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Thursday's Air


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Good morning everyone,

It has been a couple of days since I have been on, five to be exact. It is currently -10 degrees and I don’t think it is going to warm up any. I leave for work shortly so wanted to post something real quick. “We are Superbowl Champions.” Bud must have been very difficult for your area to deal with the temps. I didn’t even think it ever got that cold or even snowed a couple of inches.

Good lord what is going on around here? LOL

I reviewed posts since Saturday last nightly very briefly and laughed my butt off. Annette and Becky are throwing dollars at Bruce as he runs around pant less in his cage! Eric has offered to loan Bruce his tutu? Judy in MI has decided to us hormone cream as toothpaste. Judy in KW thinks she paid for her parking spot! Eric can’t find his car. And last but not least we are exercising with empty potatoes sacks. You guys had me rolling.

Annette, yes the funny ring noise is the phone!!! LOL

Judy in MI I am praying for NED results on the 18th.

Very cold here today I hate even leaving the house but have no choice. I had enough of winter. Bud I bet you’re getting a little stir crazy not cycling into work. Judy in KW I am so glad that you had such a good time with your friend Gail. Eric can’t wait for you to visit glad you have your trip planned out. Forget getting any kind of medical coverage here in the U.S. if you are sick you are discriminated against, they will throw you to the wolves!!!!. Pretty pathetic!

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Morning All! Temp up 10 degrees this morning from yesterday morning. I'm a happy camper.

Had a good night's sleep (Judy sorry you were up feeling bad again) and hoping it gets me in gear. I'm starting to feel a little anxious about all I have to do in the next 16 days. People from NJ coming in today. I should try to see them over the next couple of days because the next group comes in Sunday. We'll probably spend at least two or three days with them. Right after that, Wendy and Dominick come in a week from tomorrow and then I have barely a week to get ready for my cruise. Haven't even started packing let alone know what I'm taking lo. I am excited though.

Doctor visit was good--all labs normal and pee test negative. The old man who owns the lab said there is something called cystitus where the symptoms come and go. Figure that's what I have. That's why I didn't want to take antibiotics because I get the bladder infection symptoms from time to time--take Azo and start drinking cranberry juice and it goes away. Anybody know anything about the CEA numbers relative to lung cancer? I thought they weren't relevant but my PCP says they are.

Well off to my office. Will pop back in and see what everyone's up to later.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy. I see two airs but decided to post on the top one. You sound like one very busy lady. I know at times it can be overwhelming to be so busy but aren't you glad that you are able to do all of those things? I complain about being tired but am so glad that I can keep busy and feel useful. I don't think I would be happy with the alternative and sounds like you wouldn't either.

I am taking it easy today. I wore myself out yesterday but sure like the looks of my new arrangement. Nice having more room for my books and what nots too. It has been a while sense I put a piece of furniture together so I had forgotten how hard it could be.

Off to Sunnyvale tomorrow for the memorial on Saturday. It will be strange being there without Sherrell but then again maybe she will be there. Her kids have been having "signs" not sure how many are real and how many are wishful thinking but I am the last person to deny they could be true. I have had so many from Johnny.

We still have a strong wind blowing but it is supposed to get up to 70 again today. Weekend should be really nice weather then next week the rain should start. We need the rain and I want to see some Winter here. I see plenty in Louisiana but each year it seems to be over when I get home. I am just glad it is waiting until after the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone and thank all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday. I really appreciate it. I will be back Monday or Tuesday.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 14 degrees with a stiff north wind when I got up this morning. There are also still patches of ice around, so I drove to work.

I spent my entire morning break figuring out how to merge the two Thursday Airs, so now I need to go back to work.......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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It's morning. That's all I'll commit to. :?

Well, I'm up for the fifth time, still feeling really, REALLY crappy. Wow.

It's 12 here but sunny. I won't be venturing out today at all. I cancelled my Gilda's Club stuff and am going to go back to bed soon. The Airbourne is helping, so can't imagine how sick I'd be without it.

Lily, I'll bet your apartment looks lovely. I get such a sense of accomplishment when I complete projects! Hope you have a good weekend.


The CEA cancer marker is a protein that appears in the blood when there are certain types of cancer tumors in the body. Doctors use the CEA cancer marker to measure the progress of cancer treatments and tumors. It is common for colon, breast, pancreas, and lung cancer.

