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It's finally Friday.....and I will get to leave work early since my nephew gets out of school at 3:45 so we will go visit my mom in the hospital. Sigh - if it's not one thing it's another. I just spoke with her and she is talking like her breathing is really bad - but no doctors' have spoken to her yet. There have been several occasions when she was in the hospital that her elevator just didn't go all the way to the top level after a while in the hospital - so I will probably have to yank some chains to find out what is going on. Not my idea of a relaxing weekend - and that is what we worker bees need - relaxing weekends.

I have left 2 messages with the nephews lawyer. I have no idea what will happen there - they won't blame me and get me in trouble - I am not that child's guardian no not me - wan't nothing to do with that - my kid is all 'growd' up I is done done done.

Anyway - I may have to stop at the ABC store on my way home this evening - cause that may be a strawberry daiquiri calling my name!


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Can everyone join in with a big " glory, glory, hallelujah it's FRIDAY?"

YES!!! I heard that loud and clear and you all sounded great!!! Although I've been frantically busy, this week has really moved along at a snail's pace. I had to double check the calendar this morning to make sure it's really FRIDAY!!! I know that all my hard working, clock punching friends are celebrating along with me!!!

The air's a little nippy here today. Our high is supposed to be in the 60's. So funny...it seems that Floridians have a habit of rushing out to the garden centers on the first warm, sunny day that we have and buying plants. My neighbor was planting annuals last weekend and then worrying about how they would handle the cold last night. I have seen some very cold temps here in the last week of February, so I don't do any planting until mid-March.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some organizing accomplished at home this weekend. I really don't have much to do except some lite shopping for valentine cuties for the grand babies. Our little local ice cream store always has $5.00 coupon books for ice cream. Every year, Ella looks forward to 5 trips to the ice cream store.

I see Lillian hasn't made it in yet??? Makes me wonder how much birthday celebrating she did yesterday...lol!!!

Have a good weekend!!!

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 18 degress as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 49. NOAA has been calling for a warmer February than normal here. I'm thinking if that's the case, it better get started soon.

I forgot to mention one other major thing that's going on here. Rose will start school Monday afternoon, on her way to becoming a certified nurse's aide. She already has a job waiting, but it's contract work, doing home health care, probably not what she wants long term, but it will get her started.

Rose seems to be coming down with a cold, so we may end up staying closer to home than planned this weekend.

Annette, I hope it isn't anything too serious with your mother. I'm sending positive thoughts.

Have a great Friday, all!

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Hi Everyone,

Just dropped by to read the mail,off to a party,my sister-in-law is fifty today,having a do at her work,it is the David Lloyd sports centre,so looking forward to it,maybe get a game of tennis while I am there?.Weather today mild and miserable,cannot wait for the daylight hours to get longer.

Annette,sorry to read about your mum,hope it turns out nothing much to be concerned about,never tried one,but a strawberry daiquiri sounds just great to relax to,hope you find some time to yourself this weekend to chill out.

Hi Bud,thats good news Rose setting out on a new career,I wish her every success in the training element and finds steady work of the enjoyable type,when she completes her course.

Sorry,bit short tonight,got to pick up Sally at her work,she is getting changed there when she finishes at Six,she started back on Monday,so fingers crossed she can stay on the staight and narrow.See you to-morrow,long weekend-holiday on Monday,no students next week,college self evaluation week,we have to contemplate out curriculum delivery and figure out what we can do better,sounds like fun dosnt it?I wont be getting into a tiz about it,severance is looming-hooray.

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Good afternoon everyone,

It is currently 7 degrees, yeah it is above -0-. Pretty sad when 7 degrees is warm. Bud so sorry we put you through two posts yesterday:( I usually go back on to make sure no one posted during or right after, but I didn't. Good luck to Rose and her new career. Just getting her foot in the door works well. Gives you the experience and reference to move on.

Ann, we drove Bud nuts yesterday with two posts now today. LOL too funny. Sorry Bud! Happy Friday.

Annette sure hope you mom is ok. Hope the attorney calls you back. Maybe you should get some legal note from the hospital to take to court verifying where she is. I think a couple of cocktails tonight will do the trick. I am going to the gym this afternoon after I finish up a client. I will do a couple of steps/sit ups for you:) I have no potatoe sacks.

Eric I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that Sally will do well. Glad she did return to work.

Got to go for now. Hi Judy in KW and Judy in MI. I will check back later:)


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Annette! If you're stopping to get the fixings for a daiquiri, don't forget the lime. Juice of one lime per pitcher, makes 'em taste even better. If you're REALLY looking for "comfort," put some ice cream in the blender, mMMMMmMMMmmm

I see a weekend coming up quickly, right there in the ol' windshield. Hoping Larry has a day off, he could use a day with his feet up, will just have to let everyone else assume he's working so it's undisturbed rest. Well, day of rest AFTER he fixes what needs fixed around here. We live in a rental, and have noticed that the shower has leaked and there is a nice colony of fungi going on in the access point. Have been spraying it with Lysol, but the shower continues to leak and the wet drywall seems to be a real happenin' habitat for fungi...

So ready for summer, but I'll settle for spring. BRING ON THE MUD!

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I swear I'm losing my mind. Remember my mantra, how crazy am I? This is one of those days when it was evening before I realized I never got here. I was on FB and working in the office while doing laundry (Ann and Libby and Annette, I know you can't do that lol) and lost touch.

Libby, if we did know we'd started two Airs yesterday, what would we have been able to do about it lol.

Bud, when I leave here I'm going to try to practice with today's Airs when it doesn't really matter. Ann, you varied the subject just enough that I thought it was a different thread anyway lol.

Hey Becky "BRING ON THE MUD!" As in mud wrestling? How about it. What should we wear? Winner wrestles Bruce lol.

Eric, I didn't know Sally showed up for her required meeting. So glad. Here's hoping....I know it's hard to keep having faith after being disappointed so many times.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

Whew, this window came up telling me Judy (Hi Judy) had just posted and did I want to do anything. Yes, copy and try to post again!

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