the wrong team according to Keith - but gotta make it fun - somehow - I'm a Texas girl so my team isn't even playing - although they are in my teams stadium!!! Maybe next year.

That noisy thing has to go off in the morning - making tomorrow a four letter word :( work day even though I put in several hours tonight downloading and printing files. I need a vacation.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday evening -


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Hi all, this is so late I doubt it will be read. Not much of a day today other than the Super Bowl and the Packers winning!!!!! Yeah. Good game.

Restaurants around us were offering 50 percent off on food to entice folks there, knowing most of us were having parties. We went to a local restaurant and had a delightful meal at a delightful price and came home for the game!

Driving to the restaurant the ice began to fall. Coming home I was very careful as the roads were slippery. But we did fine.

I have a busy week ahead with both a CT scan and a Mammogram. Yikes, hate both of them. My Mom was dx with breast cancer first, then primary lung cancer. Tonight I thought how ironic it would be if I was dx with primary lung first, then breast cancer.

Hate going there and try to shut out such thoughts. Yesterday I had a spasm or seizure in my left ribs that was horrid. Today I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my ribs. *sigh* Have no idea why that happened. I hoped the meds I was on solved that issue.

Whatever. I am ok. I think.

Judy in MI

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