I'm not that smart. Went to google to find that.

Well, back to bed. Hope you all have a good day. Thanks for all the good wishes.

MI Judy

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There was snow on my car this morning - none on the streets and thankfully it just blew off - I'm not gonna scrap ever again since i slipped and fell the last time I attempted it.

Had to do a conference call first thing this morning. I did log on and see that two airs were going - I looked quickly and decided it was beyond my limited knowledge to combine them so Yeah Bud (even if the weather is not supporting our exercise team!)

My mom called and left me a message that "she was gonna take herself to the ER"....oh my.... she had a senior moment in the Kroger parking lot last week and the bottom of the door gouged a line across her calf. I knew I should have gone over there and made sure she cleaned it - but I'm an addict - I admit it I am hooked on Farmville, Cafe World, etc. so I just talked to her on the phone to make sure she was still playing like me - and she was just letting her leg get infected at the same time. She said she thinks that her hemoglobin is down too cause she is having a hard time breathing (emphasima (sp sorry)) is bad. So I asked if she wanted me to go and she said no she was just worried cause my nephew doesn't have a key so if I don't here from her by 3:15 I'll have to go pick up the ummm kid yep that's a nice word.

Judy (MI) - I am so glad my "whatever" has gotten better. There were a couple of days in there I was fairly certain I was on the way out - or maybe that was just what I felt like. Hoping the rest and staying in helps.

Judy (KW) as the days pass you will get more and more excited and then the Mary Poppins packing will kick in - cause it will be party time. Everything will just fall into place - somehow!

I better get myself back to work since I may have to leave early,


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Things are really getting exciting on this board!!! Personally, I think everyone is all excited about KW Judy's new hat!!! I think it's having a really strange effect on us all and putting us in that Key West state of mind!!!

It's raining here this morning and the temperature has dropped since I came to work this morning. I stepped outside for a couple of minutes and it was pretty chilly. I'm always thankful when we get rain here. When we have a dry spell, it seems we always have a lot of fires.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

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I thought I'd pop in at lunch time since I had to bail so quickly this morning.

Judy, with lung cancer, many doctors don't seem to follow CEA as closely as they do with many other cancers, but if it's found to be high at the time of diagnosis, they'll track it. You can read a study on it here. That's probably more than you wanted to know, but there's some good information in the DISCUSSION and CONCLUSION sections. You're probably going to have to talk to your onc to see how big a factor they consider it in your case.

Libby, I got to ride to work Monday and Tuesday this week, and I think I'll be able to ride tomorrow, so that's much better than last week. If I could get in a weekend ride, it wouldn't be too bad a riding week, but lots of things are happening here in the next few days, so I don't know how many weekend miles I'll get.

Sunday is Pixie's birthday. She'll be one year old. Monday is Valentine's Day, and Tuesday is my and Rose's 25th wedding anniversary. I think that we're going out Saturday since that's in the middle of the week.

Lillian, when was your birthday? I missed it. Late Happy Birthday! MI Judy, I hope you're feeling better now. Annette, here's hoping your mom is ok. Enjoy your rain, Ann.

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I came in tired and cranky then laughed like crazy at your funny funny summary of our antics Libby. I did miss you. Over the weekend, I figured you were up at the weekend house so glad to see you got caught up enough to pop in before the weekend gets here again lol. I don't know a darn thing about football but guess congratulations are in order? Don't ask me now who won, I forget. At least I remember who played lol.

Lily, I read your post saying there were two Airs. Libby and I must have posted and got them thru together. I hadn't read Bud's post yet but knew the angel on my shoulder who merged them. I swear Bud, I didn't know lol. Hope you have a great celebration. That's some really significant occasions bunched into one week.

Thanks Bud and Judy on the CEA info. I just thought it didn't apply to LC. Don't know where I got that idea. My PCP decided to have it done and says he finds it "reassuring."

Libby, I'm glad you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors and hope the weekend goes easily for you.

Poor Judy, the best thing for that thingy you've got is, I'm sure, sleep. So get as much as you can and feel better soon.

Annette, I bet you wish Mom would let you know about things before it becomes a trip to the ER. Don't know if you want to have to leave work early to pick up the ummm kid or not--gets you out early but the works waits for us and tomorrow is Friday.

