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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Now everyone take a deep breath and look over your left shoulder. You may be being followed by the men with the white jackets. Over 100 people viewed the Air yesterday as insaniety broke out and I'm afraid we are all in danger of being institutionalized. Sorry Bud and Stephanie, even you two just by association.

The good news is Gail is coming today and we'll have some fun downtown, maybe have dinner later. Bad news is later this week I have to get back into the computer. The accountant says we owe taxes and wants anymore expenses accrued in 2010 but paid in 2011. They know how to claim them now when we need it. All I want to do is play and get ready for my cruise. Booo hooo.

Judy, will be thinking of you today. Hope you don't wait long for your results. Post as soon as you know. Oh, and I'm reading what you said about photobucket and thinking I've done it a million times. But I copied it thinking that I'd go back and do it again step by step to see if I were missing something. Before doing that, I remembered I could just go to my edit profile page and download it from My Documents. Whalla, one shot and done. lol

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning - a beautiful morning - sun is shining looking like a day that will warm up to a light jacket (I'm like Judy and 70 is a little cool) - except for the part about getting up getting dressed and going to work.

I would like to dally here and spend more time analyzing the things that went on yesterday. I agree with Judy - there were 2 people that appeared to be on the straight and narrow - I guess someone has to remain sane around here - even though it was pretty much fun. If you could read yesterdays air and not laugh or at least wonder what we were up to - let us know we will try harder.

Judy (MI) - I have as much crossed as I can that the results arrive fast and are the kind that makes us smile!

I think Bud said the weather is hitting tomorrow so I'm hoping he is exercising for us this morning. If not we could always to our own. I believe we should not overdo - our muscles have been cold all winter - it's very important to warm things up first. I believe I heard sometime in the past when exercising crossed my mind that some stretching should be done first. So:

If you want you can stand up / if you are at work and it would be awkward don't stand up...

Twist to the left (oh my is that a quarter in the back left corner)


Twist to the right (how did that cobweb get in that corner)


Now for the tricky one - look up to the roof - stretch that neck.

Okay -

Now if you are feeling like you need a little more - my coffee cup is empty so I'm gonna have to walk across the hall to the kitchen for a refill (need extra sugar since I exercised so hard) - If anyone wants to walk along then it will be time to get back to ~work~

And after that we better relax for a day or so.

Almost forgot...

Eric - tutu - for Bruce - poor Keith - I had to read him the whole air last night cause I laughed so hard.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 32 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 56. The ice storm is supposed to hit tomorrow morning, although some forecasters are starting to call for just plain snow.

Nice avatar, KW Judy. I like the hat.

Thanks for the recipe, Stephanie. Rose loves to cook and bake this time of year, so I printed her that recipe. I was printing some recipes for her new breadmaker when my printer ran out of ink. It sounds like I'll have to drive to work tomorrow anyway; maybe I'll stop on the way home and get an ink cartridge, if the roads are ok by then.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning. Judy I love the new picture and the hat! Sounds like I missed some fun yesterday but I am still trying to catch up from my trip and being gone again for a week. Then I leave Thursday for a few more days. I will be so glad when I can stay home for a while.

Snowflake when I lived in French Gulch about 20 miles up in the mountains from here we had only the dish for tv and dial up internet. The only cell phone that would work was Verizon so I had to cancel out Cingular and ended up costing me over $200. Verizon worked great as long as I didn't go past our little town about 1/4 mile from my house. After that no cell phone worked. Still I loved that place and would have stayed but it was too far from everything and only one road out when we had the fire made me know I needed to be in town.

It has cooled down a little here. Temperature is still supposed to be around 60 with clear skies but the 40 mph wind is going to make it feel a lot colder. I really don't mind though. Not a lot planned today other than fitness class and going to the movie. I may put my new bookcase together this evening to get a head start on tomorrow. I plan on moving things in my bedroom so I can chase dust bunnies. Even the dark doesn't scare them away anymore :lol:

Still trying to stick to a diet of sorts along with exercise but it is sure hard with all the temptation around. Going to my nieces Thursday so we can leave for the bay area early Friday. She is planning on making a home cooked Mexican dinner for my birthday. Her husband is Mexican and she can cook better than going out to eat.

Well got to run and see if I can spend a few minutes visiting with some neighbors at our morning coffee. It was my idea to have coffee in our recreation room every morning. I thought of it before I left on my trip. It really caught on and now I feel almost obligated to go for a few minutes. That can take the wind out of my sails when I have a lot to do in a day.

