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Prayer Request from Me


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Some of you know that partway through my last pregnancy (I have three sweet girlies now!) I was diagnosed with what is known as a carotid paraganglioma or a carotid body tumor. Basically that's a tumor on my carotid artery. Now that baby is here it's time to get that taken care of, so this Saturday we're headed to the NIH to be part of a clinical study and to have the tumor surgically removed. Because this happened to me at a relatively young age there is a good possibility that it was caused by a genetic mutation. If that's the case I may be dealing with a paraganglioma syndrome and possibly recurrence/metastasis further down the line. We'll find out the full story as a result of this study and the tests that I'll have. Our big girls will be staying here with family and our baby girl (2 months old) will be joining us.

I would love it if you all would be willing to pray for me. I sure didn't expect this, but I think we've found the right people to help us deal with the issue at NIH.

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Prayers have been headed your way ever since Fred and I first heard about Tomas. You ARE headed to the right place. If ANYONE ANYWHERE can do what needs to be done the best it can be done it is NIH. We will wait to hear from you and take it from there. In the meantime - I know you know all about taking deep breaths, right? And you know everyone here is great at carrying each others' worries. Recall the carrying the pork chop? Well, I've got yours, dear girl!



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