Hi Ann, you did miss it when the insanity broke out. You've been around long enough to know that it happens from time to time. Then we all settle down til it happens again lol. It was overcast for a little while and Stan thought we'd get rain but the sun is shining again and no rain.

O.k. this has gone way long enough.

Judy in KW

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Hi All,

Beautiful bright sunny day today,spring weather in Feb,what next?.I was going to post last night,straight after I watched David Attenboroughs new nature series,Madagasgar,dont know if you get to see any of his nature progs,they are always something else.I wanted to see the stange wild life they have on the island,anyone here seen the primate called an Aye-Aye,well they are just about the strangest creature on the planet.Going to show off for a moment

you know his brother Richard?well he came to my local one year,we had contributed most in the UK to a charity he is the Patron of Muscular Dystrophy and came to the pub to pick up the check,couldnt believe it when I arrived he was standing with his agent alone all the regulars keeping their distance,shy or respect? I dont know,not me,Hows it going Dicky?hows David doing?well we had a great night to-gether,having a good laugh.Where was I? yes TV prog,well I was so tired,I decided to tape the prog and go to bed,anyone else had Mega Sleeps recently?do you know I fell asleep on hitting the pillow and didnt stir until the alarm rang at 6.00am,think there might be something wrong with me? 10 hours? its not natural?.

Bowling Tuesday- beat 38-1,can you believe it?,played the early session tonight,beaten 13-12 which is just about bearable, forget the scores its really great fun,love to introduce it in America,just know you would go nuts for it?.

Bud,and others thanks for the comments on Vitamin D,just to work out how much to take daily?,any thoughts on a daily aspirin and green tea now.Bud thanks also for the Here-Here links,sounds like the Aye-Aye again,I spent some time on them they are really interesting.

JudyKW,glad all tests OK,cannot wait to hear your cruise chat.

Libby,must correct you,Tu-Tu for Bruce isnt a loan,its keepsies,anything to get Judy KW,off my back.

Judy MI,Think you should calm down a bit over the ingestion of hormone cream,facial hair is quite easy to deal with,just borrow Randy's electric razor,on second thoughts why dont you just leave it?,you could start up a completely new career with the circus?.Goodnight all,enjoy the rest of your day.

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It's official - I had to leave work early and meet the kid. My mom called around 4:30 and said they were admitting her into the hospital so now we are waiting for her to call with the room number. The kid doesn't have to leave for school until 8:30 and I have a meeting at work from 8 to 8:30 - if any of you are aware of his latest escapades you can understand my dilemma in leaving the kid alone in my apartment....my neighbor will be home - but if you were off would you want to get up a 7:45 to watch the neighbor. (My mom and nephew live in one apartment and I live in another across the breezeway - it's a great arrangement privacy wise and I can assure you my house is always cleaner - teenagers!!!!) The worst part is that he is scheduled for court on Monday morning - and my mom is his guardian so I suppose I will have to contact his lawyer and see what we do if mom doesn't get out over the weekend.

Thanks for letting me get this off my mind. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday.

Wonder what kinda trouble we should stir up next?


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Oh Annette, I am so sorry for your troubles. Is Mom o.k.? The infection must be pretty bad for them to keep her. And to be torn like that between your job and the kid--it's just wrong. Any signs he's learned anything yet?

Eric my dear, you are not a spring chicken anymore even tho you are younger than I. But with all your goings on, you are bound to crash and burn once in awhile lol. We bowl here in the states. Is yours a different game? Big balls with holes you put your fingers in and throw? You have to let go when you throw or the ball will take you down the alley with it. Same game?

Got to go harvest crops. It's late and I'm tired.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy,

No,No,No,its not ten pin bowling,silly,knocking down skittles,how could I introduce that to America?,its carpet bowling,its a large rink,you roll a small yellow "jack" down your rink,you then roll your bowl to the jack,nothing like a ten pin bowl,with finger holes,duh,but a bowl with a weight inside it to one side which gives it a bias,so it dosnt roll in a straight line but in a long curve,the skill is in judging the bias and the weight so that it finishes as close to the jack as possible,we play as two teams of four,and have two bowls each,if you are playing as an individual against another player,you have four bowls,its really great fun,the rink I play in is home to the world bowling championships,why dont you cancel the cruise and come to Airdrie and have a wee shot?.

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