Take care all and make sure you all keep your clothes on. You see I did manage to read a little of yesterday's air. Not worried about you getting cold just thinking of all the poor pets who may get an eye full and run out in the cold to get away :lol:

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Now that I have recovered from Becky's card swipes, I will try posting.

A little chilly here this morning at -29C/-20F. But it is sunny and the temperature will go up to -16C.

Nice hat and shades Judy KW. I think you should volunteer for this logo. I'm sure you would look alot better in a tutu than I would. ( Thanks for your generous offer Eric. Thanks for the support buddy. LOL )

Lilyjohn it is so nice to see that you are more concerned about the Llama's eyesight than me getting frostbite from the cold. LOL

Annette that wasn't very nice of you making Keith listen to yesterday's post. LOL

Judy KW, hope you have a great visit with Gail.

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Currently 16 degrees here (F), but with windchill, feels like 4. That's outside, but it isn't all that warm in the house. I think someone has rigged the thermometer in here to read 69 because my feet and fingers are freezing and there's just no way it's that warm.

If Bruce needs a cage, my go-go cage is in storage while the weather is too cold to dance in it. My one request is that the feathers and bling be put into a box and not thrown away, I like it decorated and don't have the funds to keep getting new feathers and rhinestones, ya know?

One good thing about having a new account with the dish, I get 90 days of free movie channels. Bad news? Lots of older movies like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", "Men in Black II", "McLintock" (LOVE me some John Wayne)... Seriously, there are movies older than me that are showing repetitively.

I have found a real good exercise program, the gear isn't all that expensive, two 10-pound potato bags. Hold one in each hand and lift 20 times. Work on it every day for a week and then, add a couple of potatoes to each bag... :wink:

Love that hat, sunshine! Maybe I'll decide to come down and see you, Judy, since you're hogging up the sun. I'll have to add "Margaritas in Key West with Judy" on my bucket list, and add a cheeseburger in paradise to my order... :mrgreen:

Global warming my rear...

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Hi All,

Thanks for yesterdays guys and gals,you helped chase my winter blues away with a good laugh.Weather here really getting milder 10deg C +.I woke up this morning for the first time this year-the dawn corus,all the birds outside were giving it laldy,spring is in the air.

Bowling to-night I am on in the second session 8.30pm-10.30pm,hopfully will do better to-night,although Thursday eve,we were holding our own and fell at the last hurdle,suppose just like Andy Murray,sniff.

Having a bit of bother with my memory recently,Sunday in Glasgow,I parked my car in the multi-storey car park,took real care,where exactly,2nd level,north side,car facing large concrete column (cement as you would say?)well returned 3hrs later,paid the parking in the machine,went to level two,north side,concrete pillar,no car?,oh no its been stolen,oh heck,better just wander round level 2 just to make sure,no luck,its gone?.

Wait a minute,thats Buchanan St bus station out there,funny it used to be the RSAMD there? (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) I am in the wrong car park,being Scottish it was a relief to me the other car park machine recognised my paid up parking fee.Then this morning I had to fill up petrol (gas)I parked wrong side of the pump for the filler cap,so angrily I reversed and moved to the other pumps to my left and still parked at the wrong side for my filler cap.I just had a good laugh with myself at being such a nerd.

There's been a bit of discussion here in Scotland by the medical profession about introducing prescriptions for everyone here to get a daily dose of Vitamin D,doctors here think we arent getting enough exposure to adequate sunlight in a year.It just so happens I have been taking a daily dose of Vitamin D for about a year now in liquid form,two teaspoonfuls.I forgot to keep the Thursday newspaper last,but in it was the story of a woman who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer,and was given 3-6 months to live,well her Doctor had prescribed her with a daily pill of VitaminD and now 4 years later,she appears in the newspaper looking really healthy and doing so well.Seems other doctors have followed his lead,and have reports of others doing similarly well.I must find out more about this story,I am not one who is easily persuaded about claims of wonder cures,I have heard about so many, but the Doctor is absolutely convinced about its effectiveness.

Well Judy,Love the hat and the shades,you are a real cool dude (just practicing my Americanisms for my hols)gimme a high five, etc,well when I go to Spain I do similar eg One year on holiday the wine waiter serving my table would ask for my order,well in "perfect" Spanish I would reply Una Biccerie Vino por favour and Dos Vassos,least thats what I remember,this routine went on for a full week until one day he laughed at me and explained I had asked him for a bottle of wine and two kisses (think I had said Bassos?)wouldnt have been so bad if he hadnt spread it all around the staff of the hotel who spent the rest of my holiday making limp wrist gestures and blowing me kisses,yes the hombres too.

Got to dash bowling time,see you later,bye.

