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Prayers are needed


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My golfing friend Barb has stage IV NSCLC. She is having a very hard time balancing meds and is having many seizures. At her last visit that gave her a prognosis of 11 months (strange time frame I think).

Please remember her in your prayers.


P.S. She is 1 of 4 of my friends that have lc right now. Hate it.

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I will keep your friends in my prayers.

I've had this blasted disease twice now, and you would think I would start to realize just how many people with LC there are. But I occasionally drive patients to chemo or radiation, and I am constantly surprised to find out how many have LC.


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Hi Ginny,

I am really sorry to hear about your friend Barb,I will remember her in my prayers,please pass on my regards to her,and remind her this disease can be lived with,even at stage four,see my recent post.Sorry to have missed you in Edinburgh,since we bypass each other at the same time,maybe next time?

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Sorry, Ginny. Amazing - 4 friends all with LC. I agree with that strange prognosis. I don't think these folks who spout the stats know much about anything. When will there be some major breakthrough? Thinking of you often and thanks so much for your card. Means a lot. Hope lunch gets on the books before too long. Ever hear from Ellen? I thought you had her # and/or email or something. Thinking about her of late too. Haven't seen anything from Col or JB either.

Tell Barb that the docs don't know everything.


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