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Good afternoon! Morning is just too much for me. Sunny and pleasant here in central Florida.

Eric, the concrete/cement issue is more complicated. Indeed, concrete is made from cement and "up north" it's called concrete. In some areas, tho. cement is pronounced sea-MENT.

Becky, I like your idea for exercise equipment. Can I assume that there are no potatoes in the two bags the first week and then we start out addidng 2 potatoes each week. How long before the potatoes rot? Being part Irish, I'm a bit sensitive re: rotten potatoes.

Love the new picture, Judy. Have a great cruise.


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Ok, we have an olympic biker (Bud) and now we have a movie star (Judy KW). Oops I forgot the llama trainer (Bruce). What a group we are.

Judy, is your Gail, the Gail from NJ that used to go to our quarterly lunches up here? If so, tell her to get back in touch with us, we miss her.

Judy MI, any news yet? You must be on pins and needles. I have no reason to worry when I have a mammo, but I do until I get THE letter. Can't imagine how nervous all you guys are.

Snow, I told you on FB how happy I am for you. It sounds like your life is going great, (except for the Buster Keaton movies).

At work today, only 25 more minutes. Just looked again, now 24.

Go to hospice tonight to volunteer. Found out that Rose was sent back to the nursing section of her life care community. She came to hospice this dear woman and rallied. I am thrilled.

Freezing here. UNCLE on winter. Should be getting somewhat warmer this weekend. Don't know how you guys up north can stand it.

Okay, now only 20 minutes, so I should dust my desk.

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Hey Ya'all!

Yesterday was just a hoot wasn't it? Now did you see that I logged in at 2:00AM, dreaming it was 8:00AM and brushed my teeth. What I didn't know until this morning is that I brushed my teeth with a hormone creme!!!!!! I got up at 8:00 and got ready to shower and brush my teeth, and the tube of hormone creme was sitting on the counter looking very suspicious. I have not used that in years! And then I see in the sink, by the drain, a glob of it. OMGosh! So I changed tooth brushes, and brushed with Crest, and hoped the hormone creme would not make me feistier today than I normally am! LOL LOL LOL

So today, I arrive for my CT, and I have gotten the same tech for 3 years in a row. She is so sweet and kind. She remembers me, remembers that i like a towel under the knees and always appreciates a nice warm blanket. What an angel. Then afterwards, as she is undoing the IV, I mention that I have a Mammogram scheduled for tomorrow at another lab. She said "Why?" "We can do that here for you." And calls upstairs to see if they can fit me in, which they did and I got all my stuff done at once! How nice is that.

I'm coming down with some kind of gunk, so it was nice to cross that off the calendar for tomorrow, and know I can sleep if I need to. Have a sore throat, runny nose, cough and sneezy thing going on. I'll be hitting the Airbourne hard in the next few days.

Today we got to 15 at one point. Tonight it's supposed to get to -15 or some obscenely freezing temperature. I'm in for the rest of the night, and going to settle for some left overs in the fridge.

Ginny, good job on filling those last minutes at work with a post here and dusting. :)

KW Judy, the new picture is absolutely adorable! I love, love your new avatar. Are we Judy's just the cutest little brunettes you've ever seen even if we have to say so ourselves????? :lol:

ERic great story about the parking mix up and the Italian! How funny.

Becky, laughed right out loud at the go go cage! I can just see that tough, burly cowbow Bruce in it!!!! With pants on of course! No tu-tu though.

Annette, I loved your little exercise class! I did everything you told me to. And given that it's 6:00PM now, I got up for a stroll for a glass of the vino!

KW Judy, hope you and Gail had a grand old time! How fun. Again, love the picture.

Thanks all of you for your thoughts, keeping everything crossed, and more! I was dizzy when I got up. But it was okay. They have a gorgeous nature scene above the CT machine, and I love to look at it and imagine I'm there, and it does help. The Mammogram went fine, and did not stress me out either.

So I see my Onc. on the 18th, and he'll have the results of both of them by then. I'm really not in a hurry to hear, and what I want to hear is NED!!!!!

Have a good evening.

Judy in MI

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Fine bunch of misfits indeed Ginny. LOL I have to train Llama's because as everyone here know's I can't ride a horse.

Now Becky I was going to reply to your post but I thought it might be a setup and I can get into enough trouble on my own, thank you. LOL

In the construction industry we referred to the powder as cement and once you add water it cures and becomes concrete.

Muriel I thought about you earlier today not having seen you on here for awhile.

Judy MI I almost lost mine again posting the same time as you. LOL Good to hear that your day went better than you expected and of course NED will be visiting you on the 18